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  1. I am a golf shoe snob, I have 10 pairs all brands. Nike least favorite Mudders Adidas 3 pairs all 3 are fantastic FJ they are okay, a little heavy at times but I would rate as my 2nd favorite Ecco love these shoes just dont wear them enough I would rate them2b
  2. I hope one day I will get picked for this test
  3. I would be very happy to evaluate this putting mat Please pick me
  4. I use the Nike white sleeves and I have now adopted a gator also white, not for Covid reasons but to wrap around my neck and chest amd cover my ears also If I need it as a mask I have that option also, but I think thosee days are slowly coming to an end.
  5. I use a Leopold, and I also use my Garmin S60. I would love to compare this to my current system
  6. This looks so cool, I would love to test this Pick me Meezter Kotter!!!
  7. I play 60-75 rounds a year I would be a great tester for a putter Please pick me Mister Kotter!
  8. I have played my Ping driver for 3 years now and I am on the hunt to look at something new I am very interested in being a tester for Homma
  9. I am a Ping driver user, and have been thinging of a new driver lately Please pick me Meezter Kotter I would love to test a new driver
  10. Those look really nice! I have 9 pair of golf shoes. I know probably dont have enough? FJ, Ecco, Adidas and one pair of Nike Mudders round out my golf shoe collection I would be a excellent tester for you So pick me Mister Kotter!!!!
  11. We play year round in the PNW, we have course built on volcanic ash that drain very well As long as it is not too cold, well even then we can play I have a Clicgear 3.5 and that is all I do is walk, I very rarley take a cart unless it is included with the green fees I walk! I have the Garmin S60 and a range finder So pick me Meeezter Kotter!!!!
  12. I have a Clicgear 3.5 that I love and have had for 7-8 years I know that they make the ALPHARD EWHEELS CLUB BOOSTER That adapts to the Clicgear, the price is a little bit more reasonable also
  13. I have never used a net in the past, I would love the opportunity to try one now. As the rainy season in the PNW is upon us, this would be a great chance to keep sharp Ping G30 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metals 11 handicap
  14. Manny/Vancouver WA 9 I have mostly FJ, and Adidas Comfort, because I walk the course
  15. Manny Vancouver WA Zelos 8 Stiff flex Swing 90-95
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