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  1. This week I got to go the Sub70 headquarters with my friend Kollin Seiwerth. Kollin is a pro golfer and I caddie for him when I am not teaching. Jason the CEO was so nice and knowledgeable when we visited. I just want to say if anyone was on the fence with their products you should go for it. The 3 wood and hybrid were great and the MB irons felt as good as my P750. Just wanted to give Jason and crew props and tell you all to not sleep on them.
  2. First Name/City State: Alex ... Ingleside, IL Current Handicap: +1 CDGA Handicap Current Iron Model Played: Taylormade P750 with C-taper lite stiff.
  3. Hello. I am looking a KBS c-taper lite stiff shaft if anyone has one laying around. I would prefer not to pay full price if someone has a pull or an old one they aren’t using.
  4. First name/City State: Alex Hofeldt/ Ingleside, Illinois Current Wedge Played: Wilson Staff 50 and 54 and Taylormade HiToe 60 w/c-taper lites stiff in all. Loft You would Choose: 52 or 56
  5. I caddie for my main playing partner. He and I are going to their headquarters this week to get him fitted for some of their gear. He is +5 and a +1. We are both stoked to check out their gear. Jay and Jason have been awesome. If I didn’t get discounted gear through Kollin and the other pros I play with I would 1000% be headed to Sub70. I clubs and mission look mint. I am really stoked to see what they have to offer and really hope that Kollin and they can make some tournament magic happen.
  6. Do you think from a collector’s standpoint these will be valuable?
  7. Hello peeps! I am one of the weird men who would love his wife to take up the game and share in the obsession with me. Does anyone have any used sets that they would like to sell to see if she would like it. She is very athletic and picking it up quickly, but she is only 115 lbs and 5’4.
  8. I know very little about women’s clubs. Does anyone have any insight into what to buy? The problem is my wife is a “**** gender norms” type of lady and hates that all women’s clubs are pink or purple with flowers. Can a 115 lb girl play a men’s set since she like the way they look?
  9. Handicap and Location: +0.6 Current Irons and 8-iron distance: Taylormade P750's with C-Taper Lite, 155-160 yards What do you know about Sub70? I know a lot about them. I am actually visiting their headquarters next week to get the pro I caddie for hit for some and demoing some of their equipment. I have been in contact with the CEO and he is an awesome guy with a sweet direct-to-consumer model.
  10. I guess it is dumb to ask only low-handicappers, but I have been having massive problems with the flatstick. Humble brag, but I would have/should have had three rounds sub-70 this year if it weren’t for the putter. I have had a few rounds were I have missed only one green and only one fairway and still shot 76. Yesterday I had a 77... all bogies were three putts. I HAVE THE YIPS. Any advice or videos or ideologies you have used to come out of this. I am trying hard not to get frustrated and simply enjoy that I have these gifted to be a plus handicap, but my frustration is mounting and I am getting sad.
  11. Hello. I play and adore my P750 (greatest irons I have ever played), but I am interested in maybe trying a slightly easier to hit 4 Iron. I only play C-Taper Lites so I would probably pull the shaft from my 4 iron now. The player I caddie for is hooked up with Taylor, Callaway, and Wilson so I can get discounts so I am looking for a 4 iron that someone wants to get rid of and have me put it to good use instead of being in the garage.
  12. Has anyone tried the SuperStroke WristLock grip yet? I am a left hand low putter, but it still seems like a really cool idea.
  13. Hello peeps. I am going through my gear and would like to sell this older Taylormade 200 steel “smoothie” or “smooth top” 3 wood. This was a tour issue 3 wood from back in the day, but is still a popular 3 wood by many players. The store bough ones had two ridges on the top. It is 15 degrees and has a nice .335 tip Fujikara shaft in it. It does not have the OG headcover and was gamed some has a little bit or normal wear. Open to offers or others telling what they think it is worth. PM me.
  14. The Pro Platinum Mid Slant is a “first run” and one of the first pro platinum putters ever when Cameron released these. Asking 250.
  15. Both of these are for sale and are most definitely ready for a bag. They are wonderful.
  16. Name/City State: Alex Hofeldt Ingleside, IL 60041 How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? Everyday for at least 20 minutes, but I play everyday. How many 3 putts do you average per round? 1-3 lately. It’s the worst part of my game even being a plus handicap. What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? It looks super exciting and fun to be able to practice from home and get detailed feedback. There is only so much I can do with my 10ft mat.
  17. I ended up giving it to my bro-in-law. The putter was great and the weights were super cool. The putter was way to long for me, but I didn’t want to cut it down so I gave it away. I am now rolling a spyder x and I am waiting on a new Cameron Squareback.
  18. I want to test the 460 or 440. I live in Ingleside, IL and golf everyday. Swing Speed is somewhere around 110.
  19. I have two older Cameron’s I don’t need anymore. I need to sell them. Both have been played a lot and were in my bag through full competive seasons. They are in great conditions. The first one is First Run 1/500 Pro Platnium mid-slant. I have been reshafted and regripped. Second one is Gunmetal Blue rare Newport “Art of Putting.” I am not super versed in these anymore and don’t know what they are worth so I am open to offers or trades and trust that this group would not let me get ripped off.
  20. I have used a line on the ball for as long as I can remember. I believe it helps a lot and would love to test out this new line ideology of 180 degrees w/precision.
  21. Ingleside, IL, 3 handicap Sharpie Line on the opposite side of factory line w/ball clamp ProV1 or TP5
  22. Here are some more pics boys. I think it is clean and I am really excited to put it in play. I have been out of the putter game for a while since I have used an OG itsybitsy TM putter for years, but I dig it. The head cover is a little tight and seems like it could fit better, but maybe it will stretch.
  23. It is for sure a legit SuperStroke. I’ll take more pics for sure for you all. I am hitting it right now right next to my Pro Platnium Scottie and a Taylormade Spider X. The sound is the same as the Cameron and the feel is very similar to a pro platnium. First thoughts are that this putter is legit and I am stoked that I randomly woke up early and check Costco.com ha ha.
  24. The putter and the weight set came in today! The putter is a little long, but feel stable and poppy. I wouldn’t call it soft, but I would call it crisp. It has the look of a squareback with a matte finish. I will hopefully roll some outside today, but I have already rolled a bunch on the putting mat. I am a mallet spider guy for 5 seasons, but I played a Newport midslant while college golfing so I am excited to get back to it. I do love the spider X though. What would you guys like to know or have me communicate to you. At first look and whack... 180 for milled putter with weights, rifled shaft (don’t know the brand) and a super stroke seems legit so far.
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