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  1. This is the radar I just bought off of amazon? Haven’t used it yet. Do you like it? I read that it may not be accurate without a ball. Is that true?
  2. Hey everybody! Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple weeks! My wife gave birth to our baby boy a couple weeks ago, so we have been adjusting to that. The training has been going well. I actually took last week off because the radar they sent me crapped out. It started throwing crazy numbers and just wasn’t accurate anymore. So I had to order another off amazon. It just came in, so I will be proceeding today. Week one of level two I got a start swing speed of 107, which is a 5-6 mph increase from level one. Again, my regiment number haven’t really increased, but my beginning swing speed has gone up. I’m seeing at the moment that my end of regiment swing speed is staying about the same also. I’ll end the regiment at about 107-110. About the same as level one. When it comes to my game, I’m hitting the ball really well. I’m getting great distance. I’m already seeing what I wanted out of this which is to have a nice pure smooth swing where I don’t feel like I’m over swinging or swinging faster to get longer distances. For example, I feel a good 85% 7 iron will carry 170ish. That is plenty of distance in my opinion. Im feeling good! Hope all is well with everybody!
  3. I had my first ever decent chance at an albatross the other day. Was 160 yards out from the green on my second shot on a 468 yard par 5. My approach in felt great! Felt like I struck it really well and it looked like it was tracking right for the stick. I thought "OH BABY, its going to be right on it!" Then out of nowhere, it just fell out of the sky and was 20 yards short...Still not sure what happened. It was deflating lol
  4. Honestly, its just because I had room for it and I wasn't sure if id like the Vokey 54 that I had been using or the Mizuno 55 that came with my new set. Surprisingly, I like the mizuno 55 better and have found that I don't even use the Vokey 54 anymore, so its probably coming out soon.
  5. I posted before that my driver got a little crazy there in week 3 and 4, but fortunately in week 5 I have worked though it and im hitting it great again. Also, while maintaining my normal "before" swing speed of around 100 mph, I have noticed I have seen a little bit of a decrease in max swing speeds in weeks 3, 4, and 5 from weeks 1 and 2. Im not sure if its because I have been out of the gym because of COVID or what, but it did decrease a tad. Although, I am still seeing a good rise in my "after" swing speed at the end of each regiment, usually in the area on 110 mph. Still very happy about that.
  6. well, something new to report. My driver has become completely unhittable. Last week, my driver was the best club in my bag, I was hitting it farther and straighter then ever and today, I can barely hit it....not feeling great about it
  7. Just a little week 2 update. I saw a nice little jump in my initial swing speed! Week 1, my initial swing speed was in the ball park of 100-103. Week 2, my initial swing speed each day was 108. My regiment speeds and after regiment speeds stayed about the same, but definitely an increase in before speed.
  8. Whos in the area of Coastal Northeast NC and Southern Virginia? Lets get a round of golf in!
  9. Originally from Myrtle Beach. True Blue, Caledonia, and The Reserve are top end Myrtle Beach courses
  10. I definitely do a warm up and for me it definitely helps. I can see a jump in swing speed when my body has been stretched and warmed up. I would prefer to do mine in the late afternoon. In the mornings my body feels stiff, by the afternoon or evening I feel awake and warmed up. During this first week, the first two of my regiments were a little later in the day and I felt great. The last one I did on Friday was earlier in the morning and I felt stiff even after warming up, and the numbers weren't as fast as the other two days,
  11. I think par 5s are easier than par 3s too. I would much rather have a Albatross as well just because you have to put a good shot out there off the tee and then most likely hit 180-200 yard approach shot to even have a chance. Congrats on yours BTW!
  12. I just finished my first week of the level 1 training. I have to tell ya, I already see a difference. After warming up, I hit a few balls to get a “before”. I hit a really good drive and it clocked at 102mph (which is 2 mph faster than when I started on Monday). When I finished the regiment, I pulled out the driver for an “after” number. First shot I hit an absolute BOMB. I was as far back at my range as I could go and I didn’t quite carry it out the back, but it definitely rolled into the back woods. Farthest drive I’ve ever hit I think. Clocked at 109 mph
  13. They are sharp for sure! Iv always been mostly a Taylormade guy, but they fitted me for these mizuno's and I absolutely love them. The sound and feel amazing.
  14. When I read most of the comments, I feel like I see a lot of people say "I already have a hole in one" or "I have two hole in ones, so im going to say albatross". I think I saw a few people say they have an albatross or multiple albatross, but not a HIO. But I think the hole in one people without an albatross far exceed the albatross folk without a hole in one. With that being said, Is hitting a hole in one easier than getting an albatross?
  15. Good question. No, I am not exactly striving to maintain balance while swing the super speed sticks, I am just making sure I swing them as hard as I possibly can. Reason being is you are trying to train your body to move as fast as it can. I think you are exactly right to say in some of the videos, swinging like that we absolutely are not going to hit many fairways, but over time, when are bodies get used to the faster speeds, we will have gained speed in our swing and that will the new normal without trying to swing out of our shoes. So to answer your last question, no, im not concerned about losing accuracy for the sake of speed because as time goes throughout this program, im still going to go out on the course and sing my normal everyday balanced swing, its just going to get a little faster as time goes...
  16. I had similar results! After warming up, I was swing about 98-100 mph when I was really giving it a go. Then I completed the level 1 regiment exactly how they asked us, giving every swing everything I had. When I was done, my give it 100% driver swing was 111. Even my "lets just make good contact and get a good one out there" swing that felt like a 70% swing was up to 102. I was completely shocked. I thought, that cant be right, so I jumped on here to see if anybody else was having similar results and I was happy to see that you had! The most interesting and cool thing about it was my initial 100% driver swing (100 mph) felt exactly the same as my 100% driver swing at the end (111 mph). I know youre probably thinking "well duh" haha, but when you see that big of a jump in that little of time, its shocking!
  17. Great Question! I was actually curious about this myself. I actually got a chance to ask this question and the answer I got was YES. It was explained to me that if we were to increase our swing speeds it could throw off our fitting mainly because when we increase our swing speeds, its going to change curtain characteristics of how we swing the club, throwing off our fitting. It was recommended to me to go see my fitter at some point during and after the program. Honestly, as an amateur 18 handicap golfer, I plan on playing it by ear when it comes to my clubs. Im very satisfied with the amount of distance I currently get with all my clubs. Of course I hope to gain swing speed. But I want to use that gained speed for is the feel of a more effortless swing of the speeds I currently possess, if that makes sense.
  18. If I had the choice, I definitely chose twilight.
  19. Whether it’s me or not that this happens to, when I’m playing a round with the boyz and this happens, I always say play the original ball. We don’t have a crowd and spotters out there to help us. The same as if you hit a ball off the tee and you think it may be gone, but not sure, hit another one just in case (provisional) and if you find it, cool!, play it. If not, you already have another ball it there.
  20. Haha yea. Don’t get me wrong, I love golf. But I’m usually DONE after 18, mentality and physically. I’ve been finding more and more lately that playing alone just isn’t as fun ether...
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