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  1. Bob Clinton Twp MI I-phone XR Indoor and outdoor, at range and have a net
  2. Bob, Clinton Twp MI. 11 1/2 Have several Dryjoys Staying Dry and comfortable are important
  3. Bob Clinton Twp MI Currently use Taylormade Burner 16 handicap 100 mph swing speed Titleist TSi3 left handed s
  4. Bob, Clinton MI 17 handicap Currently using Callaway FT
  5. Last few times I was out I was the only one walking, everyone is back to riding in carts I guess
  6. There's a just too little interest in my mind to bother watching. I did watch some fo Rickie, Rory and Company, and enjoyed that, these guys are the now wave of hot golfers
  7. Being new to the forum, I am excited to see what the competitions will be 1. 17 handicap, Clinton Twp MI 2. Instagram (8salizar), Facebook (Bob Miller) 3. Expected Rounds. 12 or more 4. currently Taylormade Burner driver, Wilson Deep Red 3,5 wood, Nike hybrid, Callaway FT irons, Wedges, odyssey putter 5. Dreambag king Speedzone Xtreme Driver LH 9.0 degree graphite stiff Mitsubishi Tensei +3/4” long yellow and black speedzone fairway LH 3F stiff 1/2 inch long yellow and black speedzone hybrid LH 4H stiff speedzone irons custom Left 4-PW steel regular shaft +1/2 “ long king black (conv) wedge set
  8. Before I buy a new club I always head to the driving range several days with my old club in hand for comparison, and don't get into the hype that the new club has to be better, it took me a long time to change my driver, and I still looking at my old TaylorMade 360 XR with longing to try it out again
  9. As an update, I've gotten my pull cart out,filled the tires and walked 18 at Indianwood GC in Lake Orion ,tough back 9 on my knees (the course is a little hilly) but made it. And I've walked 9 a few times on a flat course and loved walking! And happy with the game I am playing
  10. Love the looks, as a southpaw I see I am left out in the cold on these! Good luck!
  11. I had a Dunlop Loco “crazy Long” Driver some 15 years ago- absolutely crushed this Driver- I would hit it 300+ all day- some days with a slice other days straight ! On the off season I returned it to the shop due to a broken Ferrule and ended up with a Used Taylormade 360 XD Trade - I was never sure that was the best move. I do still have the head cover, I’ve worn it out with my Taylormade. Currently using a Burner.
  12. I have to agree that technology has improved. I play at Clubcorp clubs and they have Taylormade M5s that I rent and I don’t feel I get anything more out of these woods. I do like the M5 woods just fine but the irons are too fat on the bottom of the club, I like my Callaway FT irons a lot more
  13. I have had 3 and 4 Wilson Deep Red Fat Shaft woods for 15? Years- absolutely love these woods off the fairway and the tee. Anyone else using these woods? I keep thinking about updating but I do really like these clubs too much to take out of my bag
  14. both Phil and a Tiger can still win any day - just Like so many players on the tour, I don’t think either Phil or (even) Tiger has it in them any more to be in the chase week after week, like they were for so long in the prime of their career. And now there are a new group of elite pros that fit that bill, especially Brooks, Rory, Dustin, Raymond, DeChambeau and a couple others I’m sure I missed.
  15. I agree 100% - good for Vijay to try to move back up to contention by playing in a tournament that he qualified for. Looking to other sports, how different is this than a major leaguer going to the minor leagues in an attempt to improve and return to the big leagues
  16. Tiger still has his days, he is probably the best ever, but he is not what he once was. And these “Tiger vs Phil” just aren’t what they are hyped to be. I’d rather see Rory vs Brooks or even Tiger vs Brooks
  17. These two guys were two of the best, but now they are just some of the rest. Let’s leave them where they both belong- especially Phil, in the history books with the other greats. There are so many exciting young guns that would be better TV
  18. Brooks is the first guy since Tiger that has the “eye of the tiger” and knows how to finish out a tournament to win , For 1 year I said the same for Jordan Spieth, but he just petered out . There is no contest between Brooks and Rory- I would love Rory to really step up his game at the end of a tournament when he is on the leader board. It would make for great golf.
  19. Vijay hasn't made a cut in a while, you could argue he has always played hard his whole career. He is playing to get back on track and qualifies for this tournament. I've always liked Vijay, of course I like Patrick Reed and John Daley too
  20. John is still one of the greatest feel guys around the green, and add to that his long ball. With some discipline John could have been one of the best- but he wouldn't be the John Daley we love them would he!
  21. Vijay, who has held #1 ranking and has " forever pga " your membership !- is he taking up space for a young golfer trying to get to the pga Tour- or is it good for publicity of the tournee and his right to enter. Both sides have some merit- what do you think
  22. Fantastic - golf opened back up in MI despite the stay at home order. I couldn’t wait to get out the first official day. It was walking only, something I haven’t done much in years, so I pulled out my trusty pull cart and really enjoyed. It always surprises me how much more focus I have when I walk to my ball instead of jumping in a cart and driving back and forth all over the course to my ball and my partners ball. One good thing about our current pandemic- enjoy walking the golf course!
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