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  1. MysteryV

    Fujikura Ventus

    I feel very much the same. The VR definitely didn't have the feel of the DI for me, and didn't seem particularly biased one way or the other. Pretty decent results on average, but not on any given shot.
  2. I've played the 1008s for the last 1.5 years, and Baby Blades before them (along with all Miura Wedges). Prior to those, I was playing some Epon 301s. The Miuras are fantastic forged irons. The feel is the perfect balance of firm and soft. Firmer than Epon, softer than Titleist, (forgings) and they look amazing. The thing I think most people miss is that the tolerances and quality control are also second to none. I've had irons heads where the hosels are so big that the shafts have to be shimmed, and the weights vary from head to head of the same iron. With Miura, all the specs have been far tighter in my experience. I have zero experience with Seven, but milling clubs from a solid block is EXPENSIVE. There's actually a Tyson Lamb video where he's talking about one piece putters and how you have to mill a 10 lb billet to get a one pound putter. Expensive, and really not particularly advantageous in my opinion. Now I can't really speak to the specifics of the metal Seven is working with - but one of the advantages to forging heads is that it forces the grain to align within the metal which creates a more consistent material (particularly with regards to energy transfer). If they're taking a forged chunk of steel and then milling it, that's great, however if they're just taking a non forget chunk and milling it - it would seem like a bit of a waste. Again, I know nothing about Seven, but Miuras have been great to me.
  3. I love the look of my SIM Max, love the performance when I hit it well - but am definitely finding it extremely left biased for me (with Ventus Blue Velocore). Unfortunately the standard SIM may be too low spin for me and I don't love the look of the Mavrik or sound of the 410.
  4. MysteryV

    Fujikura Ventus

    Before the lockdown, I was able to get a few rounds under my belt with a new Ventus Blue and Sim Max head. Coming from a G400 Max with AD-VR, this thing is a hook machine - but may just be the lower MOI head. The combo definitely goes though.
  5. - Your First Name: Griffin - City/Sate: San Francisco, CA - Your Handicap: 14 - Current Iron Model In Play: Miura 1008 / Baby Blade Combo - Desired Model to test- T-100s
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