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  1. Why don’t they just make PGA pros use a actual wood’s and let amateurs use metal woods. Distance solved.
  2. Christopher Ipad or iPhone 11 and Hudl Technique. I am a HS football, soccer, and golf coach. We have a video system that we can use with it. Bradenton (Tampa area) outdoors no net. Sometimes over water.
  3. why do you want a heavier shaft for a 3 wood
  4. I’m recently out of a driver fitting. I am looking for a new 3 wood and I wanted to know if the shaft I got fitted in my driver has any carryover to my 3 wood. I really learned a lot in the fitting but I’m not looking to pay for another golftec session for a 3 wood. Driver shaft is a Green Hzdrus Smoke 70x
  5. The edge irons are the crazy uncle from a looks standpoint. The back of the irons just doesn’t fit the looks of the other offerings from Hogan. They look like the Callaway X-14 irons.
  6. The black finish does 2 things. 1) it frames the ball nicely. The contrast was a welcome benefit and I play a yellow ball and to me it stands out more than the chrome finish. 2) I keep my clubs clean and after contact there is a slight ball mark after contact that I can see where I’m hitting the ball on the face. I’ve grown very used to checking after each shot. Ben Hogan says there process to make the irons black is different than others. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know. My grooves have remained sharp and it has taken at least one golf season to see a visible contact pattern. I’m a high ball hitter and I get some serious height with these irons. The PTX pro are easily the more forgiving. A guy I play with has the Fort Worth irons and he can work the ball and hits all the shots high, low, draw, and fade. I love the way they look in the bag. It does nothing for performance but they look sweet. My previous irons were TaylorMade TP mc.
  7. I didn’t believe it at first and the fitter was pretty cool about it. He said let’s spec up some other drivers and then come back to the sim. We did and by the time I came back to the SIM I was tired but I was still putting up similar numbers to the first time I hit it. If I realize 20 yards in on course conditions I will be more than happy.
  8. I’m blessed to be in Florida. There are 2 golftec’s next to me. One is in a stand-alone building and the other is in the Golf Galaxy. I went to the one inside golf galaxy. Same exit opposite sides of the freeway.
  9. I just had a driver fitting at golftec. The SZ was one of the drivers I tested. It felt great when I swung it. I didn’t hit it as well as the SIM. I just got better numbers and I tried 2 different shafts on the cobra. I would have been happy either way. The SZ looked great and the milled face left a noticeable ball imprint. It was cool because I could tell after each hit where I was making contact on the face. It also sounded great. I’m not recommending either driver for you. I would recommend you getting a fitting.
  10. I made a choice to pay for a fitting to get a legit experience. I didn’t want to be sold anything. I first wanted to see if I could get my M2 dialed in and test it against anything new. I tested 3 SIM drivers, cobra, and Callaway. The session was booked for 1 1/2 hours and we only needed about 45 min after he got my numbers in. They tried hard to sell me on a lesson plan but I got what I needed and went to TaylorMade and purchased a driver. The golftec was inside a golf galaxy. I knew I was going to buy a driver if the numbers stated it but I was hoping that the old driver could be dialed in. The back-spin was the thing that was most shocking. We couldn’t get that down on the M2 and there has to be something to the twist face. I had a good experience. I would recommend it and while I had to spend money on just a fitting in my mind having the data was nice to get without having that feeling that I was getting sold something. I was able to just say look at my numbers and go put something together.
  11. I just got fit for a new driver. After about 45 min to an hour the results came back the fitter put me in an 8° SIM and then lofted me up to 9° driver in a neutral setting. Why wouldn’t he just put me in a 9° version?
  12. I hate to admit it but I am close to getting one of these as well. If anybody has one I would love to hear your thoughts. Is it worth it and what do your bad days look like compared to your good ones. I don’t feel like I’m replicating what I’m doing when I get on the course compared to when I’m in a hitting bay. I would like something that I could use on a range.
  13. I don’t know what Hogan did different with the black wedges and irons. What is pretty cool about them is it seems like the face is a little more durable.
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