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  1. Ron Ewing Indianapolis, IN 16 Love my Mizuno's. But would also love to test the Hogans!
  2. What if I have already liked Divot on facebook? Am I still eligible for the contest? BoilerRon
  3. Wait till that thing gets so scratched you can't see through it....
  4. After reading this now I'm dying to get tested with it! Boilerron
  5. There is just something about seeing MIZUNO on the back of the blades.... Boilerron
  6. I love it! I am not one to complain about a club because it does not look traditional. Bring it on!
  7. 24% of the golf clubs sold on ebay are fake: that is amazing if really true.... boilerron
  8. I've played WGT. Very enjoyable and workable from most internet connections.
  9. I am always looking for great deal on the one generation old technology. Boilerron
  10. That putter is gorgeous. I have never played a Scotty. I'm a little worried if I did I'd be spoiled for good.... Boilerron
  11. iPhone junkies: What are you using? I have used Golf Shot for a couple of rounds. Any tips on battery life? boilerron
  12. Has anyone ever hit off of one of these? www.mirrorteeworks.com
  13. Ok I know this will put me in the extreme rare minority. I have been testing some Tackimac Non-Tapering grips. They are the same size all the way down the length of the grip. I am really liking how they feel. I like the fact that if I choke down on the club to reduce distance the grip is the same size as in my normal position. I will post more updates on these as the season begins... boilerron
  14. I am always amazed at how the value is only limited to the amount you can get someone to pay you.... Too funny. boilerron
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