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  1. Nailed it. When I was shopping for irons dispersion was one of my main focuses. Throughout my bag I am a very low spinner, so I wanted to find something that had a steep descent angle since my spin often isn't enough to hold a green on it's own. Ball speed and carry distance mattered but not as much as dispersion. I'd sacrifice a little speed and distance for a tighter, more predictable dispersion. Good luck!
  2. I'm curious to see a i525 vs Forged TEC. I think the Tec may have stronger lofts, but I think they're going to do very well this is year. I just received my i525s, but I'm curious nonetheless.
  3. I can say from my experience the sound is definitely a little loud and tingy, but not offensively so. When I hit the T200s in comparison I definitely felt and noticed a clicky sound, which I didn’t like. In comparison to my CF16s they are a bit louder for sure, but I don’t mind it. I used to game a Ping G, 4 iron and that sounded more like a hybrid than an iron. I’d say the i525s fall somewhere in between. For the purist, bit it may be a bit on the annoying side.
  4. I just purchased new irons, and my first brand new golf equipment in over 10 years. I've consistently purchased used mainly because I haven't been in a place financially to buy new. After last season I knew I wanted to get custom fit for irons so I saved throughout the year. So for me it was a money thing. I was pretty sure I could upgrade anything in my bag and see some sort of gain if I went with new custom fit, but if the money wasn't there I just didn't do it. That said I did gain about a club of distance throughout the set. So that was nice.
  5. I just received my i525s last week! I was fit for them in early April. I was coming from Apex CF16s, and tested against T200, P790, Rogue ST Pro, and JPX 921 Hot Metal Pros. They were the most consistent of the bunch for me in terms of dispersion and launch. I came in wanting the 790s, and to be honest didn't even know these existed until my fitter brought them out. My distance gains weren't earth shattering, but I probably gained close to a club throughout the set. I went with 5-Gap. Was fit with the AWT 2.0 shafts which felt great. I had previously gamed SteelFiber i95, but I am a high launcher and was launching a bit too high with those shafts on the i525s. They're already on the high end of the price spectrum so I'm glad I didn't have to upgrade into those shafts. I've only hit them in the sim once since receiving them (I'm in Minneapolis and weather has been crap), but I think it's gonna be a good year. Also, I received the free Arccos sensors and a 45 day trial quickly after receiving the clubs. Last thing I'll say is I'm stoked with how gorgeous they are. Hoping y'all get to try them soon!
  6. Looking to sell my Apex CF 16s. Left handed, 1/4" short, 1 degree upright, 2 degrees weak, Steel Fiber i95 shafts. 5-PW. Let me know if I interested and I can send photos. Asking $450 and I'll pay shipping.
  7. Quick update on my Kanibi oil usage. I just started using the choco-mint that I ordered. I actually prefer it to the Skittles. It's very light on the mint and pretty light on the cocoa, but both flavors are there. It's less hempy than the Skittles. Oddly this bottle has a different, locking style cap. It's not a bad thing, just different than the last bottle. I have been able to get consistent .5ml pulls with the dropper which is nice. Last bottle I had to take a 3/4 pull them squeeze some out until it was half full. Results feel the same. Still getting good sleep and taking a full dose before bed. I am looking to re-order again and will likely get a combo back between 2 oils and one gummy. I use gummies less, but the best deal is to get the package. Wish I could get 3 oils, but so it goes. Sent from my Pixel 4 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Posted my official review today! I accidentally deleted our original instructions and couldn't get them back so I was a little late with the proper format. It also says the content is hidden and I need to click to show. Not sure why. Maybe because I edited my original thoughts/review and it's waiting to get approved. Either way. Enjoy!
  9. Yeah, it was strange. I'm excited to try the choco-mint I ordered for my personal order. I'll let y'all know if I notice any differences in consistency/color. And maybe I should with a different flavor? Not sure.
