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  1. Cheapest club head speed monitor for superspeed? Any insights on best bang for your buck?
  2. Is anyone doing the superspeed with the blast motion sensor? I am getting some better numbers than I would expect for my left handed swings. Just wondering if it is accurate since the sensor is in the butt of the club.
  3. Hoping to get to the 130MPH mark with the driver. Gotta stay disciplined with the SS protocol. Anyone used the SS with the blast sensor? I am going to get going off of that. Trying to stay sharp in the winter means practicing my putting indoors and swinging hard! Working out M, W, F too.
  4. 120. hopefully stay consistent and get the off-season swings in!
  5. What is the Instagram handle? That’s good to know someone actually wins haha
  6. Has anyone ever won any of these things?!
  7. Should be a fun tournament. Would be fun to see Tiger close to the lead on the weekend.
  8. https://wn.nr/gZ6Kgj
  9. Pretty good field this week! I will be out there watching Friday.
  10. Interesting question, who are the winners?!
  11. Big thanks for this contest! Should be a fun week!
  12. Seems like most players mix it up. I think it is awesome to see a guy be super loyal to a brand though!
  13. I haven’t tried anything, I think there are somw good youtube videos though
  14. Should be a fun season! Hopefully covid calms down!
  15. Yes, it will be perfect. Good gas mileage too.
  16. Subaru Forester Sport has faired well for me!
  17. @NittanyGolf34 Do you still have the driver shaft?
  18. @blackngold_blood do you still have the shaft?
  19. Has anyone tried them? I see advertising from Paddy Harrington. I listened to a podcast with the square toe inventor. He seemed convinced that firmer shoes (IE not Nike frees) were best.
  20. Thanks for participating! Is SS developing protocols for misses? For instance if you slice the ball do x,y,&z with the SS protocols. Would be interesting to test/retest path along with swing speed. Thanks, Brandon
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