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  1. price drop to $1100 shipped. Some one buy these before they sell on ebay!
  2. Looking for a Cameron style mid mallet cover. Basically a blade style cover but is a bit wider. its for a fastback 1.5 putter. Thank you.
  3. Selling a set of Miura CB 301 irons, 4-GW. X100 tour issue shafts. Length lie and loft are all standard. Shafts are soft stepped once, and the 4 iron is a standard x100 shaft. Grips are brand new BCT ribbed built up 4 wraps, minus 1 round of golf. These are beauties, showing light wear from the previous owner, tons and tons of life left in these bad boys. I originally built them up to combo the long irons but they do not blend well with my current short irons, so I have decided to let them go. these retail new for more than $2500 price shipped and PayPal is Sold please pm if interested or if you have any questions.
  4. Yup, I’m looking for a stack system like everyone else now lol if you have one that you’d like to get rid of let me know!
  5. All items are priced without shipping. If you would like to purchase please pm me with your address and I’ll give you a total. If you need any additional pics please let me know. I will cover PayPal fees. first item is a Taylormade spider mini copper. It’s 35” with the original superstroke grip. The overall putter is in average condition, nothing that effects play but cosmetic wear is noticeable. No headcover. $100 + shipping Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven this putter is 35”, includes the headcover. Overall the putter is in good condition. Normal signs of wear on the sole, clean when looking at it from address position. Original grip in very good condition. $130 plus shipping Last item is a TSi3 driver shaft Tensei white 65 S $old
  6. Bought a few boxes with current sale and was able to get out yesterday and play a few holes. My initial reaction was that it feels softer than the prov1x, but overall very similar. Distance with my irons seemed very similar, maybe a tad longer. One thing I noticed was that I prefer the feel of the prov1x around the greens and putting. Might just need to get familiar with the diamond though.
  7. Price drop $155 shipped
  8. Any offers? Let’s get this sold so I can buy some more diapers!
  9. Selling a srixon zx #3 utility iron in great condition. Has an upgraded modus 125X steel shaft. Plays 39.5” long, std loft and lie. grip is a tour velvet BCT built up 4 wraps in good condition. Asking $175 shipped OBO
  10. Didn’t think about dicks. Maybe the local one has one I can pick up in person.
  11. Looking for dynamic gold x100 8 iron shaft, does not have to be the tour issue label. 8 iron shaft, which is the 37.5” raw length.
  12. Looking for a t100 9 iron, preferably head only or X100. Head needs to be in excellent condition.
  13. Recently built a set of 2019 T100 irons and was surprised at their size and lack of offset. The short irons to my eye have less offset than my miura blades. Curious for those who have transitioned into the newest version of the T100, how do they compare to the 2019 model in regards to appearance at address??
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