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  1. I have played most of the courses in North Myrtle Beach. Tidewater, Grande Dunes, Tigers Eye, and World Tour would be my picks.
  2. Isn’t technology great. I played this game when 6700 yards was long for most courses. We didn’t have yardage books or yards marked in the fairway. We played by sight and feel. We walked because there wasn’t carts. But life goes on and we must accept change. What a great game this is.
  3. For most of us it is hard to find a difference in any ball. How much difference would any ball make in your handicap? Whatever that intangible is, go with it.
  4. I am putter crazy too. Got so many now my wife thinks I get one every week. Been gaming the 5.5 for over 2 years now. Longest I ever had a putter in my bag in over 60 years of playing.
  5. I am 70 and hit a regular shaft and then once the nice weather comes I go back to stif. As almost everyone has said each shaft is different.. The problem with fitting is your using a shaft to get you there and then order the club and shaft that could not feel the same. But golf is a box of chocolates.
  6. I don’t believe much of what Golf prints. It has turned into one of the biggest self serving magazine there is. Everything that is touted is a subsidiary of 8AM Golf. Last year this forum called out Tru Spec as the top rated fitting centers when Golf failed to acknowledge it as a sister company. There is numerous courses that could be on it. But was this representative of North America public courses? I haven’t played them all, so I can’t really tell. But to each their own.
  7. I went to a CC a few years back, located in Orlando, l was on a business trip, and did a full bag fitting. A few things of note is their cost. I received a Titliest Driver with a shaft that was no longer in production. I paid an extra $300 for it. A year later I changed shafts and played so much better with it. I had the Callaway Apex irons and I new something was wrong. Went to a local shop and they told me the clubs were all over the place as far as loft and lie. I live in NC so going back to the fitter was not an option. The other thing you pay full price but don’t get the standard shafts from the clubs, nor the grips. I bet they end up on eBay. Cc is definitely off my fitting list.
  8. Great video, thanks for posting. Love the behind the scenes looks.
  9. Let’s face it there are many great clubs out there. Everyone has a favorite and then there is what suits your game the best. The top 5 is a great way to start.
  10. Stick to your lessons on a regular basis. Then practice with a purpose.
  11. Bob/ Hampstead,NC iphone 7/ iPad Pro testing out door range Net available
  12. Bob Hampstead, NC i used a net before, it was a long long time ago. LM VC200 on the range only.
  13. Bob / Hampstead, NC 13 Addidas CodeChaos Stability
  14. Bob/ Hampstead, NC RH 3 hybrid regular 3 wood stiff 8.3 i play hybrids
  15. Bob Hampstead, NC Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5 Matrix Ozik Stiff 7.2 102 TSI 3
  16. Bob Hampstead, NC 7.2 Titleist SM 6 Raw reduces glare off the face
  17. Bob Hampstead, NC i currently play a Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5 I would love to test the Ping Heppler Tomcat 14
  18. Bob Jerabek Hampstead, NC I have never used a watch but a lot of my golf friends do. i currently use a Bushnell Tour laser rangefinder. It is starting to get beat up and I am looking to get a replacement and this watch may fit me perfectly.
  19. I keep stats on Fairways, Greens, Putts, Sand saves, chip or pitch saves. Change my practice each week to work on what is the weakest part or where I am losing shots. Also look at greens missed L,R, S, Long.
  20. I have one of the original SeeMore putters I like to put in play every now and then.
  21. I mark with a red dot next to the number on both sides and a red line through the ball description on 1 side.
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