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    Golf (obviously), Fitness, Sharing the game with my kids, and building a backyard training area!
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I'm a converted baseball player who fights the big right miss off the tee and loves working on the golf swing and understanding the mechanics behind it and the equipment uses.  I'm a Prosthetist/Orthotist and live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  I'm a big believer in data and definitely not a golf purest. I switched to one length last summer and saw instant improvement throughout my bag. I think a lot of other people should make a serious consideration of switching as well.  Seriously guys! I went for never breaking 90 to consistently playing in the 80's and now am playing at a 5 in one summer! 


Driver- Cobra F8+

3-Wood- Cobra F9

Utility Iron- Ping G Crossover 4&3

Irons- Cobra F8 One Length 5-G

Wedges- TM Milled grind 54* and 58*

Putter- Tommy Armour Impact No3 CB

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