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  1. Luke Raleigh, N.C. TaylorMade M6 14 106 mph TSi2
  2. First Name/City State: Luke / Raleigh, NC Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 107
  3. 28 and Raleigh, North Carolina 108 mph Average I’ll definitely do the entire program
  4. If I had to recommend 1 course, it would definitely be Lonnie Poole at NC State. It’s an Arnold Palmer designed course (last one he ever designed actually). It’s a bit expensive but totally worth it. A few other good ones in the area are The Neuse (20 minutes east of Raleigh), Pine Hollow (15 minutes east of Raleigh), and Falls Village (15 minutes west of Raleigh). Falls Village went through an ownership change and redid all greens, tee boxes, and bunkers. It’s a beautiful course, so don’t pay attention to the old bad reviews (picture of their scenic par 5 below)
  5. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. Eventually I’ll upgrade to a more players iron but these to me are the best GI irons. They still look nice at address and don’t seem chunky or clunky.
  6. Yeah I’m definitely a Titleist fan...just don’t get along with their woods as much. The TS line has great reviews and a lot of people like them but they just weren’t working with my swing/eyes.
  7. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!
  8. I love the T200 and the T100s. I need a bit of help on distance and both of these provide that option while also looking amazing at address
  9. Definitely recommend getting fitted like others have said. Some people perform better with GI and some people do better with blades...all depends on you, your swing, and your preferences. To answer your question though, best GI clubs to me are the Titleist T300 and if you want something in the middle then the Titleist T200/AP3 are my choices. Again, getting fitted is your best option though.
  10. Love the mixed bag setup and the use of dual putters. I also have 2 putters...a special select squareback 2 and an Odyssey Red Ball. I go back to the red ball when I feel like I’m rushing my swings and not aligning properly
  11. That’s kinda scary! I would be a bit worried if my clubs were somewhere random and I couldn’t track them down.
  12. To me, yes. I need all my clubs to look good and appealing to the eyes. For instance, with putters, I do better with a mid mallet than a blade but I like the blade look. I made the best of both worlds using a Scotty Squareback 2 and one of the deciding factors was how it looked. SC are the best looking putters to me and give me confidence just looking down at it
  13. Beautiful bag! I almost went with the HM myself when I was going through a fitting. Mizuno’s are some of the best looking irons for sure
  14. I’m certainly no pro but in my opinion, a hybrid works better for someone with a slower swing speed or more deliberate swing. If what you say is true, and your swing speed is pretty high, I’d definitely recommend trying out some driving irons/utility irons I play a hybrid myself but if I was to recommend a driving iron it would either be the TaylorMade P790 or the Mizuno MB-20 HMB. Of course, it’s all about what works for you and your swing
  15. Hey everyone, Little background here...just picked up golf about 8ish months ago and I’ve played a couple courses in the Raleigh area such as RGA, Lonnie Poole, Reedy Creek, Riverwood, The Neuse, Falls Village, and Lochmere. For any Spies in the area, do you have any recommendations for other courses to try out? I’m always down to play somewhere new and don’t mind traveling anywhere less than an hour from Raleigh. Just wanted to see if there’s some hidden gems somewhere that I’m missing out on!
  16. Driver - TaylorMade M6 with Tensei Orange shaft 3 Wood - TaylorMade M6 with Tensei White shaft Hybrid - TaylorMade M3 19° with Tensei White shaft Irons - 718 Titleist AP1 4-GW with AMT Black shafts Wedges - Titleist SM7 54° M and 58° K with DG S300 shafts Putter - Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2
  17. Luke Raleigh, North Carolina 14 Titleist 718 AP1 T200 I’d love to see the improvements made to the T-Series verses the AP line. Also would like to see how much of a different in workability and playability there is between the AP1 and the T200.
  18. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I’ve been playing golf now for about a year so I guess I’m pretty new at it. I’m currently playing off a handicap of 14. What do you love about golf? I love the challenge of golf. There’s not a lot of forgiveness and it takes a ton of practice to actually be good. I played all kinds of sports growing up but as I got older and my body couldn’t keep up with more joint stressing sports, I took up golf. Golf also allows me to spend quality time with my father which you can never get enough of.
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