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  1. Nathan / San Francisco, CA Yes I am right handed First Choice: 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff Driving Iron Second Choice: 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Driving Iron Handicap: 10 I currently play a long iron and a 3 wood.
  2. I don't think there is much benefit tbh. I did it more for fun because I like testing random clubs and golf training aids etc and this was "risk free". Still undetermined if I'll keep any of them but it sounds easy enough to send em back for a full refund after messing around with them for a few weeks, so that's my plan unless I end up really liking any of them.
  3. Update / First Impressions: I finally went out and hit the clubs today. I didn't take my launch monitor to get any data and I didn't play a round with them, but I did give them a good working on the range. Overall, I must say my low expectations were very much exceeded. Honestly, I don't have anything bad to say about them. They look good enough, sound good, feel sturdy, and were remarkably easy to hit without any significant dropoff in distance from what I see with my gamer clubs. Tbh, I was relatively impressed and don't see a reason not to put them in play if they fill a hole in your b
  4. Nathan San Francisco, CA Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Handicap: 10.9 ~125mph when playing; ~135mph when competing in long drive events TSi3
  5. Well, they arrived. My initial impression is that they seem very cheap..basically like what you'd get in a budget box set of beginner clubs. But I'll test them this weekend and post some thoughts and pics soon. Stay tuned.
  6. Exactly. Despite my low expectations, I won't write them off until I give em a fair shake. Would love to be surprised!
  7. I got the same offer emailed to me. Interestingly, it came from Hole19 (which is my golfapp of choice) which makes me have mixed feelings about Hole19...but that's another topic. Anyways, I have zero expectation that any of these clubs are worth their weight in feces but I was intrigued by the ridiculousness of the email and the way they discuss the "technology" without actually saying anything real. So I gave them a call to learn more. I'm glad I did because it was comedic gold. The sales rep was reading off a script and saying things like "[insert name] I hope you're prepared to CRUSH t
  8. Nathan; San Francisco, CA; USA Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 The Ping Anser 2 interests me the most because I have always used blade putters and it looks most similar to the putter I am currently using so I assume it will be easier for me to adapt to than a totally different shape and weigh distribution. Also, I have a slight arc to my putting stroke and Ping's site says that the Anser 2 is best suited for a slight arc stroke style.
  9. Handicap = 11.1; San Francisco Current Irons are Taylormade P790 and 8-iron distance is 163 All I know about Sub70 is that they are supposedly taking a manufacturer direct model to provide consumers with brand name quality clubs at a lower price point. I've never seen any of their clubs in real life though and haven't read much about their quality. I like finding great value in gear though so I'd be excited to try them out!
  10. Nathan Pearl - San Francisco, CA Yes, I have used an iPhone and Apple Watch with a GPS enabled app for the last four years. I use the 18Birdies app. I have also used The Grint and Hole 19, but currently 18Birdies is my app of choice for GPS, shot tracking, and score tracking.
  11. Nathan San Francisco, CA Would like to test the 460cc Swing Speed: 125mph
  12. Nathan / California 9.9 Have never played a hybrid. Do not have one in play currently. A club that I can hit consistently and replace my 3i with to fill a gap between 220 (my current 4i) and 260 (my current 3wood).
  13. San Francisco, CA. 9.8 HCP Don't currently use a line at all. Interested to give it a shot though. Titleist ProV1x personalized with "The Hebrew Hammer" on it
  14. 9.8 HCP; San Francisco, CA Social Media: Instagram: @natepearl_longdrive Reddit: u/longdrivenate Private Facebook account Twitter: n8pearl ~24 rounds in the next 8 weeks Current bag: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Callaway X-Hot 3W Taylormade P790 irons Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges Scotty Cameron Putter Cobra Dream Bag: King Speedzone Tour Length 9 degree with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 x-stiff shaft King Speedzone Tour Fa
  15. Thanks and good luck! If you're shooting 77s with seven 3-putts, sounds like you'll be killing it after a little putting improvement
  16. Thanks for the advice and the Padraig tip @golfingbrock
  17. I don't know if there's any name for it, it's just what ended up feeling comfortable for me and what I seem to strike the ball most consistently with. If I were to describe it, I've got my hands slightly separated with my left hand at the top of the grip and my right hand at the bottom so that my right index finger is actually placed along the shaft below the bottom of the grip. I settled on that after working on putting with just my right hand for awhile and feeling like to control the putter well with one hand I needed to place it down towards the bottom of the grip like that. Then after I g
  18. Nice. Keep at it. I don't know if putting is much different from other parts of the game. The takeaway for me was that if you just put in the time to work on something diligently and consistently, you'll improve. I think with golf though, it's easy to continue practicing the parts that we enjoy vs spending time on the areas we really need to improve on. Good luck!
  19. TL;DR: Nothing novel here. Practice your putting if you want to score better. It's the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to cut strokes off your handicap. My experience below, as well as some learnings and a product recommendation. I am a golf addict. Pre-COVID, I would play about 1-2 full rounds a week and go to the driving range at least 2-3 times a week. My practice routine at the range would generally consist of hitting 80-150 balls (not just mindlessly bashing balls, but usually doing drills and playing simulated holes/courses in my head), and then puttin
  20. Nathan from San Francisco, CA 9 Taylormade P790s Icons
  21. As an update, my Spornia SPG-7 arrived earlier this week and I've used it several times. It has far exceeded my expectations and I can't recommend it highly enough. It is about 20 pounds, folds down and stores into a bag that is small enough to toss over your shoulder, and can be set up and/or taken down in less than 3 minutes once you know how to do it. Definitely recommend.
  22. Just posted my lengthy thoughts on a number of LMs under $500 here. Feel free to message me with any questions!
  23. I'm impressed how handy everyone is here. I would be sitting in a pile of disconnected PVC and tears if I tried doing this stuff. Awesome work though.
  24. Hm, you've piqued my curiosity. I'm skeptical, but very interested haha. Downloading now...
  25. I love playing with friends, but it's not often they can get out at the same time as me so I started going out on my own a lot. I'd say about 90% of the time I get paired up with randoms, but every now and then I end up solo and I must say I've come to absolutely love it! It's really nice to just be out on a course, surrounded by nature, all alone, and not have to make conversation with anyone or think about people watching your shots, etc. It lets me get in a much more zen like flow state and I've honestly played the best rounds of my life on my own. I also like that if I'm not interested in
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