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  1. Interesting. I thought this would be a nice complement to my GS53 driver. Would love to give it a test
  2. Hi guys, Just looking to see if anyone has a putting mat that they don’t use. Have a putt out but don’t have a putting mat to go along with it. TIA Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Easily my Sub 70 699 irons. Have increased my accuracy and shot dispersion and made golf so much easier and fun. Additionally my scores have lowered as well. Closed second was the range finder I bought from costco helping me dial in my accuracy. Not a purchase, but the best golf item was my review of the GS53 Hogan Driver; It is my favorite club to hit in the bag!
  4. What seems to be the main difference between the GS53 and GS53 max??
  5. That thing is pretty!!! Absolutely still have mine in my bag and its my favorite club to hit. Even with the weather being a little colder I still bomb this thing. Hit a few 300+ last week. Has anyone else noticed the paint diminishing on the face? Not a big deal but just noticed it to me.
  6. I have been playing around with left hand low putting technique, but have been having difficulties with speed control on the longer putts. I like that inside 15 ft, the left hand low method ensures no wrist movement and has been helping me keep the ball on the intended start line resulting in more one putts inside 15 ft. Is it a bad idea to switch back and forth between both for the long term? I must also say I havent had much practice with left hand low method besides 2 rounds and the carpet in my basement.
  7. Awesome. Congrats on the move. I don't blame you for moving, can't move out fast enough.
  8. Congrats to all testers! Looking to see how the shoes perform for you!
  9. This may seem like a dumb question, but has anyone made their own putting string? I'm assuming all you would need is a string and a couple of nails but I was wondering if you could make it retractable. Like use a retractable dog leash and add the string to that. Think of a cheaper option of this https://www.perfectpractice.golf/products/the-raindrop Appreciate any and all help as I need all I can get to help get the ball in the hole
  10. I was wondering what the difference is between a single bend no offset putter shaft and a double bend offset shaft? How would one determine which is better for them given their putting stroke ect. I've tried googling it and I still couldn't wrap my head around it.
  11. Finally getting to go back to work tomorrow after having to quarantine due to Coronavirus for the last 14 days. I took for granted little things like leaving the house. Glad to be able to return to some normalcy.
  12. Absolutely love the costco caddytek golf cart. It rides so smooth and I love all the spots I can store things in. The footbrake has never been an issue; and is surprisingly easy to get at. Good luck with you decision
  13. Looking for some type of putting mat/rug. Curious to see if anything is out there Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. cciciora13


    Looking for some type of putting mat/rug. Curious to see if anything is out there Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Congrats testers! Have the Ben Hogan Driver from my testing and love it! Can't wait to see how the hybrids and woods perform for you!
  16. Absolutely love my 699 irons. I utilized their demo program and hit both the 699 and 699 pro and found that the 699 irons were right with my game. After multiple calls with Jason (CEO) and Mike (sales) I was able to complete my order with the appropriate shafts and grips. They have the best customer service in golf and I really enjoy the clubs. Wouldn't change a thing at all.
  17. Chris- Chicago, IL Right Handed 1st choice: 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram stiff 2nd Choice: Driving Iron- 18* - KBS Tour Stiff 8 Handicap Currently play an old Adams Insight BUL 3 wood Would look great next to my Ben Hogan Driver
  18. Does anyone use the "puttout" put trainer to work on speed and stroke? How do you use it, and has it helped your game? I just purchased one and am wondering how to use it.
  19. Another 37 today. Started off with a 3 putt bogey and then rallied with all pars for the next 8 holes. Man if I ever make some of these birdie putts I could be dangerous!
  20. Absolutely beautiful weather here in the midwest. Will be playing three 9 hole rounds (Wed, Fri, Sat) this upcoming week. Really looking forward to that!
  21. Shot 36 today. One birdie, One bogey, 7 pars. Pretty good. The 4 iron off the tee on a few of these shorter par 4's is deadly. It keeps me out of trouble and im able to still have about 140-150 in. Could have been under par, but putter wasn't cooperating.
  22. Beautiful clubs. Interested to see how they perform for you guys! I for one am not a fan of the powerholes (just personal opinion) but hey if they work and improve performance than that is all that really matters right?
  23. About time golf channel has morning golf on for all to watch. Crazy that they can't do it for weekly PGA Tour events, especially when they were the only sporting event on with the pandemic going on earlier in the summer.
  24. Can't wait to join for the 2021 season! Congrats to @Apolloshowl
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