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  1. I guess I had it loaded a little too top heavy yesterday between the water jug, umbrella, phone and training aids in my bag. Somehow managed to flip it over going across the cart path when I wasn't paying attention and the handle dragged across. I think I'm going to install some sort of anti tip wheel myself to prevent this from happening again.
  2. Congrats everyone! Such an awesome opportunity!
  3. Actually got in another round today without charging it and its about 2/3 dead now. But thank God for these things when it is 95 and humid. It really saved me today. I could tell me buddy with a regular push cart was struggling.
  4. Same here, I've been unable to play for a least a couple weeks and my battery hasn't gone down at all either. Even before that I haven't charged it since my last round with it a little over 3 weeks ago. Really impressive battery life!
  5. Enter here: https://vy.tc/m4PRV34
  6. Of all of the contests that I have seen so far, either the Titleist open bag or the taylormade open contest mostly because it come with 6 dozen golf balls and a set of woods. Can't ever be upset about winning anything though
  7. Enter here: https://swee.ps/SDIue_fPkrAbD
  8. This is super cool. I've been wondering how well this service actually works. Very interested to see the feedback.
  9. Lol yeah I've always been a fan of just winging it, but in this case it seemed like a perfect opportunity to see how fool proof it really is.
  10. @golfish! I had no idea that the scorecard holder had a ball slot in the back so thank you for pointing that out. I was actually really hoping for something like that on the cart initially so I'm glad they found a spot for it
  11. I doubt I'll actually get to hit them. Pretty sure my wife just wanted them because they had donuts on them lol. I'll try to steal a sleeve this weekend and let you know though.
  12. The wife made me buy her some golf balls this week and I managed to pick up these puma shoes for about $50 at our local Amazon overstock warehouse
  13. You are kind of right, i did have one shot with my 6 iron that was slightly downhill and down wind that flew 220 and that's when I figured I might have a problem with my distance. Luckily there were plenty of rational responses, which is honestly surprising that more people didn't encourage buying new clubs haha Thanks for the input. I definitely plan on trying to get on a launch monitor soon to nail down exact distances before i decide which end of the bag to go after.
  14. Thanks for the responses everyone I probably was over reacting a bit and with yalls help ended up answering my own question in a way. Probably going to have to end up just getting a wedge fitting to get the bottom part of the bag to fit in with my new iron distances. So good news I get to go check out this year's line up of wedges!
  15. You are probably right and my dispersion is actually getting better. I just got a little worried when I was hitting my 6 iron around 210-215 this past weekend. I just thought it was too far for that club. It just makes it harder for me because my wedges are the worst part of my game so when I have to pull them out more things tend to start going down hill. That's why my first thought was for irons. Thanks for the help Everything seems to be good there as far as gapping and spin. I already go from 5 iron to hybrid so maybe adding another wood could be an option. Thanks for the response
  16. Hi spies, Forgive me if someone has already asked this question before, but I am having trouble right now with hitting my irons too far. The lofts on them are fairly strong, but worked for me when I was fitted for them back in the fall. The problem is that I have gotten back in to working out and am now hitting my clubs about 10 to 15 yards longer on average. So would I need to get refitted for irons or would just having someone weaken the lofts around 2 degrees be a better option. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Also lofts of my irons are below if that helps.
  17. Got out for 18 this morning and was getting a ton of compliments today. People seem to really like the bag a lot and had quite a few people make jokes about me chasing the cart. Now that it's getting hot outside I can really tell the difference using the M5 vs having to push my other cart. It's going to help out a lot with those middle of the summer rounds when it's 100 degrees and humid. I was really glad to have the accessory pack with me today. I was able to using the phone holder to take some videos of my swing. Only negative thing that I can say is that I hit a big bump and my water bottle flipped over. Not a big deal because it was closed, but I'm hoping that once I get the xl cup holder on there maybe that will weight it down more to where that won't happen. Still really loving the cart though
  18. Got a package in yesterday from @Headhammer Thanks for sharing your prize!
  19. I kind of thought the same thing. Curious to see if there is a difference with the XL cup.
  20. The link you posted just keeps bringing me back to this page
  21. We seem to do this often. Maybe we should just take turns haha
  22. Enter here: https://swee.ps/rmyEO_FXscTzn
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