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  1. It's quite frustrating really. I wonder if they can overstate certain things for certain clubs just so that they can sell the more expensive equipment. Is trackman more reliable on ball speed of clubspeed? I swing a 6 iron at 92mph. Irons are my grandfather old clubs and so they are not fit for me. I was watching youtube vids on rogue vs epic and the guy had 114mph swing speed and only generated ball speed in the low 160's. Thats when I thought something was not quite right!
  2. That's what I thought. Only tried two drivers. The cheaper option was three years older. Ball speed on the cheaper one were around 167 ish. I know the carry on the cheaper driver was around 275, cant remember the total. Think i was a little excited by the rogue numbers and ignored the other club. The only reason I had a fitting was because my driver shaft snapped. I have hit a few drives 325 yards on the flat in the summer with my old driver but to say that's rare is an understatement. Do drivers get "hot" when they are about to break? If so the pro should have told me!
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to golf and have a question. I recently had a fitting for a driver. After a few swings I was hitting all my optimal numbers except ball speed, which was above optimal. My ball speed was 174-5 with a callaway rogue driver but optimal ball speed was something like 167. My carry distance was 292 and total around 320. Some of my distances were above optimal, how? My swing speed measured only 108-110mph. This speed doesn't seem fast enough to generate those kind of numbers. Is trackman accurate on all points?
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