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  1. Used irons can be a great way to get a modern set of irons without the high price tag. I just picked up a 3-pw taylormade iron set, excellent condition, with the steel shafts I play, and grips in really good condition. $205 to my door. Get new irons because you feel they will further add to your enjoyment of the game.
  2. My go to grip is the Tour Velvet BCT. Unfortunately the midsize has been out of stock to the public for about a year now. Ping offers them but only with a new club or if you send the clubs back to them to get new grips installed. So I ordered the standard size ribbed version with 4 extra wraps, which seems to be available through various sources. After gripping a few irons and testing the grip, I actually may prefer it to the midsize. I also recently tried the tour wrap 2g midsize in white, and really liked it. Very tacky but Im worried in the summer my sweaty hands will not like the feel.
  3. The 8 iron, the set is basically mint for its age.
  4. Update to the bag... currently testing a set of RAC blades with X100s. Although I really like the feel of the modus 125X, I think they are just a tad too stiff for me. If I end up liking them I'll probably update my miuras with x100s., or maybe just game the RAC blades??? The rest of the bag... TSI3 10 with ventus black 6x, TS2 16.5 ventus black 7x, TS2 21 ventus red 9x, ping glide 3.0 wedges, and my putter is an odyssey tri hot #1, which I gamed last year so Ill start the year off with it but been I've practicing with a Cameron Futura inside as of late.
  5. up for sale this excellent condition rac tp combo iron set with DG S300 shafts. The set is 3-Pw, the pw is a 48 degree rac wedge. The cb irons are 3-6, and mb 7-pw. Standard Lamkin cross line grips that are in useable condition with some tack left in them. standard LLL pictures should show everything but don’t hesitate to ask questions. Price is $550 shipped in the conus.
  6. Looking for x100 3-pw pulls, do not need to be tour issue, prefer normal to keep price down.
  7. Still looking? I have a Scotty Cameron Danny edwards royal nos grip, new in plastic.
  8. First item is a TSi3 9* driver head in excellent condition. $310 shipped 2nd item is a TS2 16.5 with a ventus black 7x, midsize tour velvet cord grip, measures 42.75” long and shaft has been tipped 1.5”. Club head has a few marks by the topline $295 shipped both items include original head cover
  9. Looking to buy a vokey 56 degree wedge. Looking for black finish and F, D, or S grind. Also preferably 1/2” long or head only.
  10. Billy Sparta, NJ I walk about 90% of my rounds. I do not use a push cart at this time.
  11. Ya eBay fees are killer, I try not to sell too much golf stuff on there, especially items I feel that can sell on the forums.
  12. Price drop... Any takers at $125 shipped?
  13. Great price for an awesome putter. I really like my Black Friday 7.0!
  14. Looking for a set of dynamic gold x100 shafts in 3-9/PW that played 1/4” or longer. Grips are not important
  15. The 105 and the 120 are different profile shafts. If you feel your swing has changed then maybe go and get fitted again. If you are looking for a heavier shaft the Nippon 125 is the same profile as the 105, just heavier.
  16. Quick update on the bag. I think I’m going to stick with the black ventus in my TSi3 driver, but I finally got around to throwing a titleist adapter on the speeder 661, so I should be able to test that out soon. The ventus is just an awesome shaft so I don’t see it being kicked out of the bag. The real update, I got my hands on a ventus 7x to try in my 3w and so far it’s a keeper. Didn’t think I would get rid of the Motore speeder shaft I had in my TS2 16.5 but the ventus gives me much better feel and control of what the club is doing. And it also seems to produce less spin, the Motore would balloon easily on thinner strikes. I also have added a TS2 7w with ventus Red 9x. I’ve been wanting to try the 7 wood craze and I have heard awesome things about this shaft in a 7 wood. Come spring time we will see if it stays in the bag!
  17. Just one item up for grabs today. M5 15 degree 3 wood head only. Pictures speak for the condition. Head cover included. $old shipped in the conus.
  18. All items include shipping to the east coast, west of the Mississippi add $5. First item is a Fujikura Speeder 661 evo 2.0 tour spec X flex. It played 45” in a callaway head. It has a callaway adapter tip and a golf pride tour velvet cord in excellent condition, built up +4 wraps. Awesome shaft, used by Dustin Johnson, I have two of them so decided to sell one of them. Price is $125 2nd item is a Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 7.2 X flex with a titleist adapter and measures 42.5” in a fairway wood. It also has a golf pride tour velvet BCT grip built up +4 wraps in good condition. Price is $80
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