  10. Sorry it's been a minute since I posted. I've been busy with a 16 week old baby, but I do have some sleep data for y'all (I wear a Fitbit Versa). I started taking the tincture, 1 ml, before bed for the month of September. I had been taking a half dose in the morning and half dose in the evening about an hr before bed. I haven't had as bad of general anxiety during the days with COVID and being around less people, so I decided to forgo the morning dose and take a full dose in the evening. For the month of August my average sleep per night was 6 hrs. For September it was up about 15 minutes per night. While this isn't a huge improvement, I'll take it. 15 minutes feels like an hour these days. Depending on where you look, it recommended to dose in the morning and in the evening to help the effectiveness, but I have found it just as effective with one dose at night. It's definitely helped my sleep. The highest weekly average was 7 hrs and the most sleep in a night was 8 hrs 33 mins. I've always struggled with restlessness and since starting CBD I can't imagine sleeping without. I have tried various other non-CBD sleep supplements and didn't find the same success. As far as the balm, I'm still using it every few days. I think that for the money I'm going to just stick with Tiger Balm Ultra Strength. I'd be curious to see some data on CBD and topical application to muscles for recovery. But with TB I get a consistent cool burn relief, where with the Kanibi rub it is hit or miss if I feel any cool. So without the sensation it's tough to tell. I do take gummies pre-round and before runs (I run 4 days a week between 5-13 miles per run). I think they help my mental state for sure. I think that for my golf game it helps with nerves and racing thoughts. I don't linger on the bad shots. And I feel that it mellows me out a bit. Since receiving the gummies I've used maybe 2/3 of the bottle. I'd recommend pre-round or pre-activity where you need to fight mental fatigue. I have re-ordered since testing. I ran out of the Tincture and ordered a 3 pack with 2 tinctures and 1 gummy. I tried another Skittles flavor and a mint-choco. I haven't tried mint yet but will update once I have. *On an interesting note, the Skittles Tincture I just received of the same strength has a different color, is thicker, and has a more fruity flavor than the first tincture I received. The first one, as I noted in an earlier review, was almost clear and pretty watery with more hemp flavor than Skittles. I've thought about reaching out to Kanibi to see if these are normal inconsistencies. I'll keep you all posted if I decide to reach out.*
  11. I've been using the cream for targeted relief. Sore muscles, aches, etc. I haven't noticed as significant feelings of relief from the gummies or tincture. I have been taking a gummy before runs if I'm sore at the start and I do feel that after my workout muscles feel less achy/inflamed. I typically follow up with the cream. Sent from my Pixel 4 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. I've been using the Skittles tincture before bed every night this week. My sleep quality has been good, but one thing that is very noticeable is that I've had very crazy vivid dreams. I wouldn't consider myself a consistent dreamer, so it's been different having dreams every night, sometimes multiple times a night. Curious if any other testers have had this experience? I have used another tincture, at 10mg instead of 12.5mg, before bed for a while and wasn't dreaming like this. I'll be interested to see if this pattern is consistent. I've got a couple runs this weekend. A short one today and my weekly long run tomorrow. I'm going to take tincture before the run today and gummy tomorrow. I'll report if there is any noticeable difference. Also, sports cream after. I'm really digging that stuff. Earlier this week at work I took a bike out of my workstand and didn't realize the kickstand was down. I dropped bike to floor and the kickstand went straight to the top of my foot. It hurt like crazy. I thought it was going to bruise and it was sore the rest of the day. I applied the sports cream twice that night and hardly noticed any soreness the next day. I'm all in on that C.R.E.A.M.
  13. I've been taking a tincture style CBD for a while now. I can say that in my experience I don't notice a difference in efficacy when taken as a tincture under the tongue or mixed in with coffee/tea. I also don't notice a difference in time it takes to kick in. I have read that taken orally under the tongue is supposed to be the quickest way to absorb. And for me I don't notice a difference in feeling at all times after taking it. When I notice the difference in how I feel is when I'm under stress or in situations that normally cause me anxiety. I feel less anxious and feel like I can redirect my mind an anxious racing thoughts easier. Also, when taken before bed, I feel the same. My mind slows down, and I don't wake up with racing thoughts. Hope this helps!
  14. Kanibi CBD Oil– Official MGS Forum Review by coyote_jones Intro: Hey MGSers. My name is Adam, AKA coyote_jones, and I’m a 33 year old living in Minneapolis, MN. I’m a tall 5’6” and top the scales around 140 lbs. I don’t know what my handicap is currently, but I average around 85-88. My typical ball flight is a baby fade. I’m pretty strong off of the tee. My irons aren’t as accurate as I need them to be. My game from 100 in is a dumpster fire. Putting is good enough to save bogey. Also, huge thanks to MGS and Kanibi for the opportunity to review this product. First Impressions: My first impressions of Kanibi were that that the packaging and branding was attractive. I liked the black bottles on the sports cream and the tincture, and I thought the gummies looked delicious. I’ve used +CBD Gold Formula Tincture and their bottle looks like something my Great Uncle would have in his bathroom. The Kanibi packaging is much more modern and less Great Uncley. It’s simple and sleek. As far as the flavor I chose Skittles; I wanted something different than the mint I had been taking with my other oil. Mint was cool. Skittles sounded cooler. Basic Characteristics (24 out of 30 points): I started using CBD with the goal of sleeping better. I’ve tried melatonin gummies, tea, and anything else that says it will help. Most things didn’t. I wear