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  1. absolutely pumped to do this. This is going to be awesome
  2. Chris C Franklin, WI Current Putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 Would Like to Test: Impact #3 Putter
  3. I can feel it making my putting better already. The consistency of the roll of the green is great. I have added a putting mirror as well to ensure set up, head and shoulder position is consistent. Its also a fun thing to do 15 min a day.
  4. I keep thinking I need to make a move too, but I just keep looking at my team and liking it. Interesting to see what happens at the masters here next week.
  5. I really like the speed. May be a touch fast but it rolls true. It even rolls well on my carpet
  6. Thanks guys! Really excited. I think just getting 10 min a day on this thing will help the stroke. Just need to get more consistent and confident
  7. Would love to see more of the Direct to consumer companies and how they perform against the big boys. Ex: New Level , Haywood ect. As a Sub 70 iron owner I know they can be legit!
  8. This beauty arrived today. It rolls great even on the carpet that I have set it up on in the basement. I have paired it with the puttout and I have really enjoyed using it so far. Putts roll pure. Anyone have any drills or other things that they can do with it? I know this will help my putting particularly start line. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Congrats to the testers. Can't wait to see how this beauty drives.
  10. Yes I talked with them today. She assured me that medium speed was the most popular and that you can brush the turf to either speed up or slow the speed. Just pulled the trigger on it today. Pretty excited. Thank you for all of your help. Ready to get better on the greens. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. How is the birdie ball speed? Too fast if you go with the medium speed mat? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Definitely looking at the birdieball putting mat. Read through all of your reviews and it really looks great. I think I might go with it. How is the durability?
  13. Wondering what the best putting Mat on top of carpet is. I have a puttout trainer and in my new house the carpet is a little slow. Looking for the right mat to fit over the carpet to practice putting. Any and all suggestions would be helpful!
  14. Such an awesome day out with my Fiancée today. She picked up the game a year ago and really enjoys it. Almost as addicted as I am! We walked 9 holes (ended up playing 12) and had a couple drinks and enjoyed it. Didn’t keep score today... just enjoyed it. All in all a great day!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Looking to buy putting mat. Seeing what is out there.
  16. Felt good to get back out on the course yesterday. Driver was a little sporadic (usually best club in the bag) but started hitting my new 3 wood well. Shot 39 with a birdie on the 9th. Putter still needs to get better. Had 2 other chances around 10-12 feet that I missed. Overall really nice day walking 9 and having a few beers with some sunshine with my buddy!
  17. Glad this thread is still alive. Seems like bag tags would be a better profit maker than the key chains
  18. Anyone try the new JB wedges yet? I’m intrigued by those Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. This thing is pretty. Can’t wait to hit it. Their customer service is the best in golf. Emailed Mike in the customer service department and he took care of me right away. It was ordered on Thursday and got to my house on Sunday! Can’t say enough good things about Mike and Sub 70! I definitely recommend you check them out for your next golf need, and with the 60 day return policy— there is no reason not to!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Can't wait for The Players this week. Going to be awesome rooting for a full lineup for once
  21. Just pulled the trigger on a sub70 939x 3 wood. Can't wait to attack those par 5's in too and to complete the bag. Time to replace my 12 year old Adams Insight BUL 3 wood.
  22. Pulled the trigger on the 939x 3 wood. Can’t wait to hit it and complete the bag. Found a nice deal on the pre-owned section. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. I'm surprised at how poorly the hybrid and 3 wood performed, given that I absolutely love the driver from my review. Would love to see how the 3 wood would perform for me given my love for the driver
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