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  1. Finally had some free time and was able to start re assembling these clubs. I ended up getting a set of uncut KBS tour black nickel R flex 110g shafts. Just need to put the grips on and then I will post pictures / review how they play.
  2. I went ahead today and ordered the linksouldier bag from linksoul. I am also going to go pick up the Ping Hoofer lite from GG and then compare the two.
  3. My first set of irons were Nickent Great Hawks.
  4. Phil Glen Allen, VA 9 Titleist 735cm I would love the chance to test the PTX Pro-Icon Combo.
  5. I'm going to have to check these out. I have been looking for a good shoe for summer.
  6. I usually like a ball cap but I really need to start wearing something with better sun protection.
  7. Glen Allen, VA Old Maxfli stand bag (My Sun Mountain 3.5 stand had a child related accident so I need a new bag) I have never owned a cart bag but the main thing I would want to gain is extra and well placed storage compared to a carry bag.
  8. Glen Allen, VA 37 93-95 Average Yes I was participate for the entire program and give my best effort.
  9. I think I am going to have to try both out and see which works best.
  10. Sorry dont know what I was thinking. I have a smooth swing with a middle to late release. swing speed is between 95 and 102 with a 3 wood. I prefer a stiff handle and my miss with driver and 3 wood is a slice to the left.
  11. So I just got my hands on a used 915 F2 it came with a diamana blue s+ 70g shaft. In the past I have not loved diamana shafts. Anyway I was going through my golf "stuff" and found a uncut Aldila Voodoo xstiff 65g shaft. I am wondering if you think it might work well in this 3 wood. I dont remember very much about this shaft and havent found a ton online to use to compare them. Unfortunately I dont have a extra Titliest tip so I cant easily test them out . Any suggestions?
  12. So I am down to deciding between the Vessel stand bag and trying the asher golf bag.
  13. prussell24


  14. I received the new 6 iron unfortunately its the chrome addition not the stainless. It looks a bit different but I think I am just going to roll with it. I'll post a picture once it stops raining so you can see the difference.
  15. Hello I am looking for some 3-PW or 4-PW lower weight iron shafts. Something between 95g and 120g for a project set I am messing around with.
  16. I used a three different compounds with cotton buffing wheels. It similar to this set (Link). I haven't decided what I want to do next. I am going to do a custom paint job but haven't decided which. I also am thinking about pulling the shafts and replacing them with a lighter shaft. I have been thinking about going to lighter shafts in my irons and thought this might be a great way to try them out. I might post some color options here and see what you all think. I found a 6 iron on ebay to replace the missing club so I am waiting for that to arrive before moving forward.
  17. Very classic look. Phillip Glen Allen, VA 94 7
  18. I finished polishing the clubs today. Here are the 3 and 5 iron.
  19. Yup. Rusty face with chrome or black body.
  20. This is going to be great. I cant wait to see if it ends up looking the way I think it will.
  21. I also think head size matters alot for some players. I know for me the smaller the head the better I strike the ball. Give me a bigger head and I will start to hit the ball off center. I think knowing I have a smaller target to hit helps me concentrate.
  22. You might want to check out the Ping i500. They have great feel with forgivability. They also come in Ping's "retro" loft which has I think a 32˚ 7 iron.
  23. The 639 combo set really does look amazing. Has anyone tried there stand bag? It looks nice on the website and the price crazy.
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