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  2. As a avid tinkerer of equipment and living in the Midwest I change to a softer ball come winter season. That means 40* or less in my world and quite normal from Nov-March, but gotta play. When it's cold I switch from my Pro Vx to usually a srixon soft feel or the TruFeel this past winter. I love the soft feel and they dont spin like my Vx does. Last few rounds lately I have shot extremely well with the softer ball, especially mid-irons thru wedges. However I have 126+mph driver club head, and when it warms up outside, the soft balls don't fly far compared to the Vx on my woods. What I ideally want is a softer feel ball with a little less spin that can handle a high swing speed. Any recommendations?? Would love to find something not $45 a dz as playing multiple times a week you can burn thru some $$ over a full season. Tried both chrome softs and hate them. Didn't mind the TP5 but is there a hidden gem I should try?
  3. I have tinkered many times over with paint schemes. The only "cheap easy" paint I found to for maybe 1/2 a season is a high temp auto spray paint called VHT. General water and grip solvent doesnt remove it, but a fertilizer and acetone melts it off quick. Tries my hand with Caswells Stainless darkener on my Scotty. I love the look of black clubs. Came out great and going strong for 2 seasons now. Also super easy to apply it and hard to mess up if you prep correctly.
  4. Jon Fort Wayne, IN 6.4 handicap AP2 716 (2* up, +1/2") T100s
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