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  1. Practice practice practice. It takes some time and its definitely a skill to be learned. I fell in love with stamping about a year ago. I bought a bunch of old wedges off ebay (a cheap lot is hard to find) to start with. I wasted a lot of time buying cheap stamps. You have to shell out the cash for quality when it comes to the stamps. Harbor freight product won't work. I might suggest "young Bros". People say to separate the shift from head but if you anchor the head on your anvil propery you'll be fine. I use a brick to support the grip facing the ground. Always use double sided tape between
  2. Might be more creditable for someone who's previously hit an Ace. For a first timer, yeah you MAY have hit the greatest shot of your life but the cup situation is a fluke right now and that shot could have been also. In my opinion. Great topic and question.
  3. My tight lies 3 wood has never been my friend. Except when I was testing it of course it was a beaut then!? But pulling out my 56 wedge for 80 yard or less shot makes me feel Negan carrying Lucille on his shoulder. (TWD reference for those who know lol)
  4. Josh West Newton, PA 13 hcp Titleist Ap1 I'd love to test the T200. I saw a significant gain with the switch from Nike VRS CB to the AP1 two years ago. I'm interested in seeing if a more blade styled club head could benefit my game at this point. Thanks TT and MySpy
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