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  1. Merrytex from golfwrx. stand up guy lol We made a deal on a driver and then you refunded me without even an explanation or a response to my messages.
  2. I think in terms of a recreational hobby it’s about how much someone is willing to put into it, time and be money. But in regards to golf as a sport, especially youth/junior golf, it is expensive relative to the other sports kids play and only getting more expensive. I think this should be a big topic, especially as ly with all the “grow the game” bs. The liv drama, Netflix documentary, players fighting for $20 million purses, but do we ever ask ourselves how this all shapes the game for the public and especially the youth of the sport and making it affordable and accessible to kids to play???
  3. Open to offers, also willing to split the heads and shafts and sell the shafts alone and keep the heads.
  4. $1200 shipped in the conus Miura 1957 CB 4-PW brand new Black onyx S400 shafts and golf pride tour velvet cord grips. Standard length, 5 iron is 38”, grips are built up 2 wraps.
  5. any interest in trade? Miura Cb57 with S400 TI black onyx shafts
  6. Fargiveness… “all I hear is far” All I hear is marketing bs. Meanwhile the guys in the commercial are still using last years driver in competition. Cause this years isn’t any better, it just looks different and they slapped a #2 on it.
  7. You are correct, they don’t false advertise.
  8. I also feel many of todays players are out to just experience the game instead of trying to become a player of the game. Cost could be a factor in that they don’t want to commit to buying a super expensive set of clubs or take lessons. But I don’t think anyone group is keeping OEMs alive. The big giants in the industry are making millions and millions. Taylormade and callaway literally release new full lines of clubs every year. Someone is buying them otherwise they wouldn’t be making them. A new stealth driver released just like the new iPhone. Does the same thing as the previous model, updated name, and some new gimmick or a false marketing claim to go with it.
  9. You see so many posts like that because it’s peoples experiences that they are sharing, some like to hit it far and others like to score, there is no one correct formula on how to play and have fun doing it. And if you think current tech custom fit clubs will make you a better player and or have more fun, there are a lot of players who will say otherwise. Also, if most ams spent the same amount of money on lessons as they do on equipment they would see far more improvement than would noticeable from a set of clubs.
  10. So many great options out there, but why not just keep playing with the Nike blades. If you are improving and having fun why change the formula. I moved from one piece cb/blades to tungsten weighted players iron and approach play went down hill. More forgiveness on misfits that go further left or right seemed to put me in worse situations than a mishit with a blade that comes up short of the green. Also I find that blades/cb’s have a tighter yardage gapping usually which I feel plays into the best interest of most players. The players irons today with stronger lofts and hotter faces increases yardage gapping to provide the proper yardage in the longer irons. But it will also make you less accurate distance wise in the short irons.
  11. I had one for a while, it’s a unique grind and not forgiving if that is what you are looking for. I would not use it in soft conditions, it will dig. It’s great out of bunkers, and if you like to feel more turf interaction on square face shots around the green. Also if you notice a low bounce K in a tour bag it many times has additional grind work done to it. I switched from vokeys to ping glide wedges and as far as forgiveness the ping grinds worked better in softer/wet conditions, and more versatile thank the K grind.
  12. Professional golf is an entirely different subject to growing the game, if anything professional golf hurts the game more that it does good. Courses are getting longer, technology acts like it makes the game easier? But to be honest I see more bad golfers today than I did 30 years ago. The constant push from the industry to buy new clubs to lower scores, also a bunch of garbage that has hurt our game over time. Look at all the other mainstream sports, whether professional or recreational, they don't have constant change in their equipment. Baseball, tennis, basketball, football, hockey, bowling, etc., At least not at the level golf does it at. Roll the ball back, make the courses shorter, reduce the head size down to like 300cc, and everyone will start swinging slower and hitting it straighter and having more fun playing the game of golf, instead of trying to hit it 300 every swing. If the game truly wants to grow it needs to become more accessible and less costly to get involved. Also less time consuming. Rules could easily be modified to speed up the game so people aren't looking for their ball for 5 minutes every shot and then walking backwards to the tee. Treat OB like a hazard and drop a ball at where it entered. Break 18 hole courses into (3) 6 hole sections, so more starting points to get people out on the course, and it gives more options for how much time people are willing to spend playing that day. Release spec equipment, like a standard golf ball or have stricter equipment rules. I'd love to see more emphasis on technique and skill, and not let me change my ball or get a new shaft to hit the ball a different way. I remember reading a story of a gentleman who played Sweetens Cove with a bag completely purchased from a thrift store and he probably had a blast. We don't need the latest driver shaft, or the most recent Pro V1 in our bag to have a good time or to even shoot a good score. You just need some sticks and a ball to enjoy this game and the many great courses we have in this country. Lastly, and the thing i'd like to see change most is that I'd love to see golf played in a match play format and twosomes only, at least in the mornings to allow those who don't want to spend their entire day at the club or the course. Golf is a sport, and it also can be a social activity. Lets just make sure the social part doesn't consume the fact that it is a sport we are playing. Match play has so many pros Im not sure why its rarely a form of play, aside from club championships and the like. 4 hour round if lucky, warm up time, drive to and from course, lunch and before you know it your day is done. Change that and the game will grow 10 fold. Hope this makes some sense and not just a mish mosh of a rant.
  13. Big price drop and ready to ship! Someone buy these beauties!
  14. Selling a set of Miura 1957 cb irons, 5-pw. Shafts are dynamic gold AMT tour issue S400. Clubs play at standard specs and are in overall excellent condition. Grips are standard size. This is my second set of these irons, and I’d love to keep them but need to thin out my stash of clubs before the wife finds them. $875 shipped and PayPal included.
  15. Price drop before they go on eBay.
  16. I have a set of X100 soft stepped 4-pw at standard length in a set of miura blades. The shafts were originally pured but later soft stepped so the stickers are hidden. I also have a 3 iron shaft but it is not pured. edit: grip are tv cord 58x built up 4 wraps. In very good condition. I decided to stick with s400 price drop before ebay, $185 shipped
  17. The pics have plenty of details. I just probably won’t be alive to play them if I bought them as my wife would kill me if any more golf clubs show up at our front door!
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