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  1. On 4/18/2020 at 4:37 AM, Chrisf said:

    I love it...I had an F6 before and took it to a demo / fitting day, and could not believe how much better I hit the ball...ordered it there and then...just took 6 weeks to deliver...no Lefty stock in Aus and had to come from USA 

    Excellent! It could be the "Covid Lockdown Golf Withdrawal" talking here but definitely inching closer to upgrading to the F9 or SZ when we're free again! 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Scott33 said:

    I checked the rules and unfortunately it looks like it is only open to US residents.

    Thanks Scott, no harm, maybe the next comp will make it's way across the Atlantic to us 👍🏼

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  3. 3 hours ago, DaveP043 said:

    That change was the very first movement towards a World Handicap System.  Nowhere else in the world are solo rounds counted towards a player's handicap.  And again, handicaps are meant to enable reasonably fair competition, competition means playing with other people, so its perfectly logical to count only rounds played with other people.

    One of the goals of the revision to drop procedure was to minimize the distance a ball could end up from its initial position, while also minimizing the number of times the ball would be placed.  Part of that was minimizing the roll of the ball, and the way to do that is to decrease the drop height.  Using your proposal would allow me to drop from knee height if I want the ball to stay close, or to drop from over head high if I'd prefer to have it bounce down the slope, or if I want to be able to place it because it rolled too far.  Specifying knee high decreases (does not eliminate) manipulation of the results of the drop.

    Ok I'm down with that explanation Dave, let me modify my modification. 

    Change to: "Drop from between your waist and your knee" an area that wouldn't have a massive difference in roll when the ball lands I would think. 

    That way, when I carve one OB from the middle of a perfectly flat fairway and I'm taking a drop that isn't going to roll one inch, I would only have to deal with the shame of having hit a poor shot and not the added shame of having looked like I just served a martini to Heff 👯‍♀️ (Lord rest his gentle soul).

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  4. Having to take a drop from knee height.

    Change it to: ''Drop no lower than your knee'' so if you want to drop it from waist height you can.

    The sight of seeing grown men do a ''bunny dip'' every time they have to drop a ball is just ridiculous... some things can never be unseen!! 🙈

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  5. 2 hours ago, chisag said:


    ... If you are Cobra driver fan, I would still demo the new clubs, especially the Xtreme SZ driver. I am not telling you anything you probably don't already know, but every swing is different. I never hit the LTD really well and for my swing the F9 was a huge improvement. I have not hit my Xtreme yet but am hoping it is as long as my F9 but more forgiving with improved accuracy. One thing for sure is my swing and Matt's swing have zero in common, so those numbers and comparison mean nothing to me.  


    2 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    For some it will take somewhere between 3-5 years before they see improvements in performance in some areas of launch characteristics especially the ones who have consistent contact and that contact being around the center of the face. Matt from TXG is pretty consistent in contact and delivery so he is one that in many brands won’t see noticeable differences in a 3 year span. Matt’s also not one that prefers or has success with the lower spinning drivers.

    If you look at the numbers the difference are what many sources consider pretty much the same because they are very small differences but some more spin and launch isn’t a bad thing. The part that many ignore is the standard deviation. The new driver improved in the several of those categories. 


    This is why I love MGS, I get an education on Donald Rumsfeld Points (what I call the things I don't know that I don't know) and I'm happy to get them so, genuinely, thanks both for the advice.

    I will definitely try out the SZ for myself and with a bit of luck it will be in the bag for when the Covid lockdown lifts! 

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  6. 3 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    What does “stalled mid air” mean? 

    Cobra makes good drivers and the latest release is another good one. Just like any other club it will fit some and won’t fit others

    I just mean that from those numbers above the Cobra SZ doesn't appear to have picked up any distance on the 2017 model compared to TM. 

    I love Cobra and I am on my 4th driver of theirs down through the years and will continue to support them... but I would've liked to see an improvement in the numbers vs 2017 model.


  7. On 2/28/2020 at 5:01 PM, patrickleeleep said:

    Some screenshots from the TXG channel and their recent videos. Of course this is with Matt so it’s not showing a lot of off center hits which is where most of the clubs have improved I would think.


    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Has the Cobra stalled mid air? 