a Fitbit Versa 2 to track sleep and was excited to see how my sleep patterns adjusted to the new oil. I had been taking 20mg of +CBD oil (10 in the a.m. and 10 in the p.m.). With the Kanibi Skittles Tincture I decided to take a full dose of 25mg 30-45 mins before bed. Here are some results: Oil (9 out of 10 points): See the above photos for some sleep data using the Oil. For me 25mg under the tongue did the trick. The oil doesn’t linger in my mouth like the +CBD oil did. It’s there, then it’s not. I liked that the dropper has the mgs labeled on it. It made for easier dosing. The other product I used had one line at the halfway point, but didn’t really tell you how much that was. Well done on the markings Kanibi. I definitely plan on continued use of the Kanibi CBD oil. Of the 3 products they sent, the oil is the one I feel I’ve had the most success with. Gummies (6 out of 10 points): I was surprised and stoked to receive the gummies. I love gummies. My partner always gives me crap because if I ever buy vitamins or supplements they’re ALWAYS gummies. $10 more? Don’t care. Give me the gummy. I used gummies pre-round for golf and before my weekly long runs which I do twice a week. I take gummies 30-45 mins before the activity, and I use one gummy which is 10mg CBD. It’s tough to describe how the gummies make me feel. I feel calm but energized and able to focus better. It’s not an overwhelming feeling, but I feel it’s there. I would rate the gummies higher if I were more convinced it was the gummies that made me feel this way. I will likely re-order gummies because I haven’t gone through a whole bottle yet. Since I don’t take them every day, and I think they help, I can justify buying them as they last longer than the month my tincture lasts. I keep the bottle in my golf bag: Sports Cream (5 out of 10 points): For a 33 year old I’m above average achy and am pretty sure that I have some early signs of arthritis. It runs in the family (thanks, Dad). I don’t take any medications for this, but was happy to have received the sports cream. I used it on my hands and knees. Quads. Groin. Calves. So much cream. I didn’t apply more than a pump, dime size maybe, on an area at a time. I could usually feel the cooling sensation pretty immediately and felt some relief for soreness pretty quickly as well. I don’t know that I’ll continue to use it as I’ve mainly enjoyed the cooling sensation and there are cheaper non-CBD products that I prefer. If I go back to one of those and feel like they don’t work as well as the Kanibi CBD infused cream worked, maybe I’ll switch back. I just wasn’t convinced enough to buy it again, but I did enjoy using it. Anxiety (8 out of 10 points): On the course I get some anxiety about my swing. I’ve been rebuilding it a bit since restarting and have battled the S word earlier this year. So that’s always on my mind. I think that the gummies helped me control these thoughts. I was able to let thoughts go, and focus on my next shot if I hit a bad one. I’ll definitely continue to use it for this reason. Energy (6 out of 10 points): This rating is for the gummies pre-round and pre-run. Maybe I was energized just being on the course. Maybe I was energized because I enjoy my long runs. Maybe the gummies provided a boost. Tough to tell what the main factor was, but I definitely felt a pick-me-up to start these activities. Pain (5 out of 10 points): I don’t know that the gummies or tincture helped with my general soreness or arthritic hands. The cream seemed to help my problem areas a bit. It was a convincing 5 out of 10. Maybe with a higher dose and more cream I could relieve more pain. For now, I’m happy getting better sleep and can deal with my soreness. Check back with me in 5 years... Taste (9 out of 10 points): I chose Skittles because of Marshawn Lynch. Good enough for him, good enough for me. The fruit flavor in the tincture was mildly fruity with not a lot of hemp flavor (for my second bottle that I ordered). The bottle I received for testing was less fruity and more hempy. The consistency of the oil was different between the two as well. I didn’t get a picture of my first oil, but it was very clear, not a hint of yellow, and much runnier than the second bottle. The second bottle looks just like the oil in @golfish!’s review. On-Course Performance (13 out of 15 points): For those with some first tee jitters like me, here are the tee shots for my last 3 rounds: Better golf scores would have made this a 15/15. My golf game, however, is the Russian Judge. Final Performance Comments: I’ve become a believer in CBD products, especially after using the Kanibi products. My sleep quality has gotten significantly better. I feel consistently more well rested, and I can’t put a price on that. Would I recommend this product for golf? Sure; it won’t hurt. Would I recommend it as a sleep aid? Absolutely. I’ll continue with the tincture for sleep and am excited to try some more flavors. Overall, I was impressed with Kanibi’s line of products. They’ve got something for everyone. Miscellaneous (3 out of 5 points): I received both my test order and personal orders quickly. I haven’t had any interactions with customer service, but may reach out about the consistency issue I noticed between my two tinctures of the same flavor and dosage. Other than that, I loved the packaging and branding. Their website is nice too, and I’ll straight up not buy something if the branding or website aren’t appealing. Use it or lose it? (7 out of 10 points): I’ll continue to use 2 of the 3 products I tested. I think that any golfer who struggles with negative swing thoughts or pre-round anxiety could benefit from the tincture or gummies before their round. The golfer who doesn’t sleep well will benefit from the tincture. Conclusion: My golf scores may not have improved much, but my sleep score did. I’ve been looking for something to help me sleep better for years and with the help of Kanibi CBD Oil I’ve turned into the annoying “have you tried CBD” guy. And I’m okay with that. Final Score: (93/100)
  15. Stoked to be chosen as a tester for this one. Excited to see how it affects everything from my stress/anxiety to my sleep and, of course, to my golf game! Thanks MGS! Sent from my Pixel 4 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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