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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, I looked into it a little more and it seems many hybrids have a draw bias, mine in particular. I think I will go check out some driving irons once stores open back up and see what fits me best.
  2. I bought a hybrid a couple of years ago to fill in a gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron. I found a great deal on a 3 hybrid online and thought that I was getting everything I needed. This hybrid has become the most feared club in my bag because it is either a stung, low flying missile or an absolute snap dragon hook and sometimes I can't even tell what has caused my misfortune. I have a higher club speed than most, and usually play my irons well so I was dumbfounded by my struggles. It was recently recommended to try a driving iron to replace the hybrid. A friend let me use his Titleist MB 2 iron and it was pure magic from the first swing. Was wondering what causes my woes with the hybrid and recommendations for a nice driving iron to replace it.
  3. Andrew Knoxville, TN 5.1 GHIN Callaway Apex CF 16 Left handed 4-PW T-100s
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