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  1. Shot 36 today. One birdie, One bogey, 7 pars. Pretty good. The 4 iron off the tee on a few of these shorter par 4's is deadly. It keeps me out of trouble and im able to still have about 140-150 in. Could have been under par, but putter wasn't cooperating.
  2. Beautiful clubs. Interested to see how they perform for you guys! I for one am not a fan of the powerholes (just personal opinion) but hey if they work and improve performance than that is all that really matters right?
  3. About time golf channel has morning golf on for all to watch. Crazy that they can't do it for weekly PGA Tour events, especially when they were the only sporting event on with the pandemic going on earlier in the summer.
  4. Can't wait to join for the 2021 season! Congrats to @Apolloshowl
  5. Can't wait for the Bears to begin the process of ripping my heart out again beginning today...... In that case.... BEAR DOWN
  6. Love all the discussion that this fun little post brought out. Seems as if in today's PGA, distance is King.
  7. Just started the house hunting process with my fiancée. Boy it is exciting but kinda nerve racking at the same time! Any advice would be appreciated. We just saw three houses yesterday and three more today.
  8. I saw this post on Facebook from PGA.... Interesting question. I feel like no 3 putts would really limit some mistakes on the green to improve scores, but on the other hand longer drives would lead to closer approach shots and putts. I think I would lean to no 3 putts! What do you guys think? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. 182 yards over water with a brisk left to right wind. Pulled a 6 iron out and stuck it to a couple of feet. Thank goodness I was able to knock it in for birdie!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Shot 79 today. Was really feeling it on the front 9 with a 37. The back 9 I felt like we were waiting almost every hole and lost the rhythm and tempo. But still grinded out there for a 42. All in all a nice round
  11. Love grand slam golf polos from Khols. Alot of variety and you can get the typical 30% off at khols. Love deals
  12. Went on ebay to purchase a cleveland 588 rtx wedge to complete the set I have. -Came today and looks way better than I anticipated being a used club. Even better it was only $20 bucks
  13. Had another 35 today. I have started to hit 4 iron off the tee on some of these shorter par 4s and it has definitely made a difference. I’m finding more fairways and leading to more GIR. The course I play isn’t usually the longest 3100 yards but I’ll take the 35 anyways! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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