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  1. I feel like I get distracted when I wear a watch on my wrist during a golf round. It's hard to describe but its a feel thing and definitely more mental than anything but it just doesn't feel right. So no I don't wear a watch when I play golf, but I wear a watch almost any other time.
  2. Maybe the Bears found a QB in Nick Foles... Oh a man can dream.......
  3. I was all set to go to Sub70 golf's facility in sycamore and get fit for a new set of irons (4-GW) until COVID happened and my appointment was cancelled. I was also considering a 3H and 3W as well. It's all I think about during this pandemic as I am constantly on the website looking at all their clubs and can't wait to get fit and get a set! The next issue would be when I would be able to hit them on the course!! Soon guys, soon.
  4. I'd Look at Sub70 golf. I was able to chat with the CEO (Jason) and talk about my game and specifically what I was looking to get out of the clubs. He then recommended the proper model, and different shafts that would fit what I was looking for. They also offer a $20 demo program to test out the clubs for 14 days and see how they perform for you and also have a 60 day money back guarantee if you are happy. The customer service is second to none, and I'm looking forward to heading to their facility when all this is over!
  5. I caddy tek range finder! I've been sitting on my deck lasering differing objects to help keep me occupied haha Soon to purchase sub70 golf 699 irons!!
  6. That's awesome!! Thanks for doing this! Golf can be an escape from reality.
  7. Make the foot wedge legal???? But on a more serious note, definitely allowing to remove ball from a divot in the fairway. Seems unfair to punish a good drive in the fairway.
  8. If you haven't watched Tiger King on Netflix you are missing out! It is all Carol Baskin's fault!! On a more real note, I've been watching the Chicago Bulls championship throwbacks on TV (from the 1996 season). Awesome basketball and way better than the stuff today. The Master's throwbacks happening this week are also going to be great TV!!
  9. Thank you! Appreciate the reply. I too have only played off the rack clubs but with all the new technology it seems like it would be great to be custom fit. Can't wait until this is over to get it done.
  10. How Important is it getting fit for your own clubs; driver and irons particularly? I have never been fit before but am planning on it following this pandemic. I was wondering how it affected your game? Improved distance, better accuracy, higher spin and launch angle? Golf has been on my mind so much lately and not being able to play is only adding to that fire!
  11. Can I have a broke 80 tag and donor tag. I just donated.
  12. If anyone is a fan of 60s/70s/8l0s hits, my dad and I made a playlist on spotify; https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Ee93z6fylEp9ndIcsPMMz?si=PiCLjW4rRNWN5Xbeyzbtfg 680 songs from those era's with almost every imaginable "oldies" song you can think of. So many good songs.
  13. I was the "beat the pro" challenge as a high schooler at the Alumni Golf Outing on a Par 3. It was about 165 with a 20 mph cross wind. Each group would come thru and I had to hit a shot each time. When the president of the high school came through with the principal and their other twosome, I decided to hit a duff where the ball went about 2 yards. Never been so embarrassed in my life. They let me hit again, and I hit a pull hook that rode the wind and was 30 some yards off the green. Needless to say that shot still keeps me up at night.
  14. Arnie the series on the Golf Channel was really cool. It offered alot of insight and was offered in different parts so it didn't need to be watched all in one sitting. In just a general golf movie-- can't go wrong with tin cup!!! "Give me another ball Romeo!"
  15. Lol hang in there. A lot of the times just keeping it mobile with stretches ect is helpful. I love the doorway stretch for shoulders, and the pitcher stretch-- pulling your arm across your body. Additionally just lying on your back and letting knees fall out to each side improves tissue mobility in the low back without much increase in symptoms. Probably more than you were looking for but I hope it may help!
  16. You know what PT Stands for---- Pain and Torture! I'm glad youre doing well and playing pain free!
  17. Has anyone hit Sub70 699 and compared them to the 699 pro irons? I know the 699 pros have less offset and a thinner topline, but I am wondering if you noticed a difference in performance. More forgiveness in 699, or higher ball flight ect. I'm looking forward to heading out their facility to get fit and determine my proper iron once all this quarantine stuff is over.
  18. Does anyone always enjoy walking vs riding for a round of golf? I walk as much as I can 9 holes more often than 18 holes but there is just something about walking that puts me in a more focused mindset. It is also relaxing just to enjoy the weather and company during a round of golf.
  19. Yeah that would be awesome. I really appreciate it! Now I only have to convince my wife to let me set up a space in the garage! LOL
  20. I am a physical therapist. I love it. I get to be on my feet all day, help others, and it ties in my love of sports.
  21. I absolutely love my 3 wood for tight par 4's or If i just really need to find the fairway. I normally hit the driver straight but I step up to the tee just knowing my 3 wood will find the fairway when needed.
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