    I love Cobra drivers and really considering changing my old Bio Cell to F9 or SZ but those figures don't give me the confidence boost I was hoping for!


  8. One more to add to your DTC list... Seed Golf! 

    They're an Irish ☘️ company and the quality is superb and comparable to ProV / TM TP5 etc. (yes, I'm biased because I'm Irish 😉)

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  9. On 4/6/2020 at 12:20 AM, Lacassem said:

    I’ve seen more lefties in WITB than on the course! Nice setup how do you like the F9? I looked at them last year when I was in the market ended up with the TS2

    I'll second that question on the F9 driver! Was thinking of upgrading to F9 or SZ before the lockdown kicked in so would be interested to hear how you're finding it? What did you have before the F9 and did you see an improvement in distance/accuracy when you made the change? 

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  10. I live in Ireland and we're not on the World Handicap System until November of this year so considering posting these scores wasn't an issue here. 

    We had about 2 weeks of play with raised cups before the Covid lockdown when all courses shut in Ireland. 

    While I enjoyed being able to just get out and play and the novelty of putting to raised cup, I really don't think these rounds should count in anyway towards anyones handicap. I am a 7 h/c and am always happy if I play even within a couple of shots of that but the 3 rounds I had with the raised cups I shot +1, +4 and +7 gross... and I'm not that consistent! Yes, some of my putts hit plum in the middle of the raised cup, but who's to say if the pace was ok for them to drop on a normal day. Also a couple of putts that "grazed" the edge of the cup and counted as in but I doubt they would be in regular golf. 

    Anyway, irrespective of handicaps, I'd give my right arm and probably half of my left leg just to get to go out and play with any type of cups at the moment so hopefully things get back to "normal" soon. 

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  11. I switched to an oversize putter grip for a couple of years. It was massive and had some reasonable success but ended up going back to a Winn Excel Medalist Midsize grip in 2019 and haven't looked back since!


  12. An old-ish set by todays standards but here goes:

    Diver: Cobra Bio Cell (set to 10.5 deg), Project X, Stiff.

    3w: Cobra Baffler Rail F 15.5deg -  Fujikura Motore 60g Stiff

    Rescue: 3/H Cobra Baffler Rail H 19 deg -  Fujikura Motore 65g Stiff

    4i - 9i: Taylor Made Tour Preferred CB - Project X 95 6.0

    48deg - Titleist (not sure what S it is, it's so old!!)
    52deg - Taylor Made Tour Preferred
    54deg - Titleist SM6 (F grind)
    60deg - Titleist SM6 (K grind)

    Putter: Odyssey White Ice - 2ball

    Happy with them all and any bad days on the course are down to me, not the bats! Considering upgrading driver to Cobra F9 or SZ that would probably get me a few more yards off the tee... or put me further into the trees!! 🤣


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  13. I use mine about 5 times a round on 2 par 5s and a few longer par 4's. 

    If I drive poorly on a given day I probably use it a few more times because I'm further back on more par 4's. 

    Went through a spell of a few years when I never used it but use brings confidence and confidence brings more use! 

  14. I use mine about 5 times a round on 2 par 5s and a few longer par 4's. 

    If I drive poorly on a given day I probably use it a few more times because I'm further back on more par 4's. 

    Went through a spell of a few years when I never used it but use brings confidence and confidence brings more use! 

  15. Hey everyone, 

    Looking for anything and everything to do with golf while on C19 - Lockdown!!!!

    1. Playing since I was a kid, took about a 15 year break and now making up for those lost years by playing as often as I can!! H/C currently 7.4.

    2. Love everything about golf, the competition, the social aspect, the activity, fresh air, sunshine, rain, finding a pristine ProV1 in the bushes, dunking a brand new ProV1 in the water, making birdie putts, missing double bogey putts, snap hooking and power fading, absolutely everything!

    3. Twitter brought me to MyGolfSpy, searching for anything to do with golf!

    4. From west coast of Ireland and home club is the mighty Galway GC.

    5. Best thing is the Wild Atlantic Way and the quality of courses. No worst thing about golf, ever!

    6. My username is based on a friend of ours nickname and how he used to hit a tree on most holes in our old home course. We used to say, "How far is it from Jocerators Tree?" so I'm paying homage to him and the craic we have playing golf. 

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