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  1. Here is the latest from Bruce Sizemore of SuperStroke Golf. It's a DCF-1 with a proto "Brown Sugar" finish w/ platinum and gold bangle mokume gane insert. Comes with a brown sugar shaft and silver medallion. Love the insert! Thanks for looking! Joe www.superstrokeusa.com
  2. Here's another show putter from SuperStroke Putters by Bruce Sizemore. This one is headed to Asia. It's a 24K Gold Plated head mated with a gold and copper mokume insert. 24K Gold Plated Medallion, hi-polish neck and a 1 of 5 black and gold grip. Milled in the USA with the mokume work all done in house. Check it out! Thanks for looking, Joe www.superstrokeusa.com
  3. It's fine silver and copper mokeme gane. Joe
  4. Check this one out! Joe www.superstrokeusa.com
  5. For anyone coming to the PGA Show this week in Orlando, please take a few moments and visit the SuperStroke booth #1016. Bruce Sizemore, the designer of SuperStroke putters, has been hard at work to showcase some one of a kind beauties for the show. There are some incredible inserts made of rare and precious metals that must be seen to be believed! I'll have some pics after the show; the official launch of the Artisan Line is Thursday. Also check out the new grip line with updated graphics and improved feel. Joe
  6. SuperStroke is proud to offer a unique opportunity to MyGolfSpy members. At the end of the PGA Tour season, the putters in the tour bag were sent back to the office. A new set of putters is being machined and assembled to stock the 2012 bag. We are offering the returned putters for a low price of $225 each, including free shipping. If you would like to have a new grip instead of the original grip, that will be also be included in the price. What a deal! Most of the putters are in decent shape; however there are some cosmetic flaws. I will provide closeups of any putter you may be interested in. Thanks for looking! Joe www.superstrokeusa.com
  7. Here's another putter from Bruce Sizemore of SuperStroke. It's a DCF-4 and is a 1 of 1 Prototype. It comes with a black s-bend neck and was slated to go to the tour, but I grabbed it instead. I especially like the two black flange lines. My kind of alignment! And no, I didn't put that tiny ding in the top line. 350g @ 34.5" Thanks for looking. Joe Hooper www.superstrokeusa.com
  8. Right handed models will be available soon.
  9. This is a Tour Fatso in left hand. 360g at 34.5". Only one available. Regards, Joe
  10. Lamont, I stand corrected. Not having seen this particular model and just going from the description I had, I assumed (there's that word) that it was indeed carbon fiber. However, it is a carbon fiber pattern anodized onto the aluminum. OOPS! I agree, the grip plays a huge role in dampening any vibration. Joe
  11. A cool design from the SuperStroke/ Bruce Sizemore Design Lab. It's a DCF-2 1of 1 Proto with a black head, grip & shaft. It's also equipped with an anodized carbon fiber pattern on both the insert and neck for the latest in stealth technology! 350g. at 34.5". PM me for further details or if interested. Thanks, Joe Hooper Exclusive dealer for SuperStroke Custom Putters www.superstrokeusa.com
  12. ^^ Very true. It's a whole different market. Joe
  13. Our standard finishes are much more affordable.
  14. Because that what the customer ordered.
  15. Here are some putters going to Asia as part of a large order. 24K Gold plated heads and 24K Gold plated shaft band labels! Check them out. Thanks, Joe www.superstrokeusa.com
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