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  1. I think you are on the right track. Getting the fitting is the way to go. Can’t go wrong with either club.
  2. I listened to the podcast about this the other day. 1. You are not really going to beat a ProV for quality control. 2. Very few balls are made differently from years ago because the paten on the research has expired. 3. A DTC ball can be made in the same plant as many OEM’s. 4. Play what you can afford and prefer.
  3. It is a shame you pay for a premium ball and it is sub standard.
  4. Playing in NC allowed us to play through this thing. Some rules are a pain to deal with. Don’t really like the noodle in the hole . I really like taking the pin out inside 10-15 feet.
  5. I think this is an interesting topic, but as an individual the driver that is the best is the one fit for you.
  6. So much for Kirkland being considered a good ball. Sounds like no quality control. Thought after there issues a couple years ago Costco would have tightened it up.
  7. Walk whenever I can. Coved has allowed walk anytime on my course.
  8. Bob Jerabek

    Bob Jerabek

  9. Always wanted to be a tester of golf gear. Bob Hampstead NC Current handicap 11 current irons Callaway Apex pro T100s
  10. I go by NCBOB, I live in Hampstead NC just north of Wilmington. I have played for over Sixty years. Recent back surgery has sent my handicap soaring, currently 11, the lowest I have been is a +2 and played a lot of competitive golf. Driver titleist 917 D2 9.5 3wood Callaway Rogue 16.5 Hybrids 18+22* Titleist Irons Callaway Apex pro dot 5 through P Wedges Callaway 50* and 56 (bent to 55*) and Vokey 58* Putter Cameron Select Newport 2
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