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  1. Handicap between an 11-14? I haven't had an official one in a while...And I'm in Minneapolis, MN Instagram @coyotejones 8-12 rounds in 8 weeks. I've been getting out a lot this year. I'd love to say 16, but we're expecting our first child in a few weeks. That said, I can still commit to at least one 18 hole round a week. Callaway Epic Flash driver, Titleist 917F2 16.5 fairway, Ping GMAX 4 iron, Callaway Apex CF16 5-PW irons, Vokey 52/08 degree, Ping Glide 2.0 56/10 degree. I'm all over the place. I'll play whatever feels good . Dream Bag: KING Speedzone Xtreme Driver 10.5 degree Stiff HZDRUS Smoke Yellow 60 -1/4" KING Speedzone Fairway 3F Stiff -1/4" KING Speedzone Hybrid 3H Stiff -1/4" KING F9 Speedback 4 iron Stiff Aerotech SteelFiber i95CW -1/4" KING Forged Tech 5-GW Stiff Aerotech SteelFiber i95CW -1/4" KING Black Wedge 52 degree Versatile Stiff KING Black Wedge 56 degree Versatile Stiff
  2. I've been working a lot on my wedges around the green. This year is the first time in a while I feel very confident pulling out a wedge on the fringe. On slippery downhill stuff I will usually put. If I'm really confident in my read and it's a medium-ish distance I put. Shorter and longer I feel really good with a wedge. I'd be curious if I'd score better if I putted more around the green, but I really like chipping...
  3. I appreciate this. I definitely need to work on shrugging my emotions a bit more. I didn't golf for maybe 10 years after having golfed a lot for many years before that. I think it's hard for me when I get glimpses of my old swings but don't have the repetitions to have the consistency yet. I know I can hit the shots, but when I hit a few bad ones my mind starts running and I try to fix things that weren't the problem to begin with. That leads to worse swings. The mental game is real. I like the "have it"/"don't have it" comment. I'll be keeping this in mind. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. I feel ya. I just played one of the worst rounds in a longgggg time today. Two days after feeling better than I have about my irons in a longgggg time. It was wild. But I go through the same cycle. Feel good about something, then it goes to hell the next round, and the thing I was struggling with before was money. It's what keeps me coming back, I guess...
  5. I just had this thought yesterday. I typically enjoy drinking beer while golfing. I'm also crazy competitive. I can drink beer and not be sloppy, but play very sloppy golf. If I'm trying to score I try not to drink. Even one beer can throw me all out of sync. If I'm golfing with buddies back home I'll have a few for nostalgia's sake. Otherwise I'm trying to avoid alcohol while golfing. It just makes me a worse golfer and I get more upset with my bad shots (which happen way more frequently after a couple drinks). All that said, sometimes its just nice to grab a beer or two. What's a score anyway?
  6. I agree that course codes should be checked before play. I do it any time I golf a new course. What I still love about golfing my home course in rural North Dakota is there are people out there in their golf attire, and farmers who just got out of the field still wearing their work clothes, playing together, and enjoying the camaraderie. It's how I grew to love the game. I worked at the course and went straight from mowing greens to playing rounds. I'm just grateful to be able to still be out there enjoying the game that was accessible to me.
  7. As someone who has exclusively golfed pub courses my entire life I can't get behind the dress code. I think that the idea of golf as a "gentlemen's" sport is dated and not inclusive. This is why golf isn't accessible for most people. They feel like they need to act or look a certain way, and while to a some degree I agree, I also think that people who can barely afford clubs, new or used, aren't going to be out spending money on what people consider golf appropriate clothing. If I didn't feel pressure to look a certain way on the course I'd still be golfing in cut-off jean shorts and whatever t-shirt is clean that day (or maybe it isn't). Golf is expensive. Techy fabrics are expensive. That's why people don't do it or wear them. I'm a firm believer in golfing in whatever you're comfortable in. And checking a courses guidelines before play, because if there is a dress code, I think it should be followed. Otherwise, just golf.
  8. This thread was posted pretty recently. I responded with my experience as a mid-high handicapper on a budget. There's a lot of good advice in there.
  9. I've never had spiked, so I can't speak on a comparison, but I just bought my first ever pair of spikeless (Inesis Waterproof Grip) and I played in them this weekend and loved them. They're comfy. Grippy. The course wasn't wet so I can't speak to their waterproofness. They're comfortable and affordable. I'd recommend. I wrote a mini review in the review section if you're looking for more.
  10. Minneapolis, Minnesota and I'm 32. Current driver SS is around 95 MPH. Above average fitness. Excited about the opportunity to complete this swing training program!
  11. Getting looked at like I don't belong. I grew up playing a lot of golf in a small town in ND. I golfed shirtless, shoeless, in cut-off shorts. We took our time. We had fun. If someone was taking too long we skipped to another hole. I know that this doesn't work most places, but I wish it were easier for people to just enjoy the game. I play the part as best I can when I go to courses, now. I put on my button down. I even bought golf shoes this year. But please, don't look at people like they don't belong out there. Yeah I get frustrated when someone takes my ball. Or plays too slowly. Or plays loud music. But at the end of the day, I'm out golfing. And so are they. And I try to do my best to enjoy my game as much as I can while others enjoy it as much as they can.
  12. I'm in the same place as you right now. I've always been a pretty low ball flight player and have struggled getting a good, consistent ball flight on my longer irons. I just picked up a used set of Apex CF16s 5-PW. I have been weighing options for the next club in my bag. I have a 16.5 degree fairway wood. I have hit utility 4 and Hybrid 4 and definitely get a better distance gap with the Utility but a better flight with the Hybrid (however it is a bit long for my gapping needs). I haven't found a utility iron that I hit as consistently well as the hybrids I've tried. I've thought about trying a Super GI iron in the 4 to see if that gives me a better launch. Long story short, I'm having the same issue and would love some input from other folks as well, I think it's just going to take some experimentation. Let me know what you end up doing!
  13. I second the idea of not recommending lie adjustments based solely on height. I am 5'7" and based on height and wrist to floor measurement most sites/online tools I used recommended 1 to 2 degrees flat. When I did my iron fitting I ended up having clubs adjust 2 degrees weak and 2 degrees upright based on my swing delivery. My set was used from 2nd Swing. Not sure if you live in an area with one but if you do I'd highly recommend it. They did a custom fitting with loft/lie adjustments included. I ended up getting a set of Apex CF16 with SteelFiber shafts for a great price (and they were custom fit to my swing).
  14. That is a great thing to do. I was one of those kids whose family couldn't afford golf clubs. My grandpa would find/buy old used clubs and cut them down and re-grip them for me. I golfed right handed for maybe 3 years before my family bought me a used set at Play it Again (I had a Driver, 7 iron, Wedge, and Putter), but they were left handed! To this day I'm grateful that my grandpa was able to get me clubs and start my passion for the game. Even though I never felt comfortable golfing right handed, I was able to get out with him and hit balls in the yard. Accessibility is still something that I struggle with in terms of golf. Part of me feels guilty and privileged to be able to afford to go out and enjoy a sport that I know so many people would enjoy if they had the means to. Long story short, keep up the good work. I might have to try something similar once the thrift stores open back up!
  15. Totally agree about knowing that you have the right tools! When I said "they took away the right side of the course," I definitely mean more mentally. Of course I still have my miss. But I don't walk up to a shot worried about it or expecting it like I used to. It's amazing what having the right hammer will do for your mental game!
  16. I just did an iron fitting at 2nd Swing in Minneapolis. With my fitting, I was limited to what they had in their used stock because of my budget. They had me hit some balls using the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer. This was a pretty cool process. The software gave top recommendations for shaft/flex, loft, lie, etc. Going into the fitting I was struggling with my big miss being a hook. By the grace of the golf gods they had a used set of irons that had my number one recommended shaft, a Steel Fiber i95 S flex. They also weakened the loft 2 degrees and adjusted to a more upright lie (the length was also 1/4" short which for me being 5'7" works great). The results were crazy. They basically eliminated the right side of the center line for me (left handed) and my spin numbers and carry went up. My dispersion was also much tighter than before. Overall, I came away a believer in club fitting. I think that if I had the money to get fit for a new set of irons I would, but this was a good option for me as the adjustments are included in the fitting and they found a used set with the shaft that was recommended. Overall it was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to get a new set of irons. I'd only ever played straight off the shelf clubs, but I never will again. I wasn't fit for my driver or fairway wood, but when it's time to upgrade I definitely will. Good luck!
  17. I have been using the Maxfli 9x8. It's on sale for $112 right now. They have a smaller one that is 75 that I think would work. The 9x8 is plenty big and strong enough to hand every shot I've hit at it so far. It takes maybe 5-8 minutes to set up and is quick to tear down. I'd recommend it for sure.
  18. I'll look into that. Looks like they've got a bunch of films available. Good call.
  19. Anyone have any favorite golf movies/documentaries available to stream? Documentaries a plus for me. I'm currently, as in right this moment depending on when you read this, watching "The Short Game." So far so good.
  20. I'm currently gaming OnCore Elixr golf balls. They received positive reviews during the ball testing and were right in my budget. I am still debating if my game could benefit from a more "tour" level ball, but for now I'm enjoying the Elixr. I've also purchased a Putt Out. It's addicting and has helped my stroke...I think... I also purchased the Inesis Waterproof Grip shoes. Again, they were in my budget and I liked the looks. I wrote an unofficial review on them and how I've liked them so far. I'm sure there will be more to come.
  21. I'll definitely check this out. I'd love to get some feedback. Right now it's me, a professional amateur, trying to fix what I think is the problem. That definitely sounds like a worthwhile investment.
  22. I think that I've got a pretty good idea of what the ball is doing after my swing. I've hit a lot on the range and simulator this winter. I definitely don't think it's the best practice as far as knowing ball flight, but it's all I've got right now. And I agree that looks doesn't indicate effectiveness. I just have a tendency to try to be a perfectionist, which is part of the reason I love golf. I'll never be perfect, but can always strive to be better.
  23. Hey all, I've been working on my swing quite a bit the last couple weeks with the purchase of a new net. I haven't had any formal lessons. I currently just watch a lot of YouTube instruction and try to apply it to my swing. Lately I've gotten in a bit of a groove, but then I'll see something in my swing that doesn't look like the swings in the video and I start to tinker. I go through a day of shanks with the new adjustments, then start hitting good shots again. When I tape myself again mys wing looks like it does when I was originally grooving them. Long story short, does anyone else get caught up in trying to make your swing look like something it's not even when hitting good shots? I'm leaning towards just working on consistency with my current swing and only work on "fixing" something when I have a consistent problem. Thoughts? What mainly bothers me is that my wrists hinge late and I don't get the lines I see in other people's swings in the backswing. I do, however, get the lines I want in the downswing/second half of my swing. I don't know. I'm just going to keep hitting balls.
  24. I just finished Penick's LRB. I found it an enjoyable read. Mostly just some golf "wisdom" and gave me some things to think about. I'm definitely down with the "Take Dead Aim" mantra. It was a fun, light read.
  25. I just purchased my first ever pair of golf shoes. I went with the Inesis Waterproof Grip Shoes due to a combination of looks and price. It didn't hurt that they were on the most wanted list either... Look: The shoes look great. I went with the snowy white, which on the website look a little more gray. The shoes, however, are very white. Which is fine, but I was hoping for a more muted gray. They look like a combination of a golf shoe and a running shoe. I'm digging them. Fit: Their website said that the shoes generally run small and suggested ordering a size up. I did this, and the size up fit like a size too big. In hindsight I should have measured my foot and used their measurement guidelines which would have told me to order my regular size. That said, returning the shoes was easy. Their customer service responded quickly, sent me a return label, and my new pair was in the mail before I had shipped them the other pair back. Feel: The shoes feel great. They may be too narrow for someone with wider feet, but they fit my foot fine. They are a bit stiff at first, but it wasn't uncomfortable during my practice. They are soft and somewhat springy, a feel that I don't mind. I like that the grips are rubber and not "plasticy" feeling. Performance: I've only used them in the backyard, but they seem to perform like a golf shoe. They grip the ground great and feel stable underfoot. My yard has some muddy spots from where I've been practicing and I definitely get some slipping when I'm wearing non-golf shoes. I didn't experience any slipping in these. I'm curious to see how waterproof they are. I'm used to golfing early morning in dewy grass and finishing the round with soaked feet. Price: Can't imagine there are many shoes that have the looks and feel for less than $80. I'd recommend them for sure.
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