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  1. Mizuno came to my course and I was lucky enough to get a spot. Though, given that it was almost 100 degrees that afternoon, probably not much of a surprise that I turned out to be the only one to attend. I had done a bunch of reading/YouTube watching on the new Mizuno Pro line, and was really targeting the 225 as the likely fit for me. I never even considered the 221, as my index probably makes obvious. Everything I've seen about the 225 made it seem right up my alley. And they were pretty good, too. Started with the Mizuno telematics device to determine shaft recommendations. The initial recommendations were a couple of Dynamic Gold X shafts and another (I can't remember which) shaft. Through initial testing, the club worked pretty well, but descent angle and spin were just a little too low to ensure holding more greens. We also pivoted to a Nippon Modus X shaft, and that made a big difference in the quality and consistency of the strikes. To check the box, I then hit the 223s. And was hooked immediately. Center strikes with the 223/Modus combo repeatedly, very consistent club speed, and very small dispersion, even on misses. We played around with some Project X shafts (LZ, IO, LS) but the Modus had just the right feel to it and outperformed the others, at least for me. Far more consistent distance, too, even more so than my current JPX919 Hot Metals. So, they're ordered. Also hit a couple of the new Mizuno drivers. Got one setup that I liked towards the end, but need to work on my swing first before moving into that one.
  2. Just received my second Edison, this time a 59 (to add to my 55). They had a sale on some of their "gently used" clubs but it was sold twice at once, and was shipped to the other person. They took care of me with a new one at the promised sale price...excellent service. Great feel on the face, and I have been struggling a bit with adjusting to the liveliness of the face, but that's a good thing. Now that I'm starting to get a little used to them, I am hitting much better pitches and chips, far better than I was with the previous CBX2s. And full swing performance has improved, adding about 10-15 yards to my distance and good stopping power on the greens. My first few swings left me a little leery of what I had purchased, but in the last few weeks I have become a definite believer.
  3. The Titleist rep was recently at my club, and I had the chance to hit the latest iterations of the T100S and the T200. While they are very similar in terms of loft, they are much different in terms of feel and forgiveness. Owing to a long, slow recovery from back surgery, my swing has suffered some bad habits trying to compensate, but it's getting better through a couple of lessons (so far). Ready to move away from the GI category and into some better clubs. My initial impression, once the fitter zeroed in on the best shaft for me, between the T100S and the T200. I can definitely understand why a mid-handicapper would gravitate to a combo set between the two. The T100S had exceptional feel and great looks. Shorter irons launched beautifully, rewarding a good strike with that superb feedback. The T200 had good looks and a little less feedback, but the longer irons (say, 6I and longer) were easier to get in the air to promote holding a green on descent. Between the two, I actually found very little difference in distance with the same number club. There seemed to be very little, if any, distance penalty if you opted for the better feel/less forgiveness T100S over the T200 (with the T200, the longer irons were just easier to get in the air, even if the strike wasn't perfect). But the T100S was forgiving enough that I wasn't hitting massive hooks or slices if my clubface was slightly open or closed on contact. Definitely considering a combo set once I get my swing a little more repeatable.
  4. I purchased a 55 probably a month and a half ago. Given their info that the design causes the ball to fly farther (than even a wedge 1 degree stronger), I didn't have them bend it to a 54. My overall opinion of the wedge is positive, but it does take some getting used to. I haven't replicated their promise of tighter dispersion from mishits, which is not to say that I never mishit the ball. I'm a 15 handicap now, so clearly I do. But I do notice a difference in the travel of the ball, even from just around the green, between centered and off-centered shots. Plus, I'm still getting used to how far they travel. Or don't. I hope as I get more accustomed to the wedge, and get more time to practice with it, my dispersion will tighten and my accuracy around the hole will improve.
  5. I'm sure there are all sorts of variables when it comes to wedge replacements. Number of rounds played, types of shots (sand, full, around the green, etc.). I don't have a fixed number of rounds, just when I think the overall performance is what I'm used to. I play CBX2s now, but am in the process of changing them out after only about 2 years because I find I just prefer more of a blade-style wedge. Moving over to the Edison forged wedges, I think. I will say that my 54 has a lot more wear than my 58, but that's because I use it far more frequently. I don't think wedge tech really changes too much, year over year, but I think new ideas start to come out maybe every 2-3 years? Good luck!
  6. Joel Kanvik Tulsa, OK Current putter: Mizuno M Craft II I'd love to test the Tommy Armour Impact 3
  7. Joel. Tulsa, Oklahoma 11.5 (Footjoy) Footjoy DNA and Ecco Long-term comfort/support for walking 18.
  8. Joel/Tulsa, Oklahoma Cleveland CBX2 54 & 58 I'd pick a 54.
  9. Joel Kanvik - Tulsa, Oklahoma Garmin Approach G6 and G80 Mix of sprinklerhead covers, rangefinder (old Bushnell), and my G80
  10. Joel/Tulsa, Oklahoma Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 95-100 (If relevant, Mizuno ST200G 9 degree Diamana white stiff
  11. I've been to Myrtle every year since 2003 except one (well, now 2). The Barefoot courses are great to play. Caledonia, though, is probably my favorite (it's in south Myrtle area), along with its sister course, True Blue. Enjoyed Grande Dunes and Dunes Club, too. Thistle another good one, if you're farther north. I think the cat courses (Tiger's Eye, Lion's Paw, etc.) show well in pictures but aren't always great.
  12. Joel/Oklahoma Index: 14.8 Hitting Mizuno CLK20 3 hybrid Most important is having a higher-launching club off fairway and rough lies to attack greens from 210 out.
  13. I'm all in on the Mizuno driver/wood/hybrid. Got fit for the ST200G driver with Diamana White stiff shaft. Added the ST200 Tour Spoon 3 with the same shaft. Working on consistency with the driver (holdover issue from my previous driver), but the 3 wood I hit almost as far. Great feeling club. And the CLK hybrid 3 (Speeder stiff) also great. Love how they play and how they look.
  14. Mizuno ST 200 9.5 driver/stiff Mizuno ST200 TS 3 wood Mizuno CLK hybrid 3 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 4-GW (KBS C-Taper Line Stiff) Cleveland CBX2 54 and 58 wedges Mizuno M Craft II putter Now...if I could only hit them consistently...
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