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  1. Nathan P San Francisco, CA Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Number 3
  2. Agreed. It's part of what makes MGS and this community so great. I haven't passed mine on yet as I've been wanting to give it a try when the courses around here get a bit dryer and there is more run in the fairways, but after that if it's still not a club I plan to use regularly then I'll probably be passing it along too.
  3. I played the oversize grips (either in rounds or at the range) six times since originally posting this. While I felt myself getting more used to them, I still wasn't feeling totally comfortable or enjoying the feel. I still struggled to find the center of the clubface consistently, I hit a lot of balls fat, and even when I did pure one, the grip dampened the feeling so much that it took the fun out of it a little bit (not getting that crisp, compressed feeling). All that had me really second guessing if those grips were right for me, so while laying in bed the other night I started playi
  4. I should also mention that I don't have big hands...I wear a Men's Small glove...so this wasn't an issue of my hands being too big for standard grips and I'm not a typical candidate for oversize grips. Figured I should share that.
  5. Like most of us golf addicts, I love to tinker with golf gear. My latest experiment was replacing all my standard grips with Winn Dri-Tac Lite Oversize ones. I had the idea to give it a shot for a few reasons: I was having wrist pain and had read that larger grips can help since you use your wrists less and also have to use less grip pressure. I was always getting blisters on my hands unless I wore two gloves. I don't know if I have baby hands or what but I needed to always wear two gloves or I would have terrible blisters before even getting through a whole round. It might be be
  6. You'll love it on the range. It doesn't have any issues picking up the ball and won't pick up balls from people around you. I have always found it to be remarkably reliable and accurate on the range and it's definitely the best entry level launch monitor for range use IMO. Mevo+ would be nice if you are doing lots of hitting indoors or into a net and need to simulate ball flight, but for outdoor use, I prefer the more compact size and lower cost of the Mevo. Hope you like it.
  7. Thank you! I took them to the range today. Wow, do I ever appreciate the advancements in golf club technology now! They are much harder to hit consistently and compared to my P790s, the distances (even on pure strikes) were about 2 full clubs shorter. Still very fun to hit and the sound/feel on pure strikes is pretty amazing. I'll try to get some video and launch monitor data another day if that's of any interest.
  8. I had never done any grinding! Tbh, it's the part I was most intimidated by. In fact, I watched a lot of youtube videos about club restoration and as soon as I saw them use a grinder or multitool, I would just move on since I figured 'I'm never going to do that'. Eventually, I started to realize it's somewhat necessary to really do a good job and figured I might as well learn. Glad I did now. It definitely took some practice (and it's still the part of the process I feel like I can improve upon the most), but I got way more comfortable with it as I went and it's not that hard to do a decent jo
  9. Hi spies. I just completed my first attempt at restoring a set of clubs and I'm really proud of it Just wanted to share and show how it went. It wasn't easy and I feel like I can get much much better at this with practice, but I'm still really happy with the final product and had a lot of fun with the process. Enjoy! Last week I came across a set of 1981 Titleist Tour Model irons (3-PW) that someone was selling for $40 on craigslist. I thought they looked super cool and I had been reading about club restoration before so it felt like a good opportunity to finally take the plunge and hav
  10. @goaliewales14 Good question! Possibly. I didn't talk much in the review about the weight of the club but I did notice that it takes quite a bit of effort to swing. I was noticeably tired after 10-15 swings of it in a way that I don't usually experience when swinging irons. I just chalked that up to it being longer, and therefore heavier, but I hadn't considered how a lighter, graphite shaft might offset that.
  11. Sure thing! This one is not a stinger but has good audio quality so you can hear what the club sounds like. And here is the stinger with tracer line from my Rapsodo.
  12. I agree the clubs are so-so but I had no problem returning them and getting a complete refund. Are you using the right phone number? This is the customer service number I was provided: 888-864-9728. I just called it and can confirm it is active and staffed...
  13. The UiHi arrived just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Unboxed it and my excitement levels went through the roof. This thing looks clean. Couldn't wait to get out to the range and give it a feel. Finally got that chance yesterday. Gave it 10-15 swings on the range before playing a round with it in the bag. I didn't have a launch monitor or the time to really do any deep experimenting or reviewing with it, but here are some first impressions that stuck with me: 1. Very easy (for me) to hit off the tee. WhenI could tee the ball up a little bit, I found it very easy to find the center of the
  14. Hey all, I'm Nate, a relative newbie here as well. This will be my first official MGS test and review, so I'm stoked! I'm a golf gear junkie and love reviewing stuff on my own, so this opportunity to do an official one, and with a product that I really have a need for right now, is a dream come true. I'm not a great golfer by any means but I've been playing a lot the last few years and have been steadily improving (14 to 10 HCP in the last 8 months). I'm somewhat of an unusual tester because before I got serious about my golf game, I used to be a competitive long driver (hence the lame usernam
  15. I decided this week I was going to return the woods. When I called, I had the same experience. It was a very pleasant interaction. They were super professional, not overly sales-y, and when I said I appreciated the offers but just wasn't going to use the clubs, they totally understood and were happy to process a refund and set up a return. At the end of the day, they seem like a quality company trying to do the hard work of creating a new golf brand. I have nothing bad to say about them and if you need any of these clubs and don't mind the lack of a "brand name" in your bag, then I'd say go fo
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