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  1. Can’t decide what graphite shaft to put in my srixon zx UT. I currently play dynamic gold x100’s (130 grams) in my irons. Looking at running either the aerotech steelfiber 95cw or the 110 cw. The 110 has a little lower torque and I would assume a slightly lower launch due to weight. I want this to be a club I can pound fairways with off the tee and go for the occasional green on a long par 5. Wondering if anybody has any experience or guidance in this avenue. ***the shafts are 95 and 110 grams respectively as the name would suggest
  2. Andrew live in Knoxville, TN walk about 30% of my rounds depending on course (lots of hills in east TN) currently use a caddytek caddylite 11.5 v3 3 wheel cart when I walk
  3. Andrew Knoxville, TN Current driver: LH TaylorMade 2017 M2 9.5 w/ Aldila rogue silver 70 5.3 index 120 mph TSi3 Left handed
  4. New in wrapper Piretti 801R GSS putter, got it in a raffle but have a putter I'm not ready to give up and I could use some new irons. It is from the "Tour Only" section of their online store. 36 inches, silver rifled shaft, red Piretti standard grip. $1500 OBO
  5. Andrew / Knoxville, TN Handicap 5 Current wedges: Callaway MD4 I like the look and anti glare aspect of raw wedges
  6. The 9 iron is 40.5. I like the gap I have there, would prefer to keep those normal. More just wondering if I should shift all of the wedges down 2 degrees or just go 50,54,60 vs 50, 54, 58
  7. Sorry forgot to add that my PW is 46 degrees.
  8. I am going to get new wedges this winter, I currently game a 52,56,60 wedge setup in my bag and they max out at around 135, 115,100 yards respectively. My pitching wedge is about a 155 yards and right now I have to tune it down for anything between that and 135 yards which I am getting very tired of. Is it logical for me to assume that a 50 degree will fill that gap? I am left handed and absolutely zero stores in my area have 50 degree LH wedges for me to test out. And, assuming I go with a 50 degree to fill that wedge gap, should I switch to a 54 and 58 to keep the 4 degree difference in between clubs?
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, I looked into it a little more and it seems many hybrids have a draw bias, mine in particular. I think I will go check out some driving irons once stores open back up and see what fits me best.
  10. I bought a hybrid a couple of years ago to fill in a gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron. I found a great deal on a 3 hybrid online and thought that I was getting everything I needed. This hybrid has become the most feared club in my bag because it is either a stung, low flying missile or an absolute snap dragon hook and sometimes I can't even tell what has caused my misfortune. I have a higher club speed than most, and usually play my irons well so I was dumbfounded by my struggles. It was recently recommended to try a driving iron to replace the hybrid. A friend let me use his Titleist MB 2 iron and it was pure magic from the first swing. Was wondering what causes my woes with the hybrid and recommendations for a nice driving iron to replace it.
  11. Andrew Knoxville, TN 5.1 GHIN Callaway Apex CF 16 Left handed 4-PW T-100s
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