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  1. Can’t wait to see how this performs. Would love to test it out!! #ClubSub
  2. Fun season guys. 15th place for my first season. I'll take it! Good luck to all in the playoffs
  3. woooo barely hung on; onto the next week lol
  4. Love the league. It was my first year in it and just want to say thanks for all you guys do. Looking forward to the playoffs!
  5. 1.) What is your favorite thing (club/aid/device) that you have tested/reviewed? 2.) Favorite part about living in Pure Michigan?? Thanks for all you do for the site Michael!!
  6. Rode my same team the whole year... we'll see how it plays out
  7. Big Golf Pup. Loves it! haha
  8. Picked up this guy a little over a month ago. Boy does he wake you early but he’s been an amazing addition to my fiancée and My life. Everybody meet Henry!! #hankthetank
  9. very legit. I have bought multiple things from them. Another good web based one is Budget golf. Good experience with them too
  10. I definitely feel more confident on the greens and my speed and starting line seem more consistent. I also seem to be hitting the center of the putter alot more leading to better putts. I have been making more birdie putts which has been a goal of mine! Love this thing
  11. Big Major week!! Good luck to all! Hope I don't go 0-10 like I did last week
  12. Love every product by Sub 70. Mike, Jay, and their CEO Jason are some of the best in the business. They will ensure you get the best fitting, best performing clubs in your hands.
  13. This is awesome! Thank you
  14. Just going to keep riding my team and see how it goes. Really liking it at the moment
  15. Still absolutely love this driver. Almost automatic hitting the fairway. Anyone else still loving this thing?
  16. Thank you guys so much! Another reason why this community is the best!
  17. Got out with my dad and a couple buddies his morning. A little chilly and wind really picked up on the back 9. Really happy with how I struck the ball and my putting for once. Shot 78 with 4 birdies. Had two really dumb double bogeys that led off by bad tee shots and not playing smart. Overall really happy with the round and love being able to play with my dad. Worth the 6:30 am tee time for sure!!!
  18. Congrats to all testers. Can't wait to see how they perform for you!
  19. That driver is sexy. May have to add that to my bag to complete most of my Sub 70 set
  20. Love my 939x Sub 70 hybrid. Great company. Good luck to all those who apply!
  21. Any Chicago or SE Wisconsin spies out there? Would be awesome to meet up and play at some point this summer
  22. Got the stitches out of my hand following a dumb incident with yardwork 2 weeks ago. Skin is healed up (only 3 stitches) and already have 9 holes lined up with my dad monday! Looking forward to getting back out there! hope you all have an awesome weekend!
  23. I need to get going. Wedding is coming up on 9/11. Need to get from 215 back down to around/under 200. Lets do this fellas
  24. If we're outside and they now say that the virus does not really persist on surfaces, I really don't know why the flagstick is still off limits. Touch it, do whatever you want with it
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