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  1. Oh I did have a 240 shot with a carry distance of 225 after a chunked 4 iron off the tee that I pulled off and was a blast! Those shots are still out there but it's just making that decision at the right time. Shooting 74 is still pretty exciting.
  2. For me, I’ve gone from an 18 handicap to a 5 in the last two years. My biggest improvement came after I got fit for my irons and had some lessons. But, the last several strokes that I have shaved off the handicap has come from course management. Learning how to PLAY GOLF and not golf swing/driving range hero has been the biggest difference. At the end of the day golf is a sport, and sports need to be played with strategy and athleticism. I think we forget that a lot. Golf has gotten so technical and analytical that the athletic side of it gets lost. I was a high-level collegiate baseball player at one point and still a pretty competitive pick up basketball player. I’ve taken that part of my brain and skill and applied it to playing golf. I’ve been working on making the correct decision and then reacting to the shot/swing needed for that situation. Whereas before I would focus on my golf swing, trying to make a good technical swing, verse focusing on what do I need to do to get the ball where in needs to go. This has been the biggest shift in my game to playing really good golf. Due to a new job, essentially I started a new practice for my company, I’ve had very little time for the driving range and actual rounds of golf, but I have played two rounds this year. My first was at Chambers Bay with one driving range session before, I shot an 83 with three birdies and 7 3 putts, my next round was at a challenging public course locally where I shot a 74 and was had a bogey free 2 under on the back nine. This was with very little practice and feeling a bit rusty. These two rounds was wasn’t perfect, I didn’t hit ever green or fairway, I didn’t always feel like I was hitting it perfect, but I was grinding and making good club choices. Clubbing up and playing the smart shot. It was really boring golf honestly. Nothing flashy, just controlled boring golf. So I would say the biggest thing to get you you to single digits is improving your skill level, more importantly, improving your mentality and decision-making on the course. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Hey everyone! Looks like the BST is back up, just posted a club, the new update is pretty slick!
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  6. As I mentioned on my other post, I played my first 18 hole round in about 6 months. The site was Chambers Bay! Probably not the best place to play your first round of the year but ultimately went really well. Shot an 83 with 7 three putts. The day was perfect and it was such a fun course. Had a caddie with the group which just made the experience all that much better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Was in Seattle this week at a conference, got to play Chambers Bay Wednesday, shot an 83, but also went by a local golf shop on their free fitting/demo day by chance. Got fit for my wedges and ended up coming away with a nee gap wedge. We went with the CBX 4 zipcore 50° gap. Was fit into the vokey's and loved the 54 and 58 but my guy Vincent and I got to talkn and since I almost never use my gap wedge for anything but a full shot we started playing with something more forgiving. One of the weak spots in my game is 120 to 95 approach. With the CBX I was getting a a lot more forgiveness and consistency and actually the spin numbers were perfect. With the Vokey 50° and RTX 6 50° I was over spinning it and the height was too high, which makes sense because I have trouble controlling my height on my full wedge shots. My angle of attack gets steeper with my wedges, so going with something more forgiving to put between my ZX7 PW and the 54°. I'll get the Vokey for the 54 58 later to spread out the spending. I found that getting out of the wedge shafts helped with consistency so I'll be putting the modus 105 to match the rest of my irons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Everyone should probably play one tee up IMO. I drive it 250-280 depending on the weather out here in the PNW and I will play the white tees (middle) at most courses just to make the game more fun. It allows me to not have to hit driver on every hole and makes the game a little easier and enjoyable. Plus it speeds up the rounds. I’m not playing in competitive tournaments and this game should be fun. Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck behind the groups that can barely poke it 200 yards off the tee and they’re playing the blue/member tees. Let’s move it up and you old guys can swallow your pride Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I’m not a fan of the step swings in the Full Speed Spectrum, for some reason it just don’t have the timing down for it. I thought I would like them with my baseball background but I think the blending of the two is too awkward for me [emoji2371] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just finished phase 2 of the 2nd program- full speed spectrum- I’m already back to my ending speed from foundations- but it’s been I’ve been hitting higher one off speeds with the 195g and all the other weights, especially the heavy ones are definitely getting faster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. So get this- one of my best friends dad wants to do a Bandon trip with him and his brother in law. They want a 4th they know so they don’t get the random single person to play with so he messages me over thanksgiving to see if I’ve be interested. The trip in going to be in March 2025. Obviously I say yes without hesitation. Over Christmas we’re all hanging out, he a his wife are laughing at my response of a simple “yes” to their offer with no prior questions about cost, dates, or other details. My wife then asks the obvious question- how much is this going to cost. In my head I’m thinking of Mastercard “Priceless” but they my buddy says all you need to cover is booze and food. [emoji2962] The jokes follow of his dad telling him he can’t afford my bar tab, but at this point I’m blown away. So to answer your question, I’m getting a mostly free Bandon trip in 2025. Pretty sweet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have noticed real trouble with the first few swings on the range with finding the center of the face, I mean toe shanks for a few swings, but I was able to get fairly dialed back in relatively quickly.
  13. I would reach out to Sasho if you still aren’t seeing the gains- at the opening call I remember him saying that he does consults for those who aren’t seeing the results. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I did the same thing before my last session. I was at 115 with a very easy effort. No ball of course, but excited to see how this translates to the course in the spring.
  15. I broke down and bought a new grip for the stack- my bottom hand area has really worn down and my fingers feel a little bruised after the last two sessions. Nice thing is I’ve been wanting to try the new UTx cord so I bought a single in blue and will throw that on there to test it out. I wondered if there is any information regarding speed training and grip size- I play with a mid size grip so I figured it would be best to train with the same size. Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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