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  1. Les Cary, NC Titleist TS2 Hcp: 2.5 Swing speed: 96 TSi2. I've been playing a variety of Titleist drivers for 20 yrs, my last 3 were the 910, 915, and now TS2. The TS2 has been very good and would love to see what the difference is with the new technology. I will plan to donate my old driver and the value of it to the first tee if I am the winners. Thanks for the oppty. Les
  2. Les Cary, NC 2.6 Callaway Apex CF16 (80+ rounds / year) I started golfing with Wilson, haven't tried a set since then. These look great and would love to try and give feedback.
  3. Les Shirey - Cary, NC Hcp: 5 Play ~100 rounds per year in Raleigh and Pinehurst I was a long standing Titleist Iron player. Starting w/ the DCI's (Direct Central Impact) in the 80's, then the 962's (first fitted clubs), then to the 695 CB's, then to 2 sets of AP1's. I left Titleist for a set of Callaway Apex CF16, which is a great set of Irons. I am thinking of new Irons EOY and want to come back to Titleist but it's going to be tough to move away from Callaway. I am interested in the T200 Irons as a the be candidate and would like to try them out and tell my story. Thanks for the opportunity.
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