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  1. Just curious how hitting off a net with a mat will affect golf game? Pros/cons? Have you noticed any change in your game after doing it for a prolonged period?
  2. Muskego Lakes Country Club in Muskego, WI https://muskegolakes.com
  3. How has it held up over time? Any wrist or elbow pain? What size do you have?
  4. Holy cow how the hell did I end up in 1st
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if you have a recommendation for a insert or insole in a golf shoe for walking 18 holes? I enjoy walking and am looking for something that gives a little more cushion but doesn’t get in the way or is bulky. Any ideas? Hope it doesn’t break the bank as well.
  6. Tough week. Fitzpatrick WD as my last rostered guy playing hurt. Oh well. On to next week!
  7. I love my caddytek rangefinder. Relatively cheap at 129 bucks but does a great job. I will say it does take a little getting used to, and you don't need the steadiest hand, but need to be in the vicinity. https://www.costco.com/caddytek-golf-laser-rangefinder%2C-caddyview-v2-%2Bslope.product.100419508.html
  8. So would it cause pushes then or would it not make a huge difference?
  9. Say there is 7-8 degress toe up on a malled double bend putter. How would that affect performance if any?
  10. WTB Garmin R10
  11. For those of you that wear eccos, Do they fit true to size? Looking at the street retro XL shoe if anyone has any experience with those. TIA
  12. Currently have a white hot rx 7 putter and enjoy it but looking at getting another one with a different feel. What is your favorite odyssey insert and why? Also if you have an odyssey 7 putter, what is your favorite model?
  13. It has slight toe hang https://pluggedingolf.com/bettinardi-studio-stock-3-putter-review/
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