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  1. 1.) Handicap 6: Fort Wayne, IN 2.) 716 AP2, 175yrd 8i 3.) I have heard a little bit about the company the last few months via forums like this. I've been in the market for the last few months for new irons and looked online at these several times. Just didn't pull the trigger due to not having the ability to put a club in my hand or anyone I know having experience with them. I do love the DTC approach as clubs are just getting rediculous expensive, and playing 3-4 rounds a week plus range daily, I can burn out a face in no time and can't afford new clubs every year. I have read up on
  2. Has anyone had issues installing these grips? My problems is that even after 48hrs the grips are not set up and with some effort can be pulled off the clubs. I used golfworks grip tape and solvent, same set up I've used for 10+yrs, I have never had an issue. Used the same solvent/tape on a few other sets I'm re gripping with GP and regular jumbomax grips. Both of those are set and good to go over night. Thoughts/idea's? Only thing I can think of is that the foam absorbs the solvent and takes forever to dry???
  3. As a avid tinkerer of equipment and living in the Midwest I change to a softer ball come winter season. That means 40* or less in my world and quite normal from Nov-March, but gotta play. When it's cold I switch from my Pro Vx to usually a srixon soft feel or the TruFeel this past winter. I love the soft feel and they dont spin like my Vx does. Last few rounds lately I have shot extremely well with the softer ball, especially mid-irons thru wedges. However I have 126+mph driver club head, and when it warms up outside, the soft balls don't fly far compared to the Vx on my woods. What I ideally
  4. I have tinkered many times over with paint schemes. The only "cheap easy" paint I found to for maybe 1/2 a season is a high temp auto spray paint called VHT. General water and grip solvent doesnt remove it, but a fertilizer and acetone melts it off quick. Tries my hand with Caswells Stainless darkener on my Scotty. I love the look of black clubs. Came out great and going strong for 2 seasons now. Also super easy to apply it and hard to mess up if you prep correctly.
  5. Jon Fort Wayne, IN 6.4 handicap AP2 716 (2* up, +1/2") T100s
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