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  1. This is a necro post from last year. Your T100S' are fine.
  2. Obviously, some guys just get on with a 3 wood better for whatever reason. But it seems more logical that, loft for loft, a higher MOI option (driver) will give better results than a lower MOI option (3 wood). So if you equalize shaft length and loft, driver should give you more forgiveness on mishits than 3 wood. Driver CG will give a higher launch (again at the same loft).
  3. I think all the testing has proved that if you were fit well into last year's heads (Sim2), your gains in BS on center strikes will be minimal in Stealth . Better BS on off center strikes is probably where you will see differences, especially if you have a consistent miss tendency and can minimize it with an adjustable head. However, that didn't keep me from buying a custom Stealth+ sight unseen despite liking my fit in Sim2. I gotta say that so far I love the Stealth+.
  4. Sorry, I missed this. I got my set in less than 3 weeks. They quoted 6-8. Needless to say, I was overjoyed. I have really liked them so far.
  5. Driver: 8*SIM 45" VA Drago -> 8*Sim2 46.5" RDX Smoke Black 6.0, Jumbomax Lite Med Hybrid: SIM Max GOST -> SIM2 Max 5 wood, RDX Blue 6.0, MCC+4 Mid Irons: TM P790 KBS Tour C Taper 4-GW -> Srixon ZX5 (4,5) ZX7(6-PW) PX LZ 6.0, Tour Velvet Mid Wedges: Mizuno T20 (54,60) -> Cleveland Zipcore black (50,54,58) Tour Velvet Mid Putter: Odyssey Ten -> Scotty Cameron X12, Superstroke Flatso 2.0 Bag and 3 wood are the same......
  6. Combo sets are great (just got fit into ZX5/ZX7), better with some sets that were designed to blend. But your ideal set will depend on what you need and how you hit them, so it may or may not be what the manufacturer intended. I expected to need to adjust loft on the ZX5s to fit the ZX7s but the 6 iron to 5 iron gapping was spot on.
  7. I just bought a ZX5/ZX7 Combo set. Thought about waiting for the new T100s, but too impatient. I found something I really like and I'll go with it until I find something I like better, whether it's in in 6 months or 6 years!
  8. BTW, I also have the 4-5 in ZX5 and 6-PW in the ZX7. Killer combo. I thought about the 6 iron in ZX5, but the gapping wasn't as clean and the ZX7 was pretty forgiving and feel great.
  9. The ZX5s are more efficient (higher smash), so you might not need the loft gaps of the ZX7 since the ZX5 with the same loft will go further. But it shouldn't be off by much, 1-1.5*, so you can bend it once you get it, if needed. I would definitely do a gapping session on a LM with the 5 and 6 irons.
  10. This is definitely a good idea and would really catch on as long as it's stable.
  11. Short Par 4, about 230 carry over water, usually with wind. Long isn't great unless you get in a bunker. left and right are both wet. The smart play is 7-8 iron (~175yds), then a wedge in. Pretty easy par. Almost everyone goes for the green, with lots of doubles. Maybe 1 in 10 hit the green.
  12. I have been fit at CC several times, but have not bought clubs there, as I have friends in the industry that can get it for much less. As has been pointed out, they are a full retail+ end of the spectrum. Some folks will want that, so will not. FWIW, I told the fitters up front that I was not going to buy from them and they were very professional, and I go no attitude at all.
  13. Tensei Orange is a CB shaft. TXG was using the Ventus Blue which is not CB. All things equal, the CB shaft will lower SW, so the Ventus will need the weight in the head reduced to stay at the same SW.
  14. TXG compared the ProV to the Velocity. Bottom line: At Matt's 118 MHP CS speed, ProV was longer. left dash will be even longer at higher speeds. V
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