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  1. Joel Kanvik Tulsa, OK Current putter: Mizuno M Craft II I'd love to test the Tommy Armour Impact 3
  2. Joel. Tulsa, Oklahoma 11.5 (Footjoy) Footjoy DNA and Ecco Long-term comfort/support for walking 18.
  3. Joel/Tulsa, Oklahoma Cleveland CBX2 54 & 58 I'd pick a 54.
  4. Joel Kanvik - Tulsa, Oklahoma Garmin Approach G6 and G80 Mix of sprinklerhead covers, rangefinder (old Bushnell), and my G80
  5. Joel/Tulsa, Oklahoma Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 95-100 (If relevant, Mizuno ST200G 9 degree Diamana white stiff
  6. I've been to Myrtle every year since 2003 except one (well, now 2). The Barefoot courses are great to play. Caledonia, though, is probably my favorite (it's in south Myrtle area), along with its sister course, True Blue. Enjoyed Grande Dunes and Dunes Club, too. Thistle another good one, if you're farther north. I think the cat courses (Tiger's Eye, Lion's Paw, etc.) show well in pictures but aren't always great.
  7. Joel/Oklahoma Index: 14.8 Hitting Mizuno CLK20 3 hybrid Most important is having a higher-launching club off fairway and rough lies to attack greens from 210 out.
  8. I'm all in on the Mizuno driver/wood/hybrid. Got fit for the ST200G driver with Diamana White stiff shaft. Added the ST200 Tour Spoon 3 with the same shaft. Working on consistency with the driver (holdover issue from my previous driver), but the 3 wood I hit almost as far. Great feeling club. And the CLK hybrid 3 (Speeder stiff) also great. Love how they play and how they look.
  9. Mizuno ST 200 9.5 driver/stiff Mizuno ST200 TS 3 wood Mizuno CLK hybrid 3 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 4-GW (KBS C-Taper Line Stiff) Cleveland CBX2 54 and 58 wedges Mizuno M Craft II putter Now...if I could only hit them consistently...
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