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  1. Long story short: went to a well respected fitter, got fitted, spent a boatload of money, play with them for a few years, sought out the fitter for advice on a new series of clubs, he said to try this other brand I did not want to try, I mentioned my old set that had a dial to adjust the face for draw or slice, he said that doesn’t do s*** and it was there for show, I reminded him that I bought that set from him and that was the main selling point. I bought a new set from someone else.
  2. Try 32° Cool long sleeve shirts; several different colors, UV protection and they do keep me cool down here in Florida.
  3. I have been watching the Rick Shiels channel and Stacked Golf for a couple of months. Shiels is pretty good with the education and giving the "whys & why nots" about clubs, shots, balls, etc... I did watch the most recent one where he tested out the boxes of clubs he has received from manufacturers over the past few months. I suggested that he could conduct a raffle of the equipment to raise money for hospital/first responder PPE. I would not mind scoring a new set of (insert name of favorite brand of club here) irons as long as it goes to a good cause. The Stacked Golf channel is entertaining and I do enjoy watching them on their thrift store journeys for clubs. They do test them out, he is a pretty good golfer and his wife is "the world's best putter". I get a kick out of them and sometimes they do a little golf course fishing, which is nice.
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