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  1. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    I looked at a few web sites yesterday and found that Callaway, XXIO and Ping make left-handed 7 woods (although neither PGA Superstore nor Golf Galaxy has them on their website) and that TaylorMade and Titleist do not. Callaway often has demo days at our club so I will go to one of those. Thanks.
  2. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    Thanks everyone. Did not realize so many people used a 7 wood. Now, I have to find a couple to demo that come in left-handed models, always the challenge.
  3. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    I would love to try staying with TaylorMade, but, they don't make 7 or 9 woods in lefthanded models. I will have to find brands that do.
  4. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    My 5 wood is 18 degrees. Wonder if this would be any difference (in distance) than my 5 wood. Thanks.
  5. Right now, I play a 5 wood and two hybrids. I really like my 25 degree hybrid but am inconsistent with my 21 degree hybrid. I am thinking of demoing a 7 wood this year to replace the 21 degree hybrid. Has anyone done this and do they go about the same distance? Note, my biggest issue in this is not too many companies make 7 woods in left-handed clubs. So, we will see if this works out. I usually end up with some shop credit over the course of the year as a result of senior events at my club, so the cost likely won't be too much if I do this later in the year. Last year, I think I got about $200 or so for the cost of $35 joining the senior group - we have over 80 members of the senior group, but in a given week, generally only about 30 members play. So, the guys who play these events regularly tend to come out ahead (the events are based on net scores and mostly as part of a team).
  6. My pitching wedge also is 43 degrees. I hit it 10 yards shorter than my 9 iron so it is ideal. My gap wedge that came with my set is 48 degrees. It is about 15 years shorter than my pitching wedge. My sand wedge (56 degrees) is about 35-40 yards shorter than my gap wedge - way too big a gap. So, I bought a 52 degree wedge to fit in the gap. I am a senior and no longer use a 3 wood, only a five wood. My irons start with 6 iron and then I have 21 and 25 degree hybrids. Gaps pretty well to my 5 wood. IMHO, the short clubs need better gapping than do the longer ones. Drop a long club and add another wedge IMHO. Note that I really love my 52 degree wedge. In addition to gapping, I use it for longer bunker shots, do a lot of chipping with it and like it for partial wedges.
  7. How different is this from TaylorMade's mini driver?300 Mini Driver | TaylorMade (taylormadegolf.com) I have a friend who has one of these and likes it.
  8. Played Hawk's Landing in 2/2020. Very nice course. Have played the Celebration course in the past during work trips and was not excited about it. We were in Palm Springs area a couple of weeks ago. Stayed at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas I. Very nice place for a reasonable cost. Did not play the course there as it seemed overpriced. Played a private course called the Lakes with a friend who lives in the Lakes during the winter (he is a member). Also played Eagle Falls on an Indian Reservation at the Fantasy Springs Casino and Desert Willow (a public course). At Desert Willow, we played the Firecliff Course, the only one open at the time. All the courses were absolutely stunning, but the Eagle Falls Course was really exceptional. It is all the way east, so, depending on where you are staying, it can be somewhat of a drive. Took me about 1/2 hour to get there. Might be longer from Palm Springs, not sure.
  9. Srixon Q Star Tour. Titleist AVX.
  10. I would love to have Lefty and a Broke 80 badges added to my profile. Thanks.
  11. Absolutely. This past year, I bought a new driver. Going to a TaylorMade demo day at my club, I learned I could hit a 9 degree driver much further than my 10.5 degree driver - reduced spin, rolled further, etc I went to a couple of other demo days at my club. Talked a good bit with the pro who does fittings, demoed on the course virtually every 9 degree demo driver the club has (since I am lef handed, the options were fewer). Knocked things down to a couple of drivers and had the pro look at me on the range with both of them. Last thing I did near the end of the process was change shafts. Ended up with the Sim 2 driver in my signature. What was neat is that while I got this done by mid-May, given Covid, it took until sometime in August to actually get the driver. In the meantime, the club let me keep using the demo when I played so it was sort of if I had the new club. Won some money in our Tuesday senior events (prizes are in shop credits). Since there are about 85 members of the senior group and only about 30 or so actually play each week, most of the regulars make money each year from the group (annual dues ($35 a year) all go to the prizes). So, by the time the driver came in, I had over $100 in shop credit and so the driver got cheaper!!!!
  12. My view is that the best way to economize on equipment is to figure out what club is best for you and then to keep using it for several years. My sense is that the people pissing away the most money are the ones trying to find a bargain, then not liking it and buying a new bargain every year or two.
  13. Doesn't Titleist say that better quality golf balls make a bigger difference to high handicap golfers than to low handicap ones?
  14. HAC

    Is Maxfli DTC?

    I recently got two dozen 2021 Maxflis for $40. Dick's had the $60 deal for two dozen you describe and sent me a $20 coupon so $40 for two dozen urethane golf balls that got excellent reviews from MGS. I went to the store to pick it up. Would it have counted more as direct to consumer if I had ordered it from their website and had it shipped to me? Isn't the key QPR not the method in which I get it?
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