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  1. What has been the biggest benefit you've found from getting the lessons (in general, not just remotely)?
  2. Awesome write up! I think this seems to be the more popular route people (and including myself) are considering when buying an iron set. I worked at a golf shop and you could always tell an educated golfer when he talked about split sets. As I've become more experienced, my pride for playing my bladed 3I has decreased and I've made the decision to buy a more consistent 3H. What have you noticed in term of feel? Both models were very popular amongst shoppers and I've thought about a set myself. Again, great write up!
  3. Absolutely agree that the greens are the first place I start when rating a course! That seems to be a common theme amongst many public courses in my area and I'm glad that at least the head groundskeepers agree with us. Just to add to your post, I think amenities to the course are very important. For example, water coolers around the course or the cart person riding around fairly constantly. These couple of things will put the cherry on the top for many courses and it shows they care about the little things too!
  4. I bought some Puma Ignite high tops and I definitely found a break in period. Also, after about twenty rounds, I found one of the spike wells had fallen out. Not the spike itself, the well where the spike is attached. I luckily got a refund and I used them to get a different brand. They were certainly comfortable though after I broke them in!
  5. I worked at a golf shop and these were by far out best seller. Biggest selling point was how well they held up in any condition! People would also come in with those grips wore out and they said they've had them for a few years. In my opinion, best choice for a grip.
  6. I spent two years of college in New York and I met some great golfers there! I played an interesting course called Apple Greens in Highland, NY. It was so fun since it was inside of a functioning apple orchard! As many New Yorkers know, upstate is known for their apples and even one of the greens was shaped as an apple! Tough and challenging course but super fun!
  7. true true, maybe I'll use my stimulus package as an excuse to upgrade lol
  8. I know if I go to a professional fitting they will want to add an exotic shaft and I just don't want them to convince me to spend an extra $200 on something that might shave a stroke.
  9. Location and Age: Burlingame, CA 24 Current Driver SS: 111 MPH Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average: Above average Affirmation that you will see the entire program through: I am a detail oriented golfer who enjoys improving myself in any way. I have 4 days off during the week and especially with COVID I would dedicate numerous hours data testing!
  10. These colors are pretty sweet but the gratification will obviously go away quickly. Plus, it's not like they will last any longer than any other grips. Unless your club color matches the grip it's certainly a luxury buy (and there's nothing wrong with that once and a while) lol
  11. I also just read a MGS review of hybrids and they brought up a great point. Just because you have different degrees on your clubs, doesn't necessarily mean the distance will be different. Spin, trajectory, club length and head design will influence the distance. Either hit em or take em to a launch monitor.
  12. I was working for a golf superstore and Cleveland was offering a special offer for employees. 3 fully personalized and customized RTX-4 wedges for $100! Loft, stamping, grips, anything. Just $100!
  13. Another vote for the MCCs. I really like how they can play in all kinds of weather. I used them in a tournament while it was raining cats and dogs and they held up really well. My confidence in my shots increased since I didn't have to worry about them flying out of my hand. I'm currently playing some Champkey grips from Amazon and I was actually surprised. They are significantly cheaper, have cool designs, and some good feel.
  14. Recently I've been motivated to upgrade my shaft and spend the extra money on something I really like but my wallet doesn't appreciate wasted investments. Have you tried an aftermarket shaft upgrade?
  15. I am thinking of buying either the 400 or 410. I have also been looking into upgrading the shaft I use. What kind of shaft did you put in the 410 and do you have a preference? These statistical gains are staggering and very impressive!
  16. Yes, I would rather deal with this than many of the structural issues in other bags!
  17. I've had the same experience with Cobra Drivers. I always felt like I was hitting the ball really hard but the consistency wasn't there. Depending if they have your specs, 2nd Swing Golf has a few 410s left for fairly cheap and I'm sure more of the older models. I used to be a general fitter at a Golf Superstore and the Ping driver was always the winner when it came to the average golfer. I'm thinking of picking one up myself. There are people who will play nothing but Titleist and will live and die by their products. How do you like the TS3?
  18. I usually save the alignment aids for putting. I try to keep it simple and clean with my ball so I generally don't mark up my ball at all. I am mostly looking at the clean look as I've noticed the Srixon balls are typically the whitest while TaylorMade or Titleist balls have an off-white color. All preferential obviously, but I do like lining up the logo when I drive.
  19. About four months ago I was looking at buying a new bag but I really wasn't that serious about buying a new one. I went to my local Golf Mart Superstore in South San Francisco, CA (sorry for the little plug, I used to work there and still think they're great). Anyway, I was talking to the bag/shoe specialist there who immediately recommended the Ping Hoofer bag. Like I said, I wasn't sold on even buying a new bag at that point and hesitated. I waited about three months when I finally said enough is enough and went in for the bag. Once I gamed the bag, I don't know why I ever waited so long! Bag preference is like putter preference but I really found I liked this one. It has ample pockets and I like how they put pockets in easy to reach places while you're carrying it. Too often in my old bags I would have to get into some crazy yoga pose just to get to my phone or water bottle. There are multiple, very easily reachable pockets that I can get to at any point. The one con is the difficulty I've had getting my clubs out of my bag without at least one other club coming with it. I use mid-size and they are a little tacky which is probably the biggest problem. I am planning on going back to standard grips with much less tackiness (is that even a word) which should alleviate the issue. In speaking with other people who own the same bag, they rave about it as well and definitely wouldn't go back to their old bag. If you're in the market, take a good look at the Ping Hoofer. I dropped a picture of my bag below!
  20. Definitely take a look at the Ping Hoofer bag!!! It's a great value with some cool designs and it includes the 5 way you are looking for. I was speaking with a bag specialist at The Golf Mart Superstore and she highly recommended the Hoofer because the leg stand design was so simple and easy. They're all that way but she said because of the simplicity, it is less likely to break and wear out. Less pieces, less chance for it to break. I have gamed it for about 5 rounds and I found all of the pockets are where I would like them. Plus, I like the magnetic pouch (just above the large zipper pouch) which I use for balls. Plus, it's lightweight and I like to walk! Good price too. I added a photo of mine.
  21. Recently, and especially on these forums I've heard really good things about the Bridgestone line-up! I mentioned to my friend recently that the ascetics of a ball are important to me. Most companies have their logo with their full name and they stamp it on the ball which creates a line/direction that I use for my drives similar to lining up my putts. Bridgestone, understandably with their long name, doesn't do that and I think that is holding me back from using it. Other than that I think it's a great ball!
  22. The white PuttOut and the SKLZ Accelerator Pro. Not knowing how much I'd practice inside I didn't want to drop a fortune and my distance control is always something I've struggled with so this should help a ton. Plus I love SKLZ products. They always have no nonsense/fluff/eye candy type stuff. Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013BYCKDQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  23. As someone who hits the ball decently far, I felt as though the AVX wouldn't provide me the help around the green that I need. I don't need the extra carry or roll the lower spinning balls provide. I'm constantly working on flighting/using the bounce on my wedges more so I can have a steeper decent angle and get that ball to stick
  24. I just ordered that and a putting mat! Hopefully I'll come out of this with some new found putting skills. If nothing else, I will have no excuse to practice putting with it being so easy at home!
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