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  1. This testing is open to al US Residents--whose shoe size is from 7 to 13 Both Right and Left foot available Please Provide the following information First Name/City State Brad/Modesto, Ca. Shoe Size 10.5 Current Shoe Worn---New Balance What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection---Since I don't ride and walk to play Golf and need something that will be waterproof and comfortable.
  2. irst name/City State --- Brad/Modesto, Ca Current Wedge Played ----- Cleveland Mac Daddy Loft You would Choose --- 52 I'm a Club Fitter and Repairer and do have several brands of Wedges and even put together clubs from Tom Wishon, etc.
  3. I have all the Skycaddie GPS products and have been using them for around 10 years and trust them. I have never tried a watch GPS even though when I play I do play with a watch on.
  4. Bradford Ferrini, Modesto Ca. I'm a club fitter and repairer since 2005. I have a putting green in my back yard and do practice daily on my stroke and can also practice in my garage for my irons and Woods into my net with my ES-B1 monitor and also a Tomi Putting Motion program. This would be a good product to try for indoors and I have a grandson's learning golf and I have purchase for them indoor putting mats for practice this would be a good product for them to try and have fun as a game and for using this skill to take to the golf course. My putting is the past few weeks ha
  5. Brad Ferrrini Clubmaker and Fitter Driver speed from 95-100
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