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  1. Matt Brooklyn, NY Taylor Made M6 1 110 TSi3
  2. Matt - Brooklyn, NY Vokey SM7 - 52, 56, 60 I would pick a 60 to test
  3. 1.5 from Brooklyn, NY Mizuno MC-18 - 8 iron distance - 165 I've read a bit about them on here. I think the idea of their pricing model and going direct to consumer is a great idea if the product holds up. I was fit for my current irons last year and have seen improved consistency in my iron play. I've been interested as I learn more about sub 70 to see how their product stands up to what I have right now. Would be very interested to test how they feel, workability, distance, overall look, and control.
  4. Matt - Brooklyn NY usually practice 1-2 times a week and for 15-30 minutes average 1 3 putt per round The simulation aspect is really cool. My frustration with putting at home is the inability to incorporate different lines, breaks, slopes, etc. this product would be really cool to test out and see if it can help me improve my putting with these features.
  5. First Name / State of Residence - Matt / New York Handicap - 1.3 Current Hybrid in Play - Titleist 910H What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid - ability to vary trajectory - lower for tee shots and higher for approach into greens
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