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  1. 1 hour ago, xOldBenKenobiX said:

    Hello friends and welcome to a Tuesday.

    Today we have a new version of our trading sheet, the major behind the sheet change was that I removed the attempt of auto update, because google sheets need to be coded with HTML. and that is a skill I do not possess.

    With that in mind there is no change for you guys, as  will still update this sheet every Monday morning or Tuesday if the Monday is a holiday.

    As for facing values and updates, I have worked on the Points per Event portion, to use the amount of events played by a pro and the average points that fantrax is listing, so we do no have the case where a pro only played one event and it is sitting high on the list because of it.

    I also added the comparison tool, it is simply a way to look at a trade side by side and see the total value.

    To search for a player, all you have to do is to delete the current name on the box and start typing the new name, all of the 3200+ players on fantrax should be available.


    The tool will allow you to compare as few as 1 player or up to 8 players from each team. 

    To make it easy, each set of players is numbered and the lines on the comparison tool reflect that.



    In the trades where you want to compare less players, just leave the other player name boxes empty.

    You can also use the empty boxes to compare where you are either giving away or receiving more players.


    I hope this help for the rest of the season and the the future fantasy golf seasons.

    The link is:

    MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart - Google Sheets V2

    Let me know of any other Ideas you guys might have to improve this tool.


    This is awesome! Thank you

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  2. Got out with my dad and a couple buddies his morning. A little chilly and wind really picked up on the back 9. Really happy with how I struck the ball and my putting for once. Shot 78 with 4 birdies. Had two really dumb double bogeys that led off by bad tee shots and not playing smart. Overall really happy with the round and love being able to play with my dad. Worth the 6:30 am tee time for sure!!!

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  3. Got the stitches out of my hand following a dumb incident with yardwork 2 weeks ago. Skin is healed up (only 3 stitches) and already have 9 holes lined up with my dad monday! Looking forward to getting back out there! hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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  4. If we're outside and they now say that the virus does not really persist on surfaces, I really don't know why the flagstick is still off limits. Touch it, do whatever you want with it

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  5. Can't speak on the 004 model but I demo'd the mid mallet putter ( top performer on mygolfspy in 2019 or 2020 I believe). Putter was slightly heavier than normal, but felt very stable and the feel was amazing. I also liked all the customizable options you have from shaftbend, to grip. 

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  6. I keep thinking I need to make a move too, but I just keep looking at my team and liking it. Interesting to see what happens at the masters here next week.

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  7. I may not be the best person to answer that. They made the PuttUp intentionally fast to get the ball to roll back to you if you miss. I would think the medium speed mat would be ok. If you are looking for a specific stimp speed email them and ask. They are a family business and very responsive. 
    I thought my PuttOut mat was too slow.  My BB is much faster. But you sound like you are looking for something in between. 
    I hate to punt, but I also don’t want you grumbling about that idiot from Iowa in the future... Call or email them and ask about specific speed. The clearly have rolls of different turf. 

    Yes I talked with them today. She assured me that medium speed was the most popular and that you can brush the turf to either speed up or slow the speed. Just pulled the trigger on it today. Pretty excited. Thank you for all of your help. Ready to get better on the greens.

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  8. I would say the surface is like I just pulled it out of the box - of course I did that back in late September. I have no signs of wear or tear.  The edges of the holes are nice and crisp. I have to sweep or pick some lint off it occasionally.  But it’s in new condition. Full disclosure I have no small children or dogs - and the cats don’t do anything to it. I’m on it probably five days out of seven.  It’s been in and out of the box a dozen times.  Here at the  hotel I walk a-crossed it even if I’m not putting or chipping daily as it’s in the middle of the floor. It’s spongy and has a bit of give by design, but just like a real green your tracks disappear immediately. One of the other reviewers had to order a fill kit after his kid took a divot out of it - you might message him and ask how it turned out. I’ll see if I can prod the guys into posting some long term experience, durability experiences. 

    How is the birdie ball speed? Too fast if you go with the medium speed mat?

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