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  1. Yes. They have a demo program with stock shafts and grips. They send you a 6i and 9i and let you try them out for 20 bucks. The initial charge on your account is a 120 bucks and when you return the clubs they refund you the 100 dollars back. .
  2. Easily my 80 ft putt on the par 5 sixth hole for eagle. I ended up sticking it to 1-2 ft for a tap in birdie. Love those kind of birdies! I guess my purchase of the bettinardi is paying off (or at least ill keep telling myself that) LOL
  3. Another great 9 hole round this morning before work. Shot 35 (-1) for the 9 holes. Irons and ball striking were superb today. Hit 8/9 greens in regulation including two birdies. I did have a 3 putt bogey which I rushed the par putt, but all in all it was a great 9 holes. Such a beautiful morning here in Chicago for it!
  4. Really disappointed that you had a poor experience with Sub70 golf.
  5. Thanks @edingc Convinced me to order one from costco. How is the cupholder on the side?
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a nice day!
  7. Have any of you sharpened your wedges before? If so what did you use to do it? Is it legal according to the USGA?
  8. Love it! All about having a great time. Those good ones are the ones that keep you coming back!!
  9. That's awesome. I love the stars and those pictures are really cool. I get spoiled when I go to northern WI and see everything as in the city I can only see the moon LOL What did you use to take the pictures of the stars with?
  10. It has been amazing seeing my soon to be fiance grow with this game since she first started her women's league/lessons only 3-4 months ago. She is hitting the ball consistently straight with about 80-100 yards most shots and I can tell how much she is enjoying it. She is absolutely addicted and even said today that she is having so much fun playing (more than she initially thought). I'm so happy that we will have this game to play with each-other for many years ahead.
  11. I have two and they both happened on back to back shots! First striped my 3 wood 230 right down the middle leaving myself about 100 yards in. I then grabbed a 52 deg wedge and hit a low "skipper" with the ball checking up about 1-2 ft from the hole. Man do I love those tap in birdies!! Especially on the first hole!
  12. Put together another nice 9 holes today. Shot 37 (+1) Was striping the driver leaving PW/ 52 deg into greens a couple of times. I started out really hot with a 52 deg wedge placed to 1 ft on the first hole for birdie. I unfortunately gave it back on the next hole after not getting up and down for the bunker (too good to be true) LOL. My only blemish besides that was a 3 putt on #7 because I ran the first putt too far by. I was able to tame the island green for par this round compared to the double bogey I has last week. All in all a fun round with my fiance and parents and can't wait to do it
  13. wow crazy. Just glad everyone is safe and okay!
  14. Awesome video! Yes they look so clean. Can't wait to see how they perform for you on the course!
  15. Sent message to 2/3 commish. Looking forward to joining in on the fun!
  16. Ah the joy of their first car. That's awesome! Reminds me of mine, my grandfather's old 03 Chevy Astrovan with tinted windows. Legit looked like a van trying to lure kids in with candy. That car is now in a much better place...
  17. Just buy it and let her see it on the credit card statement.... I'm sure that would go over well LOL
  18. This driver still flat out performs. Hit 64% of fairways over my round last weekend with a few others just off the fairway. A couple of times I hit the driver “too good” and hit it through the fairway! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Shot 82 yesterday. Should have been much better. I was +2 after seven holes and then finished double bogey bogey to finish with a 41 on the front. The back 9 included a couple of double bogeys and this is when the drinking with my buddies kicked in LOL. I did however finish with a birdie on 17 so kept fighting to the finish. The driver was real solid yesterday giving me lots of opportunities in the fairway but my distance control was off at times. All in all a good time with my buddies.
  20. Awesome round. Love that you are enjoying in the clubs! The hybrid is just as good, trust me. Just as easy to get the ball air born and ball seems to just fly effortless forever.
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