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  1. These remind me of my old Cobra trusty rusty. I love raw wedges. I am going to have to try these out. Wonder how they compare to the TM milled grind 2.
  2. The next thing I did was to strip out the paint fill. I then gave them a quick once over with some 150 grit sandpaper by hand. The next step will be to polish.
  3. Ok for length considerations I am just going to upload pictures of the 3 and 5 iron going forward as these were the most damaged. Here are some pictures of each after I cleaned the clubs.
  4. I do think that looks are important. Its hard enough already to play well with clubs that you find appealing. You might hit a club really well but if you hate the look or sound of it you will have problems sooner or later. B.Boston I would love to see how you repurposed that phone skin to cover your putter.
  5. I must say the Ping pearl finish is sweet looking.
  6. I am very intrigued with these wedges. My Vokey's better look out.
  7. Looks great. It sounds like the TS2 is great. Its on my list to try once the world is open again.
  8. I really do like the nike clubs. I always wanted the vapor fly driver.
  9. ------------------------UPDATE--------------------------------------------- Here are some links of color examples for the poll. 1. Orange/Brown 2. Green/Yellow 3. Black/Red(option1)(option2) 4. Red/White/Blue 5. Blue/Silver/White 6. Blue/Gold/White 7. Pink/Blue/Yellow 8. Pink/Green ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A buddy of mine just gave me a set of Titleist 735 cm irons. I use to game a set and they are still my all time favorite irons. I am looking at refurbishing these (along with finding a 6 iron since its missing?) but they are a little more beat up then any other set I have worked on. I was wondering if I should give these an extra sand before a normal three step polish or if there is another process that would work well. Thanks in advance. I will try to keep updating this as my project progresses. Here are some pictures:
  10. Sooo kids had a small accident in the garage this weekend and now I need a new bag. (luckily my clubs were not in the bag at the time) I have been looking at two bags and wanted to if any one has an experience with either. Sun Mountain 2018 Canvas/Leather stand bag ( Link ) Asher Golf Members stand bag 2.0 ( Link ) Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  11. These are beautiful. I cant wait to try them out and see if they feel as good as they look.
  12. Phil Glen Allen, VA 7 Titleist 718 MB 3-PW t100s. As I get older my swing speed and distance has decreased. This has caused my handicap to rise. I would be interested in seeing if these could add some distance back to my game without creating any gapping issues or loss in workability. Thanks Golfspy for the chance to test these clubs.
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