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  1. I’m looking forward to finally trying the TaylorMade Tour Response this weekend. It seems like a direct competitor with the Q Star Tour, similar price, both 3 piece urethane balls. I used Project (a) balls sometimes, these seem like an upgrade.
  2. I always liked the feel of the Infinite series on the indoor carpet, but never found a head shape I was crazy about. Then “The L” came out and I was smitten. Every time I tried it at the store, it felt great and rolled better, for me, than the more expensive Scottys, Odysseys, TM Spiders, etc. Just seemed to set up right, automatically. Finally bought it last year. As usual, results on the course not as good as in the store, but not the putter’s fault. Really like the black head, zero glare, frames the ball beautifully.
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