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  1. Karp30


  2. Tom Ann Arbor, MI 10 HCP Mizuno jpx 919 forged standard length, 2 degrees upright (5-GW) T100-S
  3. Driver: TM SIM Max 9.0, Mitsubishi Tensi ck White 60 TX (also have a TM SIM 8.0 head) 3W: TM SIM Rocket 14.0, Mitsubishi Tensi ck White 60 TX 5W: TM SIM 19.0, Mitsubishi Tensi ck White 60 TX Hybd: Callaway Apex 4 Hybd 23.0, Handcrafted ProjectX Black 85g 6.0 Irons: Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 5-GW, ProjectX LZ 6.0 (2 degrees upright) Wedges: TM High Toe 56 & 64, ProjectX LZ 6.0 Putter: Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5.5, 34 inches, 2 degrees flat (also have a few back up's) Ball: Snell MTB-X
  4. Good evening all from cloudy gray Ann Arbor MI. How long have I been playing golf? Handicap? I am a 10 HCP (Lowest I've ever gotten was a 6). I hit balls in a field with friends when I was a kid. Played a few rounds in High school and college; but have have been playing golf more seriously for the past 30 years. What do I love about golf? I love golf for a variety of reasons. I played many sports when I was younger and through high school. I got a scholarship to play football in college. I love to compete. Golf provided me an outlet for that competition after I was done with football. It was something that I didn't need other competitors for. My competition was with myself and the course. Many athletes struggle when they can no longer participate in their sport at the level they were a custom to. Golf helped provide a natural transition for me. Early in my golf adventure, I found myself playing alone quite often. I enjoyed it... still do on occasion. With that said, I also enjoy the bond that I've been able to form with other golfers. There is a natural connection between true golf enthusiasts. I love playing with my buddies. Giving each other crap. Trying to beat each other. The camaraderie and banter has taken the experience to another level of enjoyment. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do I know other Spys? I do not know any other GolfSpys (at least that I'm aware of). I have come to GolfSpy because I'm an equipment nerd. I love hearing about new stuff. What regular golfers think and experience. It's one thing to read a review from the manufacturer or a scratch player or a few select comments from golf digest. It's nice to be able to hear what guys like me think about items that are put on the market. Golf is unique. Each player is unique. No review will be perfect and what works for one person doesn't mean it will work for another. However, I'm just trying to get the most accurate real world information I can to make an educated decision. And I make a-lot of them... decisions about clubs... mostly wrong. I usually have multiple new clubs and shafts in the bag every season. Where are you from? What is your home course? I have been in the midwest my whole life. I am currently living in the Ann Arbor Michigan area. My home course is/was Moose Ridge. However, that may change. What are the best and worst things about golf in my region? Pro's: A large number of quality courses in the area at reasonable prices. It's not overly difficult to get out. Summers lately have been quite nice, not too hot. Cons: The winter stinks. Limited "nice" golfing season. We will play anytime and anywhere a course is open (cart covers and heaters are a great thing). We usually find a way to get outside and play every month. What do you do for a living? On my second career. Was in the Pharma/Biotech industry for over 20 years. Currently getting my masters in social work at the University of Michigan. Work for the NFL. Working with former college and professional athletes dealing with behavioral health issues. How did you pick your user name? Karp has always been my nickname since I was a kid. 30 was my number in college. *Favorite golf movies: Greatest Game Ever Played & Caddyshack (in my group, I am Ted Ray in GGEP, I have a knack for finding myself in need of miracle shots out of the woods) *Favorite golf book: A Good Walk Spoiled
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