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  1. Just got mine in. I've had one longer range session and one short one and about 5 shots with driver into my net. So far, it seems pretty decent for carry distance, so so for total distance and some of the other stats are still a little TBD. I thought it did a good job at picking up ball direction. The spin numbers seemed a little lower with irons/wedges - granted, I was just using range balls. Had SW spinning around 8k which is a little on the low side for me. Some of the lower irons (8 for example) definitely weren't reading spin correctly because there were a number of shots that were in the 2k-4k spin range resulting in some 185yrd carry and 200yrd total distance - which for me is normally around 170-175. The driver seemed like the most accurate (other than some of the rollout numbers). Ball speeds were seemingly right on and spin right in that 2k-2.5k mark. It would occasionally not pick up the club speed properly (would be 40mph off) but rest of the stats still read fine. I would say that it didn't register the side spin perfectly because I hit a couple of those dirty hooker shots and it didn't seems as dramatic based on what it registered. I got logged in for about 20 shots on the E6 range and feel that was better to see the stats as you were going and the graphics are much better, but seemed to register shots about the same. I also have a Rapsodo and would say that the Garmin seems to add a little distance vs the Rapsodo - probable based on the lower calculated spin. I also feel like the user interface on the app is a little better with the Rapsodo; the Garmin needs to make it a little easier to go between shots and the auto detect of the shot video didn't work with the Garmin where as I've never had an issue with the Rapsodo. I also had a bit of trouble at first while trying to have the device connect to the app when using the E6 app. Overall, I think it's been good. I'm excited to keep using based on the club data - I'll need to spend a little more time on that to see how accurate that really is, but seems to be at least in the ballpark. I think the Rapsodo might be a little better for on course stuff because it's easier to use, connect and have it capture video, but in terms of the total info provided for getting better, I'm optimistic about the Garmin. More testing to come
  2. Richard Shinazy - Fort Collins, CO iPhone12 Pro primarily outdoors Into a net at the house and on the range
  3. Fort Collins, CO Gummies or Sports Cream Some days chill, others get frustrated. Most days, battling my body working properly because of injury. I have an apple watch, but don't wear when I play. I've tried CBD - playing and not. I feel like it would be a good fit, but haven't really been sold on it yet. Not sure if it's just been the stuff I've got.
  4. Rich Shinazy Fort Collins, CO 11 Handicap Currently Playing JPX900 Forged
  5. Rich Shinazy/Fort Collins, CO Practice 1-2 times/wk for about 15 min Avg around one-two 3 putts/round Haven't heard of it till today. Interesting how it reads your stroke type
  6. Rich Fort Collins, CO 11 JPX900 Forged T100S - these might be my next iron anyway
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