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  1. They just truly go above and beyond. It’s amazing Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I just really wanted to post this because I cannot say enough good things about Sub 70 golf. I have been looking at new irons for a few months now. I was originally leaning towards Wilson staff, but am so glad I found this company through mygolfspy. In March, I ordered the demo set of the 699 irons right before the coronavirus happened in March---now you are only supposed to be able to keep them for 2 weeks but they said I can keep them as long as I want to truly get a chance to put them to the test. I then ordered the 699 pro demo irons about a month ago to compare to the 699 irons. I have contacted Jason (CEO of Sub70) and Mike (sales) countless times throughout the process to go over specs, shafts, my game and what I am looking for in my irons. He has been more than helpful and truly takes the time to assist each customer. He really cares for the customer and loves golf. Well fast forward to today. I contacted Jason to order my 699 irons and wanted to go over shafts and my concern about not for sure getting the lie angle correct (I have never been fit). He gives me his recommendation for iron shafts based on my game (the KBS tour stiff) and then suggests once I get them to hit them, we can talk about my misses, what is going on, and then I can come to the facility to dial in the lie angle on the simulator and lie board (I live within driving distance). I was also looking at buying a 939x #3 hybrid and he suggested a shaft that was not on their list on their website, so he contacted his sales department to get it all set up for me. Jason then gave me a price for the irons and hybrid and ensured that Shane from their sales department will contact me tomorrow to confirm my order and payment information. MIND YOU, HE DID ALL OF THIS FOR ME WHILE ON A ROAD TRIP TO NEBRASKA!! I can't believe the customer service I have received from this company. They truly care about their customer and want the clubs to be exactly what fits the golfer to their exact specifications. It made me feel like a tour pro even though I carry a 12 handicap. Everyone at Sub70 golf is so helpful, (From Jason and Jay, to Mike and Shane and everyone in-between). If you are looking for new clubs, I highly suggest Sub70 golf. They truly have the best customer service in golf, their irons and clubs are top notch and their prices are great too!!
  3. I absolutely love to bowl. I am in a league with my dad and this season carried a 209 average. Sports both watching and playing are both an important part of my life. I also really enjoy kayaking, hiking, and fishing.
  4. haha! It was such a cool shot. Usually I play short of the water on the left like a wimp. Must have been all the driver and not the guy swinging it
  5. Here’s a video of my swing I was going to add to my review. You can kind of hear the sound of the club at impact. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Sorry this is the actual picture of the shot. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Just a little insight into what this driver can do. Usually I hit hybrid or 3 wood short of the water but today I felt ambitious and hit driver over the water. Great shot with perfect straight ball flight giving me a pitch it. I like this driver more and more each time I hit it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Yes I agree with this pozzit. The ball flight is definitely straight. When I miss, I come across it, and turn the hands over; it is more of a pull than it is a hook. When I put a good swing on the ball, ball flight is almost perfectly straight.
  9. I also got another 18 holes in with the Hogan driver. It still does the rattle intermittently, but I talked to the customer service at BH and they sent me a return shipping label to check out the issue. I have immense confidence with this club each time I hit it. On two instances on short par 4’s yesterday (305 and 312) yards I nearly drove the green with just a short 20-30 yard pitch left in. I was even able to attack a par 5 in two which left an eagle putt which is something I haven’t been able to do much before... (of course then I three putted ). It has such a consistent ball flight with a nice high draw when hit well. This club can do it all even when I tee’d it low to hit a stinger into a stiff wind. So far, I’m loving this driver and if I had an early prediction, YES it’s staying in my bag! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Chris- ChIcago, IL 12 handicap Nike VR cavity Back PTx Pro/Icon Combo Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Do you golf after rain? If so how much rain is too much? If not, why? I love golf and a wet course has never really bothered me but it might to some people. Its also supposed to rain 2 inches today and I am scheduled to play tomorrow and it got me thinking.
  12. Appreciate it guys. I tried your suggestion and I didn’t hear it in the shaft. Interestingly I was on the N- setting and then changed it to the low setting and the rattling went away. May be something with the connector. I’m going to try the new setting the next time I play and see how it goes. If it’s fine I probably won’t worry about it lol Maybe I’m just overthinking things. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. @pozzit @03trdblack @JScott Do any of you guys experience a rattle like feeling/sound during your follow through. I noticed it last round and it continued today. It feels like something is moving around in the shaft. I can't recreate it except on the follow through of my swing. It doesn't seem to expect performance all the much but it has me concerned? Any ideas of what it might be/ a possible solution?
  14. Using a rangefinder the last couple of weeks playing golf has made the game so much easier. I just point and click and immediately get a yardage. It makes choosing a club so much easier as I know the one in my hand is the right one with the distance.
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