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  1. Would love to be a tester. Going to need a new pair for my new membership at my club.
  2. josh La Verne, Ca iphone xsmax outdoors only no net
  3. Josh La Verne, Ca Bridgestone e6 only experience I have is when I find one on the course and randomly grab the ball out of my bag to hit a second shot sometimes.
  4. Josh La Verne, Ca Cobra F9 10.4 105-110 TSi3
  5. Josh Linker, California No watch, currently use my phone with arccos grips Cobra connect grips. I either use my phone or yardage markers and walk it off.
  6. Josh La Verne, Ca 12 -Titleist DCI 962b T200 I have never owned a new set of irons. Always played hand me downs. Have always made due with what I have and love every bit of it.
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