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  1. My 2 cents on the Caddytek V8. I've got essentially the same cart as reviewed above, except mine has the swivel front wheel. My other/previous cart is a Clicgear 3.5+, which has hundreds of rounds on it, so my thoughts on the Caddytek are generally compared to the Clicgear. I've used the cart for around 15 rounds so far and am very pleased with it. Pro's -The layout of the cart is great and better than the Clicgear. The cell phone holder and the integrated storage/cooler bag are real pluses. -The one button fold is great. Not that the Clicgear is difficult, but this is just easier. -The alignment mechanism is super easy to adjust and my cart runs straight as an arrow when the swivel wheel is locked. FYI-adjust the alignment with your bag on the cart and make very small adjustments. -I also have the seat and at first I was concerned as it seems flimsy and just slips in to the support. Now I'm a fan. I've had no issues and the install/removal is super simple and quick. Con's -Although the upper support arms hold the bag well and are very simple, on my preferred cart bag they happen to fall in the wrong spot, basically right where my towels attach. This causes the arms to have a tendency to fold down. Note, my bag has never come close to falling off, so this is being nit picky. -The brake is activated with your foot which requires you to stick your foot down by the right wheel. It's just a bit awkward and not as simple/intuitive as the Clicgear. Thankfully my home course is very flat, so it's not really an issue. -Overall construction seems a bit flimsy compared to the Clicgear. Saying this, after around 15 rounds nothing seems loose or falling off so it's more likely this is built strong enough and the Clicgear is built like a tank. In fact I can attest, the Clicgear is built to take a beating (i.e. skull a wedge over the green and take a swing at it or let it go down a hill and run into a tree a ~30mph). To make my opinion worth the ~2 cents I hope it is, I'll answer the all important questions. 1-Would you buy it again? Yep. 2-Would you recommend it over the Clicgear? Yes, overall it's as good or better than the Clicgear and costs less. The only reason I'd buy the Clicgear is if you're hard on carts and need the bullet proof durability of the Clicgear. One last note. If you want more accessory attachment points on the Caddytek, you can use the Clicgear universal accessory mounts. You just need to add a couple wraps of electrical tape on the bars as they are a smaller O.D. than the Clicgear. Once installed, if you use black tape you don't see the tape. Using the Clicgear mounts I have 4 mounts (towel, sand bottle, speaker, water bottle).
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