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  1. Great glove with a great price! They hold up really well and haven't had the problem of them crusting after a few months of using them. I'd definitely buying more when I need to! Can't go wrong with that price point!
  2. Came home from work today and saw this at my door! They also sent me some tees and a cool looking Sub 70 ball marker! Can't wait to hit the range to try these out!
  3. I placed my order for a set of Sub 70 699. Unfortunately they are on back order...I may have to call and see if they can change my lie angle. I did the "get custom fit" feature they had on their website. I put in my height and wrist to floor numbers and it gave me a lie angle of +1. When I did a fitting last year I remember my lie angle was flat. Also wanted a graphite shaft this time around so I ordered the Project X 5.5 Graphite. Can't wait till they come in!
  4. definitely enjoying these reviews. I'm debating on getting the Bag Boy Hybrid Cooler Bag, I just wish that these bags came with a double strap system versus the single strap. I do like to walk and carry my bag when I'm able to.
  5. My local Costco got their KS1 putter in so picked it up a few days ago. The putter felt a little light to me. I use a Stroke Lab #7 putter so compared to that the head on the KS-1 was light. The putter is the same length as my SL#7. I didn't care too much of the sound of the KS-1 but for a $150...I can live with it. Will have to wait till they have the weights for sale on Costco.com and order it to make the head a little heavier. I like how Costco is trying to enter the golf realm!
  6. Agree...can't find custom fitters here. The only big box place would be Roger Dunn but not sure how they are at getting fitted for clubs. So I take it you didn't like Aloha Golf?
  7. Distance, dispersion. Was looking into the Mavrik irons then was thinking if I get new irons should I get fitted for it..
  8. Thanks for your input! Hopefully I can schedule a fitting and see if there will be a big difference between a custom clubs and stock clubs.
  9. Hi guys, I've been golfing for a few years off and on and until recently had the thought of getting fitted for my irons. Never been fitted before and some guys said that I probably be better off using the "stock" clubs I've been using. Currently I'm using the Taylormade M4 irons (stiff-steel shaft) I bought from my local golf. I heard that with my height I don't need to be fit (i'm 5'8" and my wrist to floor is 33"). Would I see a big improvement from getting fitted? Enough to justify the extra cost? Thanks for your input!
  10. I too just recently received my Rukket Haack Net with Tri Turf. Yes very easy to set up and break down. I do use it on grass so balls won't bounce off the ground. The Tri turf is a nice addition but I noticed that it can move quite a bit when hitting fat shots. I haven't used driver just yet cause I really want to save the net as I've seen reviews that the net would tear over a period of time. I've had the net now for 2 weeks and have used it almost every day. I do use the net along with my Zepp Golf Sensor and with my Garmin G80 and it's pretty awesome! I did order a Motivo Golf StrikeDown Dual Turf Mat so that I can hit off an even hitting surface. At the moment I'm cutting some holes in an old bed sheet so I can attach it to the net so I can prolong the life of the net and to hit a driver into it as well
  11. Thanks! I got a call from a friend at our local Roger Dunn and they had 1 coming in! I told him that I'm buying it!
  12. I have the Garmin G980 and love it. I use it when I'm hitting into my net at home and have used it a few times on the course. Before getting the G80, I used GolfPadGPS which is great for using on the course but wanted something for hitting into my net at home. I've also used the G80 at a driving range that has Toptracer. The data that I got from Toptracer and the G80 were close.
  13. My local golf course has the Finn Scooters. LOVE IT! Definitely fun to ride! The only negative for me was that there wasn't a cooler to keep my drinks cold and the strap that holds the golf bag was tough to adjust. Other than that they are fun to use!
  14. I've been wanting the BagBoy Nitron but everywhere I look they're sold out. I like my Clicgear 3.5 but opening/closing the cart compared to the Nitron...dang...time to get a Nitron...
  15. I have the 3.5 and got the seat attachment to go with it. Great cart, compact and love the seat! I've been eyeing out the Bagboy Nitron tho...too bad no one has it in stock at the moment.
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