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  1. We had a fantastic time with "The Chunkster." I still stand by what I said about getting you a better "Zen Golf" nickname - something like Sir BirdieMaster or Sir OnePutter - you get the picture. I was impressed with your skills around the greens and with pushcart tire repair! We'll do it again in July at my place when the new greens are ready for play. You were an excellent host and it's always nice to make new friends who love and appreciate the game. See you soon!
  2. I will provide feedback after I've hit it - but it is a driving iron and not an umbrella. If it performs off the tee like an umbrella everyone in this forum will be the first to know!
  3. I'm at work. Just got a notification that the following was delivered to the house: Maltby KE4 FDI #2 Driving Iron with Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue shaft (regular flex) and LK Sonar Midsize grip. I want to go home but I can't.
  4. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. It is most appreciated.
  5. I only ride when playing with a larger group who ride or if it is required by the club. There is something about being connected to the earth throughout the round which energizes me.
  6. I'm currently reading The Kingdom of Chivas Irons by Michael Murphy (sequel to Golf in The Kingdom) again. It addresses some of the more esoteric ideas associated with the game and the rabbit holes can go pretty deep. Prior to this one, it was Raymond Floyd's The Elements of Scoring which encompasses many mechanics as well as mental prep.
  7. I'm sorting this out right now. I procured a new driver and irons which are the first new clubs I've purchased in 10 years. I've hacked around for many years without a lesson and have recently committed to allotting more time for the game including lessons. I previously had a stronger grip but decided to start at neutral and with the club properly settled into the fingers of my left (lead) hand. This resulted in an extraordinary display of dispersion from the left OB to the right OB with a few in between. I was shocked at the impact just a few small grip adjustments could have on my shot making ability. I'm on the front end of this and back on the simulator this week to try and sort it out. Thanks for the helpful information.
  8. I'm totally hooked on the team from No Laying Up - the Tourist Sauce productions have inspired me to plan a trip to Ireland. It looks like an incredibly beautiful and challenging golf environment. I also enjoy watching Malaska (more of an instructional site) just because he's so fed up with bad form that he can't help but express his chagrin with whomever he happens to be paired with on the show. Shiels/Robinson/Finch are good to go for the Brits and the award for strangest commentary goes to Golf Sidekick. Icarito rules! #NoLayingUp
  9. I listened to the show (great content by the way). I'm not buying Callaway's story. I think this experiment is going to surprise a lot of people and possibly draw attention to something which needs to be corrected The part about the "pro" sample was particularly interesting.
  10. Wrapping up the outage this weekend and so I'm almost free! Valleybrook is open for walking and 1 person/cart but the greens are being replaced. Looks like I may have to make a trip to Cleveland soon.....

  11. Where did you get to play? Valley Brook opens this Friday and I'm chomping at the bit! Great play-by-play on how your shaking off the dust of confinement. I'll be wrapping up this 6-nights/week schedule on May 11th and we'll get together.
  12. I thought I would upgrade my push cart for when things open up again, and lo and behold, discovered that most everyone else in the country had the same idea before me (shocker). I did find the one I wanted - the Sun Mountain Speedcart GX- from Maple Hill Golf and it arrived yesterday. It only took two hours (no exaggeration) of online research to find one but I felt like I was the correct caller during a radio station giveaway. It is an excellent cart, by the way, for those who enjoy walking and having all your necessities at hand. Now I'm waiting for the mayor to sound the re-opening bell for my club!
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