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  1. I'm making a family trip down to the Isle of Palms area with my wife's family and NONE of them play golf, unfortunately. Since this is probably one of the few times I will make it to the area, I'm trying to scratch off a bucket lister by playing the Ocean Course. However, golf isn't that much fun when you're playing alone or don't know who you're going to get paired up with. Does anyone live in the area who might be interested in playing with a guy on vacation at one of the best courses the US has to offer? Trip dates (Subject to change due to airline delays): August 8th - 13th; I'm thinking I would preferably playing somewhere in the 10th - 12th time frame.
  2. Yep, I have the other data in an email but couldn't get it to link to the forum from my work computer. I would highly recommend True Spec to anyone interested....Well it's currently snowing right now but it sounds like it should all melt beginning of next week and my home course is planning to open on April 10th. Last year was a brutal summer for golf. We didn't open until about the first week of May, then it rained all month long...Courses closed I believe the first week of October when we received a nice Fall snowstorm of roughly 18 inches of snow. Virtual/Simulator golf has become very popular in the winter months!
  3. Yep, Prairie West and Washburn opened up as well. I'm not sure if you've seen Washburn since they renovated it. It's comparable to Hawktree but the greens have much more undulation. If you're in the area and needing a partner or a group to play with, let me know!
  4. I'm not sure about matches but "The Masters" YouTube page has a ton of Final Round Broadcasts dating back to 1968. The attached link should bring you to the right spot showing all of them. That's what I'll be doing all of next week/weekend. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5bbCtDMySv8-jCobs9gDY33ZckGzGDdl
  5. Well, a few other courses opened up this last Sunday however we are currently in a snowstorm and getting about 4-6 inches of snow. So hopefully we get some warm days coming up. Hawktree was scheduled to open around the 14th-15th. The last couple years it has been in really good condition. I've played a fair amount of courses and it's still one of my favorites.
  6. Thanks! So far I'm extremely satisfied with how the bag is currently set up. The VA is one I'm really looking forward to. I was fitted at True Spec in Scottsdale over a Christmas trip visiting my family. During the fitting we tried a GD (I believe it was the DI), Paderson, Diamana DF60, Accra TZ25, KBS Cat 4, and Speeder 757 TX. The VA was night and day difference between all of the shafts. Obviously not the case for everyone but at least for my swing. The 2nd best was the Diamana. The VA was the one shaft that gave my the best feel for load and kick. I played it in Kauai in February and took it out for my first round on Sunday and didn't lose a ball from the tips, on a pretty difficult driving course as well. The best head combo for me was the F9 and the G410. The Ping gave me the most consistent accuracy but that was due to having about 500-600 more rpms on my spin. So since I live in North Dakota and play alot of windy golf, I figured the higher spin might hurt me, plus I hit the F9 12 yards further on the GC Quad. So, I'm definitely still in the baby stages of the shaft. Attached are some of the fitting results between the Ping and Cobra with the VA Drago.
  7. Hey Guys, I've followed MyGolfSpy for quite a while, never getting involved with an account or commenting on any forums. I've always been the type to go to the forums to get others input on products though. I finally decided to join the community so I thought I would share my current setup. I finally got my first round of 2020 in on Sunday when the courses opened up, however, we are currently getting several inches of snow so I figured getting involved will help pass the time of the current weather situation. If you have any questions on why I play what I play, let me know! Driver: Cobra F9 w/VA Composites Drago X75 Fairway: Ping G410 w/Tensei Orange X Hybrid: Ping i20 X Irons: Mizuno MP18 MB 7-PW & SC 4-6 w/KBS C-Taper 120S Wedges: - Titleist SM7 w/KBS C-taper 120S Putter: - Scotty Cameron Phantom 7 (up to bat)....Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (in the batters box)
  8. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I grew up on a sand green course when I was about 8 years old but playing consistently for the last 6 years or so. My current handicap is 1. What do you love about golf? The competitiveness and how humbling the game can be from day to do. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I don't know any other spies but have always used the site for reading the forums for reviews on specific topics. Where are you from? What is your home course? Bismarck, ND ....Hawktree Golf Course What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Winter...In 2019 our Season was May - Beginning of October What do you do for a living? Financial Advisor How’d you pick your user name? For obvious reasons.
  9. Check out this page on YouTube "Golf Simulator Videos". He's been creating a bunch of videos showing his at home use simulator using the Mevo +. I've also been looking into the Mevo+ myself for an at home sim. I also had our local club pro go check it out at the PGA show and he said it looked pretty good in person.
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