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  1. Fort Collins, CO Gummies or Sports Cream Some days chill, others get frustrated. Most days, battling my body working properly because of injury. I have an apple watch, but don't wear when I play. I've tried CBD - playing and not. I feel like it would be a good fit, but haven't really been sold on it yet. Not sure if it's just been the stuff I've got.
  2. Rich Shinazy Fort Collins, CO 11 Handicap Currently Playing JPX900 Forged
  3. Rich Shinazy/Fort Collins, CO Practice 1-2 times/wk for about 15 min Avg around one-two 3 putts/round Haven't heard of it till today. Interesting how it reads your stroke type
  4. Rich Fort Collins, CO 11 JPX900 Forged T100S - these might be my next iron anyway